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  1. Valmet


    It's a hot cartridge, but many decry it as little more than a .22WMR. I've handled one of the Rugers and it felt great and for years I've waffled on an FN Five-Seven pistol but between the cost and not needing to add another caliber to my collection, I've yet to acquire one.
  2. Valmet

    My Sig p365

    I'm not really a Sig guy but the times I've had a P365 in my hands its felt good. Have yet to shoot one though.
  3. Now I'm starving. I love a good gun forum food thread...
  4. I wasn't a fan of the G43 and recently came into a Gen 3 Glock 32 so thinking I'll be ccw'ing that this fall as I used to carrying a Glock that size.
  5. As much as I try and like scotch, it's never really grown on me
  6. I've thought about one of those myself, though I'm unsure exactly what I'd do with it?
  7. It probably was, unfortunately.
  8. Valmet

    Hot Sauce

    I have Frank's, Crystal, Tapatio and Burmann's (Aldi brand) in my fridge and honestly I think Burmann's is the favorite. I was hesitant at first as its a discount grocery's store brand but it's tasty. I didn't realize Tabasco had so many varieties until I saw Eric's first post. Will have to pick some up.
  9. I just assume they're swamped and low on inventory so I avoid them. Order my ammo from SGA when they get some stock in and as far as guns go I'm pretty squared away.
  10. I don't use one with a suppressor but Savage rimfires are awesome rifles. Mine will outshoot my Anschutz regularly.
  11. Very glad to hear this news!
  12. Glad this ended like it should've and you got your money back OP. A handful of sellers unfortunately would've told you to pound sand.
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