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Found 9 results

  1. If you are into Pistol Caliber Carbines you will want to see the new Alpha Wolf PCC in 45ACP. LWD is coordinating the official release during SHOT Show 2018 and expects deliveries starting the 2nd week of February. The new AW-PCC is billet machined and features a gas operated short stroke rotating bolt system that drastically mitigates recoil keeping you on target for the fastest follow up shots. Learn more here. I am very interested in your comments and/or suggestions.
  2. Lone Wolf Distributors is the manufacturer and dealer of a wide variety of parts and accessories for Glock pistols, plus a wide variety of other items.
  3. I thought you would be interested in seeing our new random pattern Stainless Steel Damascus slides offered in our Gunsmithing blank. This pic is of the raw 19 slides but we also have them for 17 and 34. The beauty of our Gunsmithing blank slides is they are open to any interpretation you wish. We can carve every slide pattern offered from this blank canvas! I expect to cut an OEM pattern and a Wave pattern into these this afternoon. Will post the raw pics of cut slides Monday and acid etched pics about a week after.
  4. I'm kinda lost here as I've read a lot of information about how it's not a problem to dry fire a Glock. So-o oo -- I've heard it repeated a lot that it's OK to do it and I wonder.............................. My question then is ---> IF it's OK to dry fire a Glock and it has a firing pin on the end of the part that pokes outta the center of the slide - I can see it - so I know it exists. ..................AND then --- > IF it's OK on a Glock - then it should be OK on any other pistol (pistols are just a for instance) and it shouldn't hurt whatever design they use to hit the primer - right? I mean if there's NOTHING in the bore bullet-wise, then both weapons are sending the firing pin out to hit a primer which doesn't exist! .....................and if there is NO primer to hit - then it's all the same - right? (I just bet I'm wrong here - but I would like to know for sure)
  5. Up for sale or trade is a turn-key carry setup. This handgun had exactly 150 rds through it. I dove in head first and got this all set up, but then dropped a bunch of weight and went back to my trusty old G26. Includes: -Glock 43 -Night Sights -Streamlight TLR-6 -Mag w/ Taran Tactical +2 Baseplate -Mag w/ Taran Tactical +1 Baseplate -Light Bearing IWB "George" Holster -Light-Bearing OWB Kydex Holster -Bianchi Leather IWB Holster -Kydex IWB Holster I will sell for $595 shipped to your FFL. Trades: S&W 686 Plus S&W 586 Plus Threaded .22 hosts ?????
  6. WOW! LWD is about to blow the minds of Glock shooters worldwide. A formal announcement can be expected at SHOT Show 2018, Las Vegas NV held January 23-26. The TimberWolf replacement frame for Glock pistols has been completely overhauled and reintroduced highlighting the following custom features: Ambidextrous Gen4 mag release, use Gen3 or Gen4 slides on the same frame, highest maintainable grip providing the lowest bore axis of any Glock pistol ever! The slimmest grip possible, 2 interchangeable grip panels feel like 1911 or Glock, relieved trigger guard and more. Now more than ever, a whopping 16 grip length choices for all 3 models TimberWolf Large 20/21, TimberWolf Full Size 17/22, TimberWolf Compact 19/23. Frame TWL uses standard 20/21 slide, choose standard grip or Compact grip 29/30 Frame TWF uses standard 17/22 slide, choose standard grip or Compact grip 19/23 or SubCompact grip 26/27 Frame TWC uses standard 19/23 slide, choose standard grip or Full Size grip 17/22 or SubCompact grip 26/27 TBS patrons are the first to see the LWD SHOT display (below) in these exclusive never seen before photos shot today.
  7. Did anybody here have the opportunity to try one of our SS extractors yet? If so, I would like to hear from you regarding its performance. Have you used and/or abused it much? It’s my opinion this upgrade is one of the best choices you can make. Every part in a Glock pistol can be upgraded but this one could save your life! A broken extractor will render your semi-automatic Glock pistol into a useless single shot! MIM (Metal Injection Molding) extractors are known to fail when subjected to direct impact. Glock factory certified Armorers warn shooters: NEVER drop the slide on a loaded chamber, or risk imminent failure due to breakage. MIM extractors are documented as failing this test in a single use! Learn More Here
  8. Kennydale

    G17 (1-13-2017).JPG

    From the album: My EDC

  9. Went to the range today and did the free 5 round test fire. I have to say I liked it a lot. More than the Gen4 even. I didn't notice the cutout in the bottom of the grip at all when shooting it. A surprise was the smooth trigger; I was expecting the grooved target trigger like we've been getting for decades. The biggest difference I noticed when shooting and dry firing it was the trigger pull. It is lighter than my Gen4, it feels as light as a gun with a "-" connector but without all that nasty creep that I hate. Just a light takeup, a wall, and a clean crisp break. I really think I could get to love that trigger. Of course it was only a sample of one so who knows if it is a fluke or not. The ambi slide release worked well. It was easy to use, both right and left handed. Please excuse the poor photography and shooting. The target was at ten yards but the trigger really threw me off. I've been shooting my G19 MOS a lot lately and have really gotten used to that trigger. Edit: Nobody was watching me so I should have loaded up a couple of magazines and ran them through it. But it's a Glock and it shoots like a Glock, except with a much improved trigger. Edit Edit: I was pleasantly surprised by the magwell. I didn't think I would like it but it is nicely done. Edit Edit Edit: If they come out with an MOS version of this gun I will be hard pressed not to buy one. Regards, Happyguy
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