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  1. I completely understand this man, you should see me trying to log into the Locomotive systems
  2. How did we ever survive childhood??
  3. Patriots caught cheating........again the Jets Quarterback, Sam Darnold, after throwing numerous passes to receivers who were not there. Was mikes up on the sidelines and was heard to say “I’m seeing ghosts out there” it was been speculated that the Patriots cheating tech division (coaching staff) hacked into Darnolds helmet audio and were projecting holograms of receivers into his vision.
  4. I have Berettas, I have Sigs Sigs feel better
  5. Dric902

    New to me CZ

    I like CZ’s i don’t own any but they feel good in the hand, just not big on the DA/SA
  6. I like it maybe a mag cover, looks kind of chinsey with most of the mag sticking out
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