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  1. Congratulations on your G48!!! They look very tempting, especially with the Ameriglo Bolds!!! ?
  2. How about: G19.5 with NO Halfmoon Cutout, like the G19.5 MOS Grip. G17L Gen 5. Great for the new Marksman barrel. ??????
  3. Merry Christmas to all!!! ?
  4. Marshall as a name has 2 “L”. US Marshal has one “L”. Not trying to be a smarta$$ or grammar nazi. It’s just amazing how many people honestly misspell US Marshal and don’t realize it. Pray I didn’t misspell a word in this post!!!
  5. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone hand cranking an ice cream churn... ?
  6. The Army Guard Car was my one and only train experience during my twenty years in the Military Police. We had three MPs because of the amount of equipment and ten M1 tanks required armed guards. Anytime the train was stopped we were to get out and walk the length of the train visually inspecting all the equipment. It was an interesting week. ?
  7. NTC was definitely an experience. Glad we played in the same dirt.
  8. I know I was at NTC on 870807 because that was the day I had my SSG stripes pinned on. When I found out I was getting promoted, I asked to have them pinned on in the desert in the middle of nowhere. I was with HHC, 197th Infantry Brigade (M)(S). We had an MP Platoon for Headquarters Security. The Dollar Ninety Seven.
  9. The last time I rode a train was in 1987. It was actually an Army Guard Car. Me and two of my MPs were volunteered by our 1SG to do security on an equipment train retuning from NTC desert training in California to Ft Benning GA. We were told it was an actual Guard Car from WW2 era and that only three remained on active duty. The three MPs that rode it on the way out had MRE as the training hadn’t started. We were at NTC for 45 days. When it was time for us to return, the word went out to all mess sgts that any leftover food should be sent for the train crew. We were on the train for a week and we had enough food for a month. The car had a kitchen and we ate really good. We had a few crazy adventures along the way on what should have been a non-adventure. Plus added a week to our NTC.
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