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  1. I'm all obsessed with contactless payment these days. I use Apple Pay and the bride uses Google Pay. Walmart politely declined my payment on my last visit. Apple pay is secure and doesn't give the merchant your name or cc number. This doesn't sit well with Walmart. They want you to download their intrusive personal data collecting software app to use their exclusive version of mobile pay. Too many other places to buy ammo who are more than happy to accept my money.
  2. Nah. The honeymoon is about done with my Ruger LCR.357Magnum. No desire to shoot something that kicks even harder.
  3. I like the MD-80 series planes. And they're getting really old. I'd hop on a 737. Probably in much more danger driving to the airport.
  4. Garage? You rich folks with your climate controlled bedrooms for your car. Jeez!
  5. Grab a box of Winchester White Box 110gr JSP or JHP .357 magnum. Feels real close to .38 special +P. I carry it in my EDC Ruger LCR .357 magnum. Even if you miss, muzzle flash will vaporize most bad guys.
  6. I think we need to stop paying people to come here and we won't need a wall.
  7. Lezbiens and I have a few things in common. Not a problem.
  8. I look at offers on hard to sell vehicles of the same model that have been on the lot too long. If the dealership is offering $9k off of msrp on the plain white Silverado, I offer $9k less on the one I want and wait for them to call. I'm probably still getting hosed but I've felt good about it.
  9. Not really. BLM will give them an A+ for sticking to the code. The black community and leftist Facebook commandos will remember the white gun owner in a pickup truck who shot a little girl and her mother because they were black. Facts don't matter.
  10. I thought it was revealed here a while back in another thread that Russ p is a member here searching for racist mud daubers.😲
  11. Careless or wreckless possession of a firearm if dropped in a public place with a $250 fine works for me.
  12. I'm not apposed to castrating child molesters.
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