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  1. I just had it and got out of quarantine 4 days ago. Fortunately for me it was an extremely mild case. I’m scheduled to get the vaccine on 1/29 but like everything in VA these days, the state supply line is f*%#ed so who knows when I’ll receive mine?
  2. Tall glass of ice water for me tonight. I have to work in the morning.
  3. Cognitive dissonance for a lot of NRA supporters (of which I am one). Many don’t realize how complacent and even encouraging the NRA has been in the past regarding gun control. Same goes for that POS Bill Ruger. To your point Historian- it’s important to support as many of these organizations as you can (including the NRA).
  4. This news doesn’t surprise me one bit. I got rid of FB back in 2015 and never looked back.
  5. Very cool- something I’ve always wanted to try!
  6. Hopefully the second time there won’t be the same issues.
  7. Yes. On average, a box of FMJ 9mm costs what 357 Sig used to cost...
  8. Outside of a few gun forums- I avoid social media...
  9. Strange days indeed...I’ve heard rumblings of the pope’s arrest myself. Highly unlikely
  10. And it’s already swerving outside the lines!!!
  11. Not sure if it qualifies as a stupid thing, but I’m really not a fan of deep water.
  12. Those wide-gauge earrings...gross.
  13. I knew Larry, but not well. I didn’t run in those investment grade, SAA, Patterson Colt circles. Larry was nice, but Larry always looked out for Larry- and the details that he’d either provide, or omit depending on the circumstance always seemed to suit him. There are too many questions floating around regarding the various cases discussed in C&Rsenals interview to wipe Larry’s slate clean. if you haven’t listened to the podcast it’s def worth the time.
  14. I get over there less and less simply because it’s become a political cesspool. I liked it better when the Politics section was actually a sub forum and not the seemingly-dominant one.
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