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  1. Metpol

    WTF is wrong with my new Glock??

    No, of course not. if you used any of the major search engines you could probably find an answer to any amount of problems. However, you have to admit there is a mountain of good info to be found on Glocktalk along with a lot of junk of course. I posted that particular photograph four years ago this month. I am just pleased to see it is still helping some people.
  2. Metpol

    WTF is wrong with my new Glock??

    Nice to see that a photograph I posted on that "other" forum some years ago is still of instructional value to some people.
  3. Metpol

    .22 rimfire conversion kit

    Advantage Arms is a great conversion. I believe you will find they are Glock Generation specific so make sure you get the right one and use the recommended brand of ammo.
  4. Metpol

    Members here NOT from GT

    Metpol here, ChrisJn over there.
  5. Metpol

    Dramatic Pictures

    A much younger me with President Reagan and Rt Hon Charles H. Price II, US Ambassador to London.
  6. Metpol

    It's My Cancerversary

    Thrilled to hear your news.
  7. Metpol

    The Book "One Second After"

    Have read both One Second after and One year after. Both excellent reading.
  8. Metpol

    Who are the site's martial artists?

    Interesting subject. Judo in my youth and karate privately in my early days as a detective. Used to be able to kick to shoulder height with ease but now at 75 struggle to get my feet up to my knees!
  9. Metpol

    LODD - US Secret Service

    So sad. May he rest in peace.
  10. Metpol

    Where do you shoot?

    Are there steel plates behind the baffles? If not what is roughly the thickness of the wood?
  11. Metpol

    Where do you shoot?

    Wow. Expensive looking baffles!
  12. Metpol

    GSSF membership

    Have been a member for many years and enjoy competing at two locations yearly. Have done both the basic and advanced armorers courses but with my advancing years(75) and increased cost will probably not renew my certification when due.
  13. Metpol

    Where do you shoot?

    Local dirt pit
  14. Metpol

    If they ban...

    After 2008 I promised myself I would always have enough to never run out of primers, powder, bullets, lead, .22lr, etc, etc.
  15. Metpol

    GSSF Pricing Question.....again. (And GT Dist input)

    Depends whether the store can buy direct from Glock or through a distributor. My LGS was 'demoted' last year because he did not meet their minimum target in sales and now has to buy from a distributor which means cost to customers is now an added $30.