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  1. That is reaching too far back for me to name one movie. I think I liked all of them.
  2. I know I am the odd duck here, but I really don't care for bacon. To me it is just fatty smoked pork. I think it is that we used to make our own bacon when I was a lad, and nothing than I find in the grocery store remotely compares to what we used to make ourselves.
  3. Yes they are. I used the hell out of them when I was working for a living.
  4. I do like spicy snacks, but jalapeños are just not my favorite pepper. I just don't care for the taste of them. I'll do almost anything habanero all day long though. I even candy the little guys. They are really good mixed in with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.
  5. Sometimes practical has no bearing on anything!
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