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  1. Probably the outdoor kitchen refrigerator. But it does have its conveniences.
  2. I think that would be a smart play, especially given she has the world contacts, and those people really like her.
  3. I think she’s preparing and positioning herself for 2024. I also think she’s going to be in an advisory role at the Whitehouse due to Trump saying they will never stop talking. If he wins in 2020, imho, she will be back in a more official capacity going into 2024, and she will have President Trump campaigning on her behalf. But that’s just a guess.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/09/nikki-haley-resigns-as-trumps-un-ambassador.html
  5. Lol good luck with that.
  6. Gun Shark

    Does This Remind Anyone Else of Hannie?

    No not really.
  7. Gun Shark

    Verizon BOGO deal

    I’m guessing based on others I’ve seen: You have to sign up for a new line, you pay for one note on their installment plan, and the taxes for both phones at purchase. They will issue a credit starting after 2 billing cycles for the second one. You are locked into being with them for the entire term of the second one, unless you want to incur a ETF penalty which can be paying for the “free” phone.
  8. Gun Shark

    Anyone heard from XSIV4S?

    I wonder how he’s doing.
  9. Gun Shark

    I am torn. What to I do?!?

    Have you seen the live PD episode where a deputy goes full face into someone’s boot and sniffs.
  10. Gun Shark

    I am torn. What to I do?!?

    Record one, watch the other.
  11. Gun Shark

    Home Automation

    My thermostats and doorbell are on their own separate network together with guest restrictions(basically they can only connect to the internet and nothing else). If I didn’t have that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten them.
  12. Gun Shark

    Home Automation

    That’s why we haven’t done it. It would minimally be 100k for us for something that’s “cool”. If we decide to renovate though, we will be strongly considering it to bring it up to the new houses in the area.
  13. Gun Shark


    That’s deep.
  14. Speak for yourself, I am not a female when they are cold or in winter gear.