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  1. This greets you as you approach the store on our mountain:
  2. No kidding, I remember when McDonald’s was decent. If nothing else, the fries were great. I have not been to one in the last five years that wasn’t terrible and most are filthy. The hamburgers are inedible.
  3. Big Macs create a bunch of crap.
  4. My German kin trace their ancestory back to 1873. My Polish cousins can go way back. They are Levites. My Maternal Grandfather had a surname that is sometimes Jewish and my Uncles grew up in the deep South where there were not many Jewish folks so they got as close as they could when it came to choosing mates. My Germanic Uncle is a Christ follower now. My Polish Uncle and my cousins are Reformed and observant. It’s a neat story. My Uncle whose family came from Munich got three brothers over hear right before the Shoa. The patriarch of the family was a Free Mason and used his connections to get it done and gave them his name. We grew up hearing their accounts of the Shoa. We had the 2nd Amendment thing figured out early on and firearms were always a part of our own culture. AOC is just pandering. Hopefully her audience is aware of how she truly feels about Israel.
  5. I love Glocks but I am very fond of the HKP30S manual safety pistol series. I also will only use rigid, kydex holsters. I also advise folks to avoid clothing with dangling strings, threads or synch cords as they will cause an ND.
  6. She needs to be very careful. My Mother had two sisters who married Ashkenazi Jews——one Uncle’s family came from Munich, Germany and one Uncle’s family came from Austro Hungary (Now Krackow Poland). If she is Jewish, she will be able to give is chapter and verse of her lineage. One thing is for sure: We all came from Adam.
  7. Glock 9mm’s don’t like weak ammo in many cases.
  8. Just make sure you can outrun everyone else with you. Bear Spray is a good option. I live with Bear. We keep a can in the Pickup. Based on what you listed, Glock 41.
  9. I was in a store during an armed robbery at the age of 12. It hasn’t turned off in 43 years. The feeling of having a loaded sawed off shotgun pointed at your face cannot be explained. Neither can the joy of surviving it. Tunnel vision. Intense focus. Slow motion. Flight or fight. Sublime euphoria. When the perp went over the counter to empty the cash register, I bolted. Flight kicked in.
  10. The same will happen here if the Democrats have their way. Look what they put in Congress this term.
  11. And we keep voting them in. ANYONE in Congress, regardless of Party, should not be in the senate more than one term or the house more than two terms. There should be no pension nor an health care program soecific to Congress.
  12. Houston is an hot mess. Texas needs to form its own Border Patrol. Sad story. Glad I don’t work in Houston anymore.
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