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  1. I’m truly ashamed of what has happened here in Virginia, but am encouraged by the citizens response these past weeks in towns and counties across the Commonwealth.
  2. Unsure if it technically qualifies for TV- but Rust Cohle and Marty Hart from True Detective. Would have to give second nod to Andy & Barney.
  3. Any other .44 Special guys around here? I’ve been a fan for awhile and while I know you “should just get a .44 Magnum and shoot both,” I like factory .44 Spl wheelguns. Have a Charter Arms Bulldog and an early 6.5” S&W 24-3. Anyone else here in the .44 Spl camp? If so, what wheelguns do you have?
  4. I know and I’ve considered it. I’m just hesitant to do any at-home smithing. Even on a Glock.
  5. Those are timeless and hard to beat. Well done
  6. A few years back OOW toyed with the idea of a semi-auto Monitor. I e-mailed them a year ago and inquired and not surprisingly they dropped the idea due to cost.
  7. I was hoping Glock’s new announcement was a Gen5 that lacks the ambi slide-stop (even though that would be undeniably underwhelming for most folks).
  8. I, for one, am very underwhelmed. Of course they’ll sell as they’re “new” Glocks.
  9. I’ve always been an 1895 Winchester fan- used to own a .30-06 SRC and lighting the candle on that thing got your attention. Anyone else here like the 1895s?
  10. Those are screaming for some Tascos...
  11. 51 and sunny here in Central Virginia today.
  12. Definitely a unique ride...not for me though.
  13. I agree with Historian here. Do you have family or a close friend who can store them for you?
  14. That guy is a walking disaster, plain and simple.
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