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  1. I'm going to make some ribeye steaks like that soon. I usually do the cast iron sear and oven method, but this looks a lot easier.
  2. It takes strength and humility to admit when my problems are mostly my fault. The beauty is that when I realize it's my fault, I can fix the problem. As long as I think it's someone else's fault, I'm powerless until they fix my problem, which will probably never happen. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have enough strength and humility to put this to work. Also, we have an entire half of the political world whose power depends on making much of the population not put this to work.
  3. I was just thinking that five years from now someone will post a necro thread about necro threads. That might cause a black hole that will end all life on earth. necropocalypse
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    He's lucky he was able to let go of the bar and not have his fingers pinched between the bar and the rack below. One of my weight lifting partners lost the last 1/2 in. of a finger that way.
  5. I thought the miracle was the lack of support other than at the two floors.
  6. Is this the first ever GT Recommended Reading list causing a necro thread on ANOTHER site?! LOL They really need to turn that thing off.
  7. Brad


    After Amazon stuck their nose into politics, a couple of weeks ago, I dumped them. I thought it would be difficult, but it hasn't been. There are a million other online sources for items. The only tough one for me was Audible. I had about 20 books on there, and I can't access them without the app or figuring out how to convert them. I'll just start my audio library over. Google, on the other hand, is much tougher. I started a business in 2017 and set up my domain, website, and email using Google. It was the only way I could find that was easy enough to DIY. I don't think I have the technical know-how to migrate all of that somewhere else. I have an IT consultant, so I'll have to pay him to do it when I have a chance. I had already dropped Twitler and rarely used FB, so both of those were easy. I have used Sync.com before, and it's pretty good, so I am going to transfer my cloud-based services from Google Drive and Dropbox to them. Changed from Firefox to Brave, and Brave has been an improvement. I know Big Tech won't miss me. I feel better not working with groups that have expressed active contempt for my kind. Also, state secession is out, but maybe there's a chance a parallel economy might emerge, so I'd like to support the alternatives to Big Tech.
  8. We binge-watched Cobra Kai this past weekend. At the start of each episode, at the top of the screen, the warning were: "language and smoking." No mention of violence, bullying, crude sexual humor, gang activity, fear, binge drinking and who knows how many other common warnings. It was pretty funny.
  9. What the heck is "poisoned beverage alcohol"?
  10. If it bleeds, we can kill it.
  11. Peeling it off. I suspect each and every nerve would get individual attention during that, and it would take a long time.
  12. Somehow he will set up Kamala to be the nominee in 2024. I don't know if that means he will step down in 2023 or early 2024, or what. Considering the stress and energy expenditure of the job, at his age and apparent frailty, there's no way he'll make it through eight years.
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