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  1. Your family motto should be etched over my fireplace Janice, as I tend to get carried away with stuff I'm into.
  2. Unfortunately, I can believe it too these days. I hadn't heard about the theft. I'd imagine security is pretty tight at those?
  3. 1917 Eddystone Presentation rifle I'm fortunate enough to have. John A Topping was President of Republic Iron & Steel in PA during WW1. In August 1918 the Eddystone Plant held a banquet to commemorate One million rifles mfg'd (1917s), and rifles were given to some of the big-whigs related to Eddystone and production.
  4. Keep 'em coming. I always enjoy threads like this...
  5. Makes me wish we'd gotten some of that here in Central Virginia this winter.
  6. It's entertaining. I've never taken Tarantino very seriously as a director, but I preferred it to the Hateful Eight.
  7. Is there a specific reason that you don't like shooting .44 Spl in your Magnums?
  8. My dad passed a family heirloom along to me in January 2015. It's a S&W Victory Model that was shipped to OSS, Naval Station Norfolk VA on Aug 22, 1944. My grandfather was a US Army officer serving in Europe in Spring 1945 and according to the story he always told (he passed in Sept 2010), was that one evening he was en route to HQ on foot and walked passed several barrels of gear...webbing, helmets, bayonets, etc and in the last barrel he saw the butt of a revolver sticking out so he grabbed it and carried it until he returned to the states the following Spring. He wasn't a fan of his issued Colt 1911A1 so he was happy to relegate it to his footlocker. He had a German POW fashion a set of grips with his initials in it. It was his nightstand gun for decades until he gave it to my dad in 2000 and dad proceeded to get a S&W letter for it. I've since gotten a nice set of factory Victory grips (while retaining the custom set). I take it out once in a while and shoot it and think about how fortunate I am to have it.
  9. I'm not surprised to learn that he does. He's a dynamic dude and one of the few celebs that I think is pretty cool and down to earth.
  10. I went on Monday and felt encouraged, though I realize that it won't accomplish much. I was very glad everything seemed to go smoothly. God willing this has lit a fire under the Virginia GOP and get some of these conservative non-voters out in coming elections.
  11. Yes. I'm sure a handful of Northam's 8 GC Bills will likely pass this time around but I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Nice pick-up. It happens to the best of us once in awhile...
  13. I have to say, I've often pondered the OPs question myself as I read about these tragedies.
  14. I have to tip my hat to the guys at Ruger. While I'm seldom inter step in their new offerings, they regularly introduce new things, which is more than I can say for a lot of companies out there.
  15. Tomorrow Never Knows is a fantastic song that really unlocks the door to 1967 and, as I can it, Beatles 2.0
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