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  1. If I’m ever going to threaten deadly force over a pizza it damn sure isn’t going to be Little Caesar’s.
  2. Never have and (now) never will donate to that charity. I’ll just up my donation to St. Jude’s.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving BoreSite crew...hopefully folks have lots to be thankful for this year, I know I do.
  4. Look for a lot more of this behavior to come in like areas...
  5. I’ve been called twice but only had to serve once. Was the first juror “struck” as I showed up with a suit on (Richmond, Virginia).
  6. Ammunition looks to be Underwood and is quite desirable. +1 to what Crockett said about a local gun show.
  7. I understand your point, but if you want to do something enough and you’re self-disciplined enough, it can be done. I quit cold turkey over 7 years ago and never looked back. I still dream about them on occasion and relish the idea of them, but I could never actually smoke another cigarette.
  8. I knew that stuff was pricey but damn!
  9. Day after Thanksgiving is when we get all the Xmas stuff out at my house...hard to believe it’s only a little over two weeks away.
  10. 90% of kidney stones are calcium stones.
  11. They’re god awful. Only time I’ve ever puked for sheer pain. Had surgery in Aug 2015 to have them removed as there were some 10-11mm stones in my R kidney. Stay hydrated...seriously.
  12. I like those Winchester .22s and the Simpsons memorabilia myself...
  13. Had a bunch come by the house this year that nearly cleaned me out. I always enjoy seeing the kids out having a good time in their costumes.
  14. “Grady” was a 1-season spin off from Sanford and Son...
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