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  1. The Marine on the front of the Newsweek or Time Magazine cover coming out of the rubble ——or one of the National rags at the time——is from my hometown. Kim McCkinney is is name.
  2. Folks I will get around to shooting it when ammo logistics returns to some semblance of order or I find a good deal on some tucked away on the shelf of a hardware store in the middle of nowhere. I will start with the negatives. There is only one holster maker for these pistols currently stateside and that maker is ANR. The rough grip some speak of does not bother me and the difficult Mag release some speak of is fine to be. Take down and re-assembly is easy but takes some getting used to. You don’t slide the slide back onto the frame. You lower it into the mating notches and then slide it home. One the pro side, the pistol is solid. The internals are beefy. I will do my best to post pics showing this soon. The pistol feels good in the hand and the trigger is good as good can be for a polymer frame pistol in the eyes of a man who believes a finely tuned 1911 trigger is paradise. I’ll let you split hairs on set, re-set and what not. The magazine ejection is positive and insertion is crisp. The fit and finish for a mass produced polymer frame handgun is very good. The sights are very good and the rear bitch (Edit: The rear notch can be a bitch—-not sure why that came out like that.) is wide enough for these 56 year old eyes to quickly pick up. I really like the blacked out rear sight —— so much so, I plan to gradually transition all of my handguns to this configuration. The little red cocking indicator is not a big deal and actually a plus as it enables you to ride it with the thumb during re-holster to prevent a negligent discharge.The slide stop lever works very well. The controls are effective but unobtrusive. IMHO, it is the ideal size for a CHL option——small enough to hide; large enough to easily shoot accurately. It comes with a cleaning kit, a hard case, one 15 round and one 17 round mag. Here are some pictures. Will do an update once I shoot it. I’ve let some sleepers go that turned out to be great firearms. Most notably was a Norinco 1911 that I should still have. I believe this one is a sleeper and I will do my nest to hold on to it. Since it hails from Slovenia, I’ve christened her Melania. Meet Melania.
  3. Which is why the Police don’t need to bother with it. Let them run wild in the streets and then hold press conferences every two or three weeks. Hey Chicago ? Are you ready for law and order now. Let us know when you are and we will re-engage. The Oregon State Police did the right thing by pulling out of Portland but unfortunately, it looks like they capitulated.
  4. I believe Law Enforcement Officers should stop responding in cities controlled by Marxist Democrats. They cannot win. Let the Blue Flu begin Let those voters who have selected politicians that disarm them suffer the consequences. I am sick of hearing about it. Let America get a shot of what happens with no Police protection.
  5. Yes COVID is dangerous. Our youngest son got and and recovered thank God. So is the Flu and Hepatitis and Mumps. We’ve been played.
  6. Now they get to enjoy those Eco Boost 4 Cylinders. Oh boy!
  7. I still have some nylon holsters from the 1990’s back when I first started out. Thank God this never happened.
  8. I never thought it would come to this but it has. These riots have been planned for a long time. This is not spontaneous. I believe we will one day learn the Democrat Marxists have been scheming with foreign powers for four years to get this done. They are an enemy to our Republic. I say keep your head down and stay out of these areas where the enemy operations are occurring. Lethal force should be an absolute last resort. Run if you can.
  9. Not sure I would be out amongst the rioters if I were armed in Kenosha. I’m thinking I would be on a roof or on the high ground. That’s just me. Can’t see a judge or jury taking your side if you shoot someone over your property or business. Thinking the only defense is to protect your life or the lives of others and even then that might not be enough if you are in a Marxist City or State. I’m thinking the best move would be not to live in a Marxist area to begin with.
  10. Our little town had two hardwood mills and two pine mills. The only game in town was a Stihl dealer. He made and makes a fortune. Dad was a degreed Forester and worked for Potlatch, an Independent and IP and then went on his own. He was old school. He did it all from cruising the timber to buying it to selling it to the mill to logging it to fixing roads and fences.
  11. I grew up in a Sawmill town. Back in the days is of the Saw Hand before Timber Harvesting Machines, Stihl was it.
  12. These people are Marxists. What applies to them does not apply to the proletariat. They know better and as such, they are entitled to special treatment. They do not hold that all people are equal under the Creator though they claim to be all about “ justice “.
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