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  1. Both are decent my my Chesie still ripped the Kong to bits eventually.
  2. Nylabone is the only toy that my Chesapeake Bay Retriver has been unable to destroy.
  3. I got to witness a flame burnt out one time. It was early 70s. A Mustang bodied funny car called Brand X. It is even more impressive in person. I took pictures too, but ironically, they burned when my house burned down.
  4. Was that the incident that inspired him to design a rear engine car while recovering in the hospital?
  5. I rode one of those once. The throttle stuck wide open on it. I thought I was gunna die!!! Got it shut down, fixed the throttle and gave it another go!
  6. jmohme


    I have to wonder. Did General Motors intentionally style the new Suburbans to look like a hearse?
  7. I thought that the acid rain was going to dissolve all the cars parked outside. Turns out that only worked on Chevy Vegas.
  8. Got to love a crescent moon! This from my front yard earlier this evening.
  9. My first bottle of Scotch was Highland Park 12. I found it to be a good starting point and still keep a bottle on hand. I prefer more smokiness though so Lagavulin 16 is my go to.
  10. Around here, most 1/2 ton pickup never see much more than a bag of potting soil in the bed.
  11. I always wonder why 4wd pickups did not offer the choice of locking in front, rear, or both.
  12. Lifetime of a company would certainly be a limiting factor to any warranty. I hate to see anyone go under, but it does happen, especially in a time when people are forced to stay home and have no money to spend.
  13. The last time I did real winter prep was in October of 1993. I lived in Illinois at that time. I loaded up the truck with all my belongings and headed south to Texas. Winter prep complete!
  14. Since the Covid scare began, I continued to live my life as if all was normal. The only effect this will have on Thanksgiving is that my daughter and her new hubby, just bought their first house and want to have Thanksgiving there. She is has some immune problems and is very cautions about the Wu Flu, so this might be interesting.
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