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  1. Dric902

    Global Warming, Ban Private Jets

    “The Daily Caller News Foundation” so... the Daily Caller is making a foolish point about hypocrisy among the climate change crowd gee, never would have guessed gonna ask Chelsea about her paternity and Webb Hubble next? .
  2. Dric902

    Has the Left Gone Crazy

    “Gone” they have been since the ‘60s they are just louder when a Republican is in office .
  3. Whenever someone uses the phrase “should not be allowed” I worry. who decides? Who enforces? What are the dynamics of the limitations? .
  4. Dric902

    President Trump On The Wall

    I think all their meetings should be televised pay per view could pay the national debt off. .
  5. The point is...you don’t have a “right” to it. companies are not people, they don’t owe anybody anything. The people running it may, the company as an entity does not. .
  6. Project much I’m just being an actual libertarian. Not a lip service one. free market that isnt free isnt a market .
  7. I have had fleet vehicles in the past its a contract thing. But if the maintenance isn’t provided as stipulated then there is usually some kind of recompense. word of advice, they are nice but don’t become dependent on them .
  8. But if you don’t like it you are not required to have it. you are free to take your money and walk .
  9. Only in America do we use a product or service based on its performance and ability to meet our needs pay for it at the level of speed and graphics we want then bitch about how it owns us .
  10. Dric902

    Belly full of Texas red

    Yankee childhood .
  11. Energy isn’t free especially when the government pays for it .
  12. Dric902

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Because they knew he was lying to get elected .
  13. You don’t have a right to the Internet. We lived just fine before it, billions of people have never heard of or had access to it. who decides how much control of the internet is too much? .
  14. Their allegnce is to the stockholders. people try to project morals and loyalty to a corporation. They should be no more patriotic or political than a rock. .