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  1. Love to dust off the old Matthews bow but getting too old to pull the thing. At 75+, it has been the long gun.
  2. Still waiting to decide. Have Sig 238, 229, 226.
  3. Nice pistol. Have Sigs in 238, 229 and 226.
  4. Have a 26 and a 33. No issues with either. Carry IWB sometimes. Also carry 1911 commanders, Sig 226 or 229 in fall/winter with more clothing.
  5. Griptillian as an EDC. Too bad I keep losing them, on my third now.
  6. Sold couple recently but no regrets, a Ruger Buckeye 10mm/38-40 unfired I paid $400 and sold for $1100 to buy a Sig Ledion 226. Then sold a Ruger Old Army unfired bought for <$300 and sold for 650 to pick up a used Sig229. Regrets were when I was young and ignorant. Bought 2 1911s in separate garage sales around 1967 for $40 each. Young engineer working for me wanted one so sold Govt size for $40 and kid brother liked the other, Colt Commander (super accurate, BIL was master shooter and could group a mag <2"@25 yards). Kid brother was suppose to give me dibs if he ever sold (he forgot). The govt 1911?, happened to be a Remington Rand but I had no clue about stuff like that pre 1970's. Did not sell another gun for 47+ years.
  7. Not in quite a while. Have scoped Ruger SRH 44mag and 454 Casull, scoped Glock 20, S&W 610, Rem 100R 7-08, Encore pistol barrels in 22Hornet, 223 and 243. Most of my hunting is in South Texas heavy mesquite brush but most of my bucks have been 200+ yards down long senderos.
  8. My astigmatism was not correctable when I had cataract surgery. My correction is not constant and seems to vary over time (sometimes short and sometimes longer period). When I wore glasses, I would switch to older pairs that may correct my astigmatism better. Clarity was usually more for astigmatism than lens correction.
  9. Joined as many after Eric's post. Otherwise would have joined earlier if I knew about it. Been slowly withdrawing from GT for a while.
  10. My only snubby is a S&W pre-lock 940
  11. On my list to have but patiently waiting thru the weaning. I am a Sig fan with 3 Sigs
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