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  1. What? Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!... Bluto, Animal House
  2. "We're gunna need some more FBI Guys I guess" Die Hard
  3. I am really kind of wanting a Darth Vader helmet
  4. All was fine until last week when the barn where my wife has her show horse stabled went on lockdown. Now her primary avenue for releasing the weeks tensions is out of reach so she has reverted back to her other hobby. This was just Saturday and Sunday! Apricot breakfast rolls. Some sort of really good Italian bread Regular bread. The odd one in the upper right is a kind of roll that you tear off Apple/pecan bread I give it 10 days and I won't be able to squeeze through the door to get outside!
  5. Thank you for your concerns over her wellbeing. She does watch the trends closely and is worried about the world in general, but I am also pretty sure she feels safe enough in the little fortress we have built for ourselves. My biggest concern as of today is that there will come point when I can no longer squeeze through the doorway. The barn where she goes to ride her horse shut down last week. That has been her only escape through all of this so in her boredom she has been baking all weekend. Two kinds of bread yesterday. Apricot pastries this morning, and apple bread this afternoon. I think I have gained 20 lbs just being in the same house as her!
  6. My wife's occupation is an analyst and she has been watching all the published numbers and doing computer models. I am pretty sure she thinks the end of the world is upon us. I, on the other hand am the forager that goes out for supplies and get to see the real world. The only thing I have noticed for certain is that zombies all wear surgical masks. I have no doubt that this virus is real and would likely be much worse if steps were not being taken, but I am also positive that it is not nearly as bad as it is being presented to us by the media. As far as the shutdowns go, who knows for sure, but it really seems that the cure in this case may be worse than the ill.
  7. All of the larger stores here have installed plexiglass at all checkouts. Maybe not Walmart since you can't find a manned checkout there.
  8. Pennsylvania? I always thought those state run liquor stores were strange.
  9. I can't imagine the bottom end holding up well to that application, but I would have loved to see it. On that subject line, we used to go to the dirt oval track on Saturday nights. It was mostly small block Chevy,s with a few 302 and 351 Fords. They had a strict CID limitation in the rules, but every year they would have at least 1 play day where the owners could power their cars with anything that they could shoehorn into the engine compartment. Lots of big blocks and such, but every year, without fail, the car that cleaned up on play day was powers by an inline six cylinder rambler. Can you say "Pissed off chevy owners"?
  10. I forgot about those. One of my Dads customers had one. I think it was a 1951. They bought it and a 51 Chevy the same year. Both cars were rarely driven and were extremely well cared for. They got washed and waxed so frequently that the paint on the high spots of the fenders was wearing through to the primer. That Buick straight 8 had to be the smoothes and quietest engine ever made! Starting it was unusual too. Key on, Pull the choke and press down on the gas pedal to engage the starter. Once the engine started, a vacuum switch disengaged the starter and you were ready to take off. Definitely had to keep it in tune!
  11. Bet that was a real chick magnet! 😎
  12. I had the advantage of working in my dads auto shop in my youth and got to drive everything from funky little V4 Saab to 427 Tripower Vettes. I really never had the need for speed though and while the 65 Vette was cool. I actually found the 63 Mercedes with a 4 on the column shifter was a really cool car.
  13. Considering the contagious nature of this virus, if I see this, can I shoot?
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