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  1. Have been missing your comments in the Trains thread

  2. May forever feel like home for him prayers for you and yours, old friend
  3. I guess I can see how this is going
  4. Well, black unemployment was 0% during slavery is guess i never had the argument with the children about a dolphin and a bear getting into a fight, because it’s nonsensical. I’m not even going to play the game .
  5. I kind of doubt if the majority of people here and everywhere, that have a functioning nervous system, would agree with the statement that Donald Trump has done more for black Americans than Abraham Lincoln. But we do agree on more topics than we disagree .
  6. I bought a watch from them when the did the “real man” thing last year. nice watches .
  7. You honestly believe that Trump has done more for Blacks then Lincoln that what Lincoln did was “Questionable” .
  8. Combat, self defense, defense of another, death sentence .
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