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  1. Garage? You rich folks with your climate controlled bedrooms for your car. Jeez!
  2. SevenSixtyTwo

    Snubby's. Just Because....

    Grab a box of Winchester White Box 110gr JSP or JHP .357 magnum. Feels real close to .38 special +P. I carry it in my EDC Ruger LCR .357 magnum. Even if you miss, muzzle flash will vaporize most bad guys.
  3. SevenSixtyTwo

    The Steel fence/wall

    I think we need to stop paying people to come here and we won't need a wall.
  4. SevenSixtyTwo

    New Lesbian Batwoman. Yay.

    Lezbiens and I have a few things in common. Not a problem.
  5. SevenSixtyTwo

    A New Truck

    I look at offers on hard to sell vehicles of the same model that have been on the lot too long. If the dealership is offering $9k off of msrp on the plain white Silverado, I offer $9k less on the one I want and wait for them to call. I'm probably still getting hosed but I've felt good about it.
  6. SevenSixtyTwo

    7yr old girl killed in Texas; questions.

    Not really. BLM will give them an A+ for sticking to the code. The black community and leftist Facebook commandos will remember the white gun owner in a pickup truck who shot a little girl and her mother because they were black. Facts don't matter.
  7. I thought it was revealed here a while back in another thread that Russ p is a member here searching for racist mud daubers.😲
  8. SevenSixtyTwo

    I'd bang her gavel

    Nah. I like pawgs.
  9. SevenSixtyTwo

    There's trouble afoot.

    Careless or wreckless possession of a firearm if dropped in a public place with a $250 fine works for me.
  10. SevenSixtyTwo

    Man fired for using dating app

    I'm not apposed to castrating child molesters.
  11. SevenSixtyTwo

    John Prine, Sam Stone

  12. SevenSixtyTwo

    privacy concerns from some nudists

    I just did a bit of research on nude beaches at one of my favorite acedemic x hamster websites. I'm appalled the amount of fun those nekid sand dwellers have out in broad daylight. I'm going to study a bit more before I draw any hard conclusions thought.
  13. SevenSixtyTwo

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    I couldn't help but think slick willy must be thinking his government funded funeral will be pretty simple compared to three days of celebrity status ceremony fit for a king that H planned and paid for himself ahead of time.
  14. SevenSixtyTwo

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    I didn't see any love for HRC or DT during the ceremony. I felt bad for W trying like hell to stay composed. I about choked up seeing him choke up. I lost my dad six years ago. I know the pain.
  15. SevenSixtyTwo

    Are defensive shootings changing?

    Y'all been watching too many westerns. I have no doubt the reality wasn't much different than today. Just less firepower.