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  1. Little, wispy, fairy elf Lindsay Sterling playing a violin Lzzy Hale, screaming metal goddess Am I weird that I liked them both before they did a song together? ?
  2. I think local birds are safe. probably not much of a mouser either .
  3. Case law and precedent don’t require a SCOTUS ruling. and it’s very unlikely to overturn it now .
  4. The Mona Lisa was painted on wood and weights 18 pounds
  5. I bought those from Black Belt magazine .
  6. Mamasita says Peirno de Pollo (leg of chicken) dont know about ‘drumstick’ per se .
  7. Great minds argue ideas normal minds argue events small minds argue toast
  8. I grew up on Saltines and a Peanut Butter
  9. The little boys room is right over there
  10. Are you ok? fondling a Smith &Wesson usually helps .
  11. Considering that he hung the grenades by the pins, he may need it .
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