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  1. I don’t intend to sound mean or anything......but Corona Virus sounds like a great plot device to a zombie flick
  2. Ain’t modern science cool
  3. Nope but he will always be in his shadow regardless. Damn shame, he was great on his own .
  4. That’s messed up glad it wasn’t worse. I’ve seen couple that set the house on fire to cover their tracks .
  5. Eli Manning just retired one of only 5 players to ever be MVP in two SB. .
  6. You misspelled “Patriots” .
  7. It should be one of the better Super Bowls. I was hoping for a “State Farm commercial” bowl (Rodgers/Mahomes) the new XFL starts Feb 8th 🤡 .
  8. I thought there was supposed to be a car there .
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