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  1. I have been wanting a 30/30 barrel for some time. I was and am still hoping to find a nice 14 inch bull barrel, but this will do for now. The 22 mag is exciting too. I am going to take it out this week and try it out.
  2. After the wildfires in Bastrop Tx, I talked to a lot of people that had gun safes and only one of them said that he was able to recover his guns with minimal damage and that was only because his safe fell over backwards and through the exterior wall to the outside of the house..
  3. Contender update: Looking through the extras that came with it, I saw that one of the spare grips did not have the usual TC end cap. Yes, I know someone just modified a Disney coin, but it still makes me laugh inside. As far as I am concerned, I have a rare, possibly one of a kind Bambi slaying Walt Disney World comemerative Thompson Center Contender!
  4. Yes, and they fill a void in my Contender caliber lineup.
  5. I got an email from our local gun shop that they took in an old TC Contender, so I picked it up a couple of days ago.
  6. I agree! There is very little chance of that being an oops.
  7. How many days have some been counting down for the big announcement?
  8. 2011 central Texas wildfires took care of old photos for me. from that point on, all photographs in my life are digital with multiple backup copies.
  9. Congratulations, You got the right answer. Your prize is a ride in the Oscar Mayer Assault Wienermobile that happens to be fully armed with hot dog guns and side wiener missiles!
  10. This is a firearms forum. Is a hotdog launched from a pressurized bun a bullet or a meat missile?
  11. I listened to that album from beginning to end two weeks ago.
  12. I took my wife to breakfast this morning because I know how much work she is going to do preparing this afternoon. On our way back home, there was a state trouper sitting along highway 21 running radar. I told the wife that I was going to grab some of the cookies she made yesterday and bring them back to this guy, and that is exactly what I did. I pulled in behind him and he got out of his car as I was doing the same, but with a plate in hand. I told him happy Thanksgiving and thanked him for keeping our road safe. I got a huge smile and a thank you from him. My Thanksgiving day was made at that point. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. I have helped out at some of these in the past, but no, I have never been among those being served.
  14. Suzy spent the day making cookies and loaded up the Grinch cookie jar with Ginger snaps, Butterscotch and Chocolate chip cookies. I figured that the cooky jar need something to make it stand out and I figured that in these twisted times, the Grinch just might self identify as a vegan female.
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