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  1. Unless I, or my phone, recognizes the caller, I don't pick up. Legit callers will leave a voice mail. It is a sad state of affairs at this point.
  2. Check it out. The first nation to adopt Bitcoin as its national currency. https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitcoin-comes-to-el-salvador-first-country-to-adopt-crypto-as-national-currency-11631005200?st=168cyb1drbtuiir&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
  3. Agreed completely. Not many dots to connect here. These leaders need to read Jocko Willink's books, especially Leadership Strategy and Tactics. I read his books as a 48 year old with 20-some years of experience. I wish I would've had that insight a couple of decades ago.
  4. I've read a few articles about cryptocurrency and I must not be smart enough to quickly understand how I would use it in my life. I'm very interested in privacy, so by default I am interested in the topic. Couple of random thoughts: It has been around a while and I don't see obvious signs that I could use cryptocurrencies at Walmart or Kroger, or to pay any of the invoices I receive, so that doesn't seem like a good sign. I saw an article a while back either at the National Review or WSJ (forgot which, and couldn't find it quickly) that argued that its main impact has been to help criminal activity. I don't know if that's true. I'm inclined to believe there's some truth to the statement because I noticed that one of the big recent ransom attacks was paid in a cryptocurrency. Regarding investing in crypto: I'm a very boring index fund kinda guy, so there's no way in hell I would invest in crypto. With the level of volatility, that sounds like a good way to lose a lot of money fast. It sounds like gambling at best. I was reading an article the other day about one of the crypto trading exchanges having a computer issue that stopped investors from selling when they really, really needed to, and some lost big five-digit numbers of dollar equivalents. With a regular stock trading situation, they could've gotten help in recovering the dough. In this case, there was nobody to call. They were utterly screwed and the money was just gone. Sounds like something a swashbuckler would find fun. Not me.
  5. Absolutely. All that extra muscle is bound to increase metabolism!
  6. Thanks for the info on Brave. I will check it out. I was a FF diehard for years. Then Mozilla published their blog earlier this year stating deplatforming isn't enough and they have to do more. Mozilla can go to hades.
  7. I've been using Brave for the last 7-8 months. It seems fine to me. Ever since Mozilla had their idiotic blog about going beyond deplatforming. They can go to hades.
  8. Sorta like Vegetarian Meat Loaf. Because vegetarian and meat cancel out, they should've just said "loaf."
  9. We've had Verizon ever since we've had cell phones. Circa 2001 IIRC. I have a faint memory of hearing about roaming long ago, but not since then.
  10. Hey, there's also the "No S Diet." Three meals per day. One plate. No seconds. No sweets. No snacking. I've never tried it, but the simplicity sounds pretty cool. People also initially hear "No S#@% Diet" which makes it funnier.
  11. Sorta on topic: I think automated email replies such as "I'm out of the office with no email access. I will return on..." should go the way of the dinosaur. If I had a quarter for every time I've emailed someone, received that reply, and then within an hour get a phone call from them, I could buy a combo meal at least. This has become an obnoxious email screener at this point.
  12. If you prefer to pay attention to quality and not count and measure quantities then it doesn't get easier than https://www.simplefit.org/nutrition/ If you prefer to have a wider range of food options and count and measure quantities then that'll work also. I like the Zone for this. It's pretty easy also. Intermittent Fasting is the current popular approach. Now that it has been popular for a few years, there are several interesting approaches like alternate day fasting, one meal a day, and others. Some people report great progress with these.
  13. No clue. My wife called the police and they said there's nothing they can do because it didn't actually attack anybody. I guess there's no law against being an ahole. We're probably going to end up using a bus stop that's somewhere else.
  14. The one that is currently on my mind is dog owners who let their large dogs threaten people in public. We stand on the same corner waiting for the school bus every morning. There's one guy who drives out of his garage with his GSD in the back seat with the back windows rolled down. He drives right by us, passing probably about 15 ft away. The dog sticks its head and much of its body out the back window and snarls and barks very loudly at us each time. My wife took our daughter to the bus stop yesterday and it did this and really scared her. I make sure I have sufficient weapons to have a chance at least. No way we can let our daughter stand out there alone. I could understand him forgetting to put his windows up once, but at this point it seems like he gets his jollies out of scaring people with his dog.
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