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  1. Aaaaaannd.... Here it is; 586 L-Comp
  2. Well folks, it would appear that I've acquired a new carry revolver through a trade... I will update everyone as soon as I have it in-hand! (I'm out of town currently.)
  3. First Upper: -BCM Upper -Faxon Midlength 1/8 LW Barrel -BCM Original Magnesium KMR 13" *Previously Used -SLR Rifleqorks Lo-Pro Gas Block -Smith Vortex FH -BCM Mod 4 CH -Toolcraft BCG -B5 (I think) Keymod Handstop Troy offset irons, scope, mount and bipod not included in the price, but could be for the right deal. Exactly 20 rounds through this to sight in only. $655 OBO. Second Upper: -BCM Carbine Length 1/7 Barrel -Spikes Dynacomp *Previously Used -Geissele Super Gas Block -Daniel Defense Fixed Irons -Toolcraft BCG -BCM Mod 4 CH This one was sighted in with 20 rds on the same day as well. That's it. Light not included. $685 OBO Third, I have a blued Ruger GP100 .357 with about 30 rds through it. Great, solid gun. $550 plus shipping OBO. I am looking for: S&W 686, 586, 627, 327, 329 with 3 inch or less barrels. Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Edition Kimber K6S Chiappa Rhino Cross posted. Text 8145723203
  4. Thanks for your reply. Apparently the current production Ruger 7 shots are a no-go due to cylinder spacing issues. I really don't mind the idea of that K6S.
  5. So, today I just so happened to stumble across a trade for an extremely cheap AR build I did forever ago that I spray painted and had thrown in my shed. Had about $400 into it, straight trade for this GP100 6". According to him, the rounds missing there are all that have been shot, and I'm inclined to believe him. It's in great shape. So while it hasn't fulfilled my search for a carry revolver, it has let me know that I really don't mind the GP100 platform at all. I would definitely be interested in the 3" version. Really happy with it.
  6. It would appear that they aren't so easy to get nowadays...
  7. Anyone with Rhino experience? And why the h*ll do they only have their stainless 3" model in that garbage Spiderman print? Terrible.
  8. Okay so after these comments, more online research and going to stores to try to handle some of these (my local shops don't have hardly any revolvers with barrels less than 4", and the ones that are are all J-Frame 38s) I have learned that: -I like the Ruger offerings more than I thought. -The L frames are within what I'd be willing to carry, but just barely. -N frames are out of the running. -If I go with a S&W, I'm going to prefer finding a used pre-lock. -The GP100 now comes in a 7 shot, which I was unaware of. Makes it that much more tempting.
  9. So I am wanting to get a revolver for carry. I have previously owned a S&W Airweight (642 I believe) and a Taurus 85. Those came and went over the years but, for some reason, I have the bug for a new wheel gun bad. Those were both okay and absolutely disappears and were easy to carry. But they just didn't click. Currently, I will carry anything from a GOOD to a GREAT, with my trusty old G26 being my happy medium go-to. Generally in appendix. I really don't mind a heavy fun for carry at all. I have multiple small guns if the situation calls for one occasionally. Willing to carry OWB or IWB. I want the options to be chambered in .357 Magnum and prefer a 2"-3" barrel and no less than 6 rds. No hammerless. My favorite options so far are of the S&W flavor, but perhaps I can be swayed to a GP100. So far, I seem to be thinking; 686 Plus 586 L-Comp 627 Performance Center GP100 That ugly ole Chiappa Rhino 200DS
  10. I'm just about to hop in on revolvers myself. I've previously owned a S&W Airweight and aTaurus 85 at different points but let them go. For some odd reason, I've got the bug now. I'm trying to sell another Glock right now too buy a 686 Plus.
  11. Up for sale or trade is a turn-key carry setup. This handgun had exactly 150 rds through it. I dove in head first and got this all set up, but then dropped a bunch of weight and went back to my trusty old G26. Includes: -Glock 43 -Night Sights -Streamlight TLR-6 -Mag w/ Taran Tactical +2 Baseplate -Mag w/ Taran Tactical +1 Baseplate -Light Bearing IWB "George" Holster -Light-Bearing OWB Kydex Holster -Bianchi Leather IWB Holster -Kydex IWB Holster I will sell for $595 shipped to your FFL. Trades: S&W 686 Plus S&W 586 Plus Threaded .22 hosts ?????
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