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  1. Be careful with the bikes high beams in the daylight. I have seen far too many that the high beams wash out the turn signals and drivers coming at you don't know you are going to turn left in front of them. My Goldwing is that way, so I always dim the lights when I am at a stop light with turn signals on.
  2. When we built our house, i had 10 outletd in my 2 car garage, and none of them at GFI.
  3. She seems pretty bossy now.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We are just having my daughter and SIL over this year. Small and quiet, just the way I like it. The wife still fixed far more than she needed to. We will be sending a lot of stuff home with the my girl. Then tomorrow, I head out for a two day event that I am photographing, but thats fine. I get to totally avoid the Black Friday nonsense.
  5. I don't have an InstaPot, but I do steam my eggs. As for peeling. I chill the eggs and then use a spoon for that task. Makes short work of it and does a clean job.
  6. I was told by a Texas girl that a Yankee was anyone from the north. A Damned Yankee is someone from the north that comes to the south and doesn't go back where they came from.
  7. 63 to 67 were the only Corvettes that ever got me excited and the 67 was my favorite of them!
  8. Well, he did find someone more stupid than he is, but she doesn't come anywhere close to making him look any less the idiot than he really is.
  9. I usually do the same. If I don't I too often find none available at the store entrance.
  10. We all have to assess life's risks and determine how far we want to go to limit our exposure. Do what you are comfortable with, but most steps people take have limited effect. For myself, I have not change my habits from pre covid times and I also have not gotten the vaccine. I never get a flu shot either and haven't yet dropped dead from going grocery shopping.
  11. The person at the checkout is just one person. How many people do you think have touched, breathed near or coughed on before it even made it to your soon to be abandoned shopping cart? Just wash the stuff before you stick it in your mouth. As for germs and manned checkout vs self checkout. The grocery chain I use where I live, I see the checkout people wiping down the conveyor often while the self checkout gets little or no attention after someone sneezes on the touch screen.
  12. I first tried Windows at version 1.0,somethng. All I really remember about it was that it was cute and I had to write Program Information Files (PIFs) for any application that I wanted to run while running this crude interface. I continue on all the way to Windows 7 before I gave Microsoft the old heave ho. The imediate savings in Tylanol and antacid alone made the change worthwhile. Maybe Microsoft finally got it right Windows 11, but I really don't give a ****. The should have their crap together decades ago.
  13. I'll go see it at the theater. I don't watch anything on my phone and don't understand why anyone would.
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