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  1. I would need a shopping cart.
  2. Now you are just showing off.....:miff:
  3. But they are right on my phone and when I post them everywhere else they are fine. its just here that they are sideways. I notice that I am not the only one here with the issue. And I thank you for the link! :wavey:
  4. Either I don't understand or it doesn't work.
  5. I will try again......I don't see how to rotate it on my phone.
  6. You caused a #beerboner
  7. I have had Bourbon in my rotation for years but for some reason I have dropped it for the last four months. Maybe this will change with fall coming. If it does, I will have suggestions here to try.
  8. My drinks tonight will be for Craig and the life he led. If y'all were friends I will put money down that he was a great dude. To Craig!
  9. Can we add r3dot on a stripper pole?
  10. Are these ones you have, like, want, or what?
  11. I am constantly rotating beers but with this question I was asking about the pic. i accidentally drank on a weekday last week and got confused with the sideways pics so I gave up due to drinking half a beer and sniffing a scotch cork. This evening I was so sober TBO would have made fun of me and I still couldn't figure out how to post the pic properly. As for now, someone replaced my heathy water with alcohol as a prank so I can't try to figure it out.
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