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  1. As November draws closer they will drum up more and more panic- be it food shortages, any vaccine news will be met with "but is it safe?" A spike in new cases, etc...
  2. Nice pick up OP. Truly an American Classic. I have this original Model 12 ad hanging in my den- 1956 I think...
  3. That's awesome- kinda like opening up a time capsule.
  4. That doesn't surprise me at all, unfortunately. All kinds of deaths being classified as "Covid" in many states, particularly left leaning ones.
  5. Finest .22 handgun ever manufactured IMO. I have an early (1968) 17-3 that my dad gave me for my 17th bday. It's still a favorite
  6. I haven't encountered it when I've logged on.
  7. These are the kinds of stories I like hearing about
  8. Valmet

    First Knife

    Mine was a Buck 110 at 8 years old in 1989. I still have it, though it's lived in a droor for the last 20 years.
  9. He was quite an entertainer and one of the last of a dying breed or Rock n Roll pioneers.
  10. MOS model? Full-conceal model?
  11. Winchester Model 67A Youth single-shot .22 that my dad gave me as a bday gift when I turned 6 in October 1987. It's had a zillion rounds thru it and still is dead-on.
  12. Valmet


    I've handled a few and always thought they were kinda neat, but for the money they bring, I've never "had to have one."
  13. I've seen my share of great shows, but I was a kid when Orbison passed. That would've been a cool show.
  14. Awesome looking pistol. I've always thought the Contenders were cool. Hopefully one of these days I can get one in my safe.
  15. I'm more of a traditional tie guy, but I have a few bow ties in my closet.
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