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  1. I was raised in the great white north. As a result, when we built our house in Texas, people asked me, "Why are you putting your water lines in such deep trench?" I guess I should haver replied "wait till 2021." No frozen or busted pipes at my house.
  2. My wife got the Moderna vaccine a bit over a week ago. No symptoms or complications until three days ago when she developed a red sore spot about the size of a dime. She did not give it much thought, but the next day it doubled in size and kept growing. Now it is around 4 inches in diameter. She has talked to her doctor and also called Moderna. She did that yesterday and is sending both pictures of it now. I imagine this is not a common problem, but it does not inspire me to get the vaccine that I really had no interest in in the first place.
  3. I have not followed this too closely so dont know details, but, is ther no blame to be placed on the driver?
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    I think that was Ozzie's audition interview for the job of hosting Jeopardy.
  5. Very cool video! I once asked a worker at a tropical fish store in Austin. "Do you ever wonder why so many tropical fish have evolved to look so much like fishing lures?" He just looked at me like I had two heads.
  6. You had my interest until I got tot he part "said Professor Michael Webber, chief science officer at the University of Texas in Austin". If the Professor is so well tuned to the problems in the industry, why doesn't he go fix it? Because those that can't, teach. No doubt that there are some truths in what he said but I also have no doubt that there is more to it that some frozen pumps. And a froze coal pile is a non issue. I worked in a coal mine that fed a power plant. Part of my job was maintaining the equipment that managed the coal pile as it came in by conveyor. Those loaders are more than capable of breaking up a frozen pile of coal.
  7. We have one in our kitchen. My wife seems to like it, but only uses it occasionally.
  8. We have had one since not long after they hit the market. My wife works from home and I am on the road a lot, so it is very comforting to know that A: The Ring door bell, alerts my wife and can provide a visual when someone pulls into the driveway. B: She has her Ruger 9mm at her desk in case what she sees is not good. We liked it enough that we bought one for my daughter. It paid off pretty quickly when she was at work and the Ring alerted her of activity at her front door. She got out her phone and saw someone trying to pry her front door open. She told him through the ring that the Cops had been called, He looked directly at the Ring camera and gave the cops a really good image to use before he ran like hell! Some will say that there are better systems out there, and I have no doubt that there are, but the Ring has been more than adequate for our needs
  9. I am all but certain that it was initiated by an over educated, liberal, teachers union member, band director.
  10. I think I see my grandmother!
  11. When my dad died, my turd nieces became a pain in the ass about all of my dads stuff, so I called an auction company. They cleaned everything out of the house and I told the brats that anything they wanted, they could buy at the auction just like I had to. I don't like being a ass, but they set the bar, and in then end it did simplify the whole process.
  12. I finished the 2nd week of a 4 week horse show on Sunday just as the weather turned bad. Bad enough that I stayed in my RV instead of driving home for my two days off. The next morning the world was shut down for a little slippery stuff on the roads, but he horse folks saw it as an opportunity.
  13. You just ruined that variety for me!🤢
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