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  1. SevenSixtyTwo

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    I couldn't help but think slick willy must be thinking his government funded funeral will be pretty simple compared to three days of celebrity status ceremony fit for a king that H planned and paid for himself ahead of time.
  2. SevenSixtyTwo

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    I didn't see any love for HRC or DT during the ceremony. I felt bad for W trying like hell to stay composed. I about choked up seeing him choke up. I lost my dad six years ago. I know the pain.
  3. SevenSixtyTwo

    Are defensive shootings changing?

    Y'all been watching too many westerns. I have no doubt the reality wasn't much different than today. Just less firepower.
  4. For ever and ever, it was preachers, priests and imams. Now it's a whole new set of nuts.
  5. SevenSixtyTwo

    Thinking about trading in my car for a truck.

    We use our 2010 F250 or 2013 Prius depending on the need. Both rock solid reliable. Both have their benefits. No desire to give up either.
  6. Where did all this start? I remember the far right be offended by everything in the '60's. The Puritans maybe? It's nothing new. It's just taken a 180.
  7. SevenSixtyTwo

    7-11 robbery video: Not impressive stopping power.

    A success nonetheless.
  8. SevenSixtyTwo

    Why I will never own a Tesla

    OCD fanatics love to hate. I've heard the same BS about my Prius. Uncle has a standing BS story of how a special bay at the dealership is necessary due to the explosive battery. The "battery" is a pack about the size of two diesel pickup truck batteries at around 100 lbs. Can be changed out in the driveway at home with simple hand tools. If a wire gets chaffed from vibration or other means, it can start a fire no different than the batteries in my F250, Harley or boat. A wreck last night in Polk County last night left an 18 wheeler and a Mercury Grand Marque in flames. One dead, one injured.
  9. SevenSixtyTwo

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    I like this meme. It also fits well with race baiters. It also means I avoid a lot of people.
  10. SevenSixtyTwo

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    This is so true for all of us. Not just the perpetually offended.
  11. SevenSixtyTwo

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    Stereotypes are earned, not imagined.
  12. SevenSixtyTwo

    What NOT to do at a Gun Range

    Public ranges scare the crap out of me on just about every visit.
  13. SevenSixtyTwo

    Woman Battered Man Over Rejection

    I'd have to see 'er bent over the oven retrieving me supper before I ruled 'er out. Wouldn't be the first butter face.
  14. SevenSixtyTwo

    Coworker washed away in flash flood

    Over the 36 years I worked on elevators, we lost a handful of co-workers I knew and had worked with. It hits home.
  15. SevenSixtyTwo

    Every time I want to travel, **** happens

    Pornagraph still work? It'll be ah-ight!