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  1. Pirate, the one eye shelf kitty.
  2. We planted a half dozen blueberry plants this year. They were loaded with berries and the damned birds got every one of them!
  3. Fresh blackberries and vanilla ice-cream! I doesn't get much better than that!
  4. jmohme

    VW is 83 Today

    Whtcha talking about. The heater worked great from the back of the ankle down!
  5. I remember sitting in on some training when Hybrids first started showing up. I was told that first responders had to be certified these vehicle before they could participate in extraction of victims. There were serious fire and electrocution concerns with these cars. Tesla and other all electric vehicles are much worse. Have you ever seen a runaway fire in multi cell Lithium battery packs? If one cell shorts and ruptures, chances are they all will follow one after the other.
  6. When the diesel industry first entered the electronic engine control era, the EPA was barely paying attention. The electronically controlled fuel injection was a game changer in many ways. Increased fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, and much longer engine life. This without government mandates When I retired, the EPA had stepped into the diesel arena in a big way. At that time, most engines had lost so much efficiency that 10% increase in fuel consumption over previous engines of similar spec was fairly normal. Lubricating oils were being heavily laden with soot requiring much more frequent oil changes, so there was also much more waste oil to dispose of, and in some industrial applications, engines had to be upgraded because the torque curves were effected negatively where a 300 hp engine had to be bumped to 335 or 350 just to do the same job. Back to waste oil. I had asked the company that bought our waste oil what they did with it. At that time, it was hauled to the coast in tankers where it was refined into low grade (dirty) diesel fuel to be burned in marine applications off shore where nobody noticed the black exhaust smoke. Kind of give real meaning to the term "smoke and mirrors" I would hope that in the 8 years since then, that there have been improvements, but I'm out of that game now so do not know.
  7. These are the facts that have to be forced out of the "green" crowd. It has been one of my biggest gripes since the first Hybrids hit the street. The intentional omission of underlying facts. Everything from hidden costs, to the methods of depleted battery disposal and recycling, to safety concerns. You have to push hard to get answers and even then, you had better research those answer for accuracy. Don't take this the wrong way, I actually support the ongoing development of electric and other alternative fuels. But there needs to be full disclosure of more than just the misrepresented feel good advantages of electric.
  8. I should have been more specific in my statements. My experience is almost entirely in the Diesel truck and equipment arenas, and even there, my info is pretty dated as I got out of that business about 8 years ago. As far as the push for emissions control driving the advancements in engine technology, I do not agree. It may have accelerated it, but I firmly believe that we would have reached this point or beyond with or without the EPA.
  9. Gridless when you talk about in flight regeneration, but as soon as you park and plug in to charge the batteries, you are on the grid. There is also a huge load on the grid during production. How many real girdless miles does it take to offset that? I do agree that there is potential for some significant developments, but those will come about slowly.
  10. The word 'efficient" does not fit well with "green". Look at emissions controls on modern vehicles. If you really look at how most of them work you will see that they introduce inefficiency into what would otherwise be an efficient means of powering a vehicle.
  11. Glock G20.4 All stock except for a set of night sights. I carry it IWB in a Sticky holster and loaded with Underwood 155 grain XTP
  12. Out of curiosity, I drove by the marginally terrible Chinese buffet in town and yes, the OPEN signs was lit up but there were only two cars in the parking lot, and I am pretty sure that those were owned by employees. The place was pretty awful before Wu Flu.
  13. The wife and I went to our favorite weekend breakfast place this morning for the first time since the shutdown. It was nice to be able to return and the staff seemed quite happy to be back at it And no, it was not the Waffle House.
  14. Sounds like a mirror image of my morning except that I am significantly further south. Gott make it to Alaska someday.
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