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  1. Mark Felton Productions - Usually under 10 minutes videos highlighting little known military events, usually WWII. The History Guy: History deserves to be remembered - 15 - 30 minutes videos on all sorts of odd history, from military to the history of elevators. Forgotten Weapons - yep, Gun Jesus! Even my wife finds it interesting when he disassembles some odd gun from flintlocks to modern AK variants. The Chieftain - Nicholas Moran. Does detailed videos mostly on armor, mostly WWII era. Has a fantastic video out of a talk he did at a tank museum detailing why the Sherman tank was actually, arguably, the best tank in WWII. Link below. Joe Robinet - one of the "bushcrafter" guys. Does mostly solo camping trips with very limited supplies and equipment. Joe and Zach Survival - not sure why I find this interesting to watch, but I do. Guy has a tent / cabin in I think Minnesota out in the woods. Just videos of him working it, hunting, etc. His father's cabin that he shows sometimes is spectacular! And others. I start watching YouTube, go from video to video, and suddenly it is 1:30am.
  2. One of the guys at my club painted his PC9 to look like it has a wood stock... and he did a Really good job!
  3. It is pretty good. I like how they don't really have "shields" - just one hit from an enemy missile can destroy a spaceship. No "transporter" or "replicator" machines. As with all of these types of movies, the books are better.
  4. Oh, and two years ago I gave my 20 year old daughter (pretty much a SJW product of today's college environment) a lightweight Leatherman.... last year she commented to me how often she uses it!
  5. I used to religiously carry a full size Buck folder. Discovered the joys of a "multi-tool", now you will never find me without a Leatherman tool. Camping, hiking, hunting, grocery store, always. I am always amazed in the fire department how many don't carry knives... inevitably, when they need a knife (or pliers) for something, they turn to me. Part of the Boy Scouts (just "Scouts" now... ) was when the boy would get his BSA Swiss Army knife. It used to be a big deal... is it still?
  6. Gun Jesus! Forgotten Weapons is awesome.
  7. Tvov

    the lottery

    Since the minimum for Mega Millions and PowerBall is now $2, I put $4 - $8 a month into it - usually only, maybe, 2 tickets a month. I figure it helps get the wad of $1 bills out of my wallet, and what the heck. I know a couple lottery winners - Daughter I knew in one family won the Connecticut Lottery decades ago when it first started and it was $50,000 a year for 20 years. Dad and Mom immediately got divorced. Another blue collar guy I knew won $150,000... and "invested" it with "trusted" people to do some sort of import / export "business"... he lost all his money within 2 years - realistically, he lost it all the second he wrote a check to those "trusted" people. If I actually won a BIG lottery? One, I would QUIT MY JOB. I laugh at people who say they would keep working if they won $500 million... really? it probably would be a full time job just managing that much money. Take a chunk and put it in some sort of trust / saving / CD / account thing so in the future if I piss away money I wouldn't be totally broke. Buy a couple cars / trucks, remodel and increase the size of our house (with a GARAGE! I would LOVE to have a garage!). Figure out someway to give money to my sisters that wouldn't cause issues - I am not sure if that is possible. Would offer some money to my brother-in-law - with the stipulation that he NEVER ask us for money again, forever. Yea, he is the black sheep of the family. Actually, I am not sure what I would do with him, but help him out someway. My kids would get "trust funds", I don't even know how those work. It is fun to think (dream?) about.
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with The Expanse. I don't really think it is a great series... the lead actor, "Holden", is pretty much terrible (just my opinion). I thought that the "cop" in the first season wasn't very good either. A lot of the supporting actors are very good to great. I love the soldier guy on the Rocinate ("He's not that guy, but I am!" BAM! as he shoots the scientist), and the mercenary body guard for the secretary lady. But...... I've gotten totally sucked into the series. The main story line is pretty good - trying to figure out how dangerous the alien goop is. And all the seemingly dozens of parallel story lines are mostly great! I also like how they handle a lot of the "hard science" in the show - the space ships don't have shields, a simple hard projectile will seriously damage a ship. Using the plants for oxygen regeneration. Constantly running out of power and/or fuel. That is a big part (to me, at least) that makes the show good - a lot of the underlying details of the show are logical. So, I love and hate the series!
  9. Sunrise while spring turkey hunting, early May: And just 3 weeks later, same spot, sunrise:
  10. 4th of July concert on the green in my small town.
  11. No, I don't think there was any "Obama Derangement Syndrome".... at least like the Trump Derangement Syndrome that seems to exist now. People who didn't like Obama weren't going out in gangs wearing body armor, face masks, and carrying weapons in order to physically attack people that disagreed with them. People could, and did, walk around with Obama shirts, hats, car bumper stickers, etc and didn't get attacked. When "TDS" (Trump) was first being thrown around last year, I laughed along with others at the, what I thought, humor behind it. As time as gone on, though, I am beginning to think that it is truly an issue. An issue that comes with legitimate fear of danger to any who don't think and talk like TDS people. The sheer hypocrisy of the "alt-left" is breathtaking.
  12. Game of Thrones. We get it when the season(s) come out on DVD through Netflix. One thing with "binge watching" is sometimes the timeline doesn't work correctly. Watching shows one after another, when they supposed to be separated by weeks or months, sometimes can make things odd: "Wait, didn't she just join that group? How can she be fully trained already?? (referring to Arya and the faceless group as one example)". Not a big deal, but just have to keep it in mind. On the other hand... binge watching means you don't forget plot points! Sometimes the story makes much more sense.
  13. People usually have a minor heart attack when I show up with this. 1966 Winchester Centennial gold plated lever action carbine 30-30. Very cheap gold plating. It has rust spots / pitting all over it from decades of just sitting over the fireplace in a rack with it's sibling rifle version. I use it for deer hunting, and attached a permanent sling to it - octagonal barrel guns are Heavy in the woods! People can't believe the condition of my "Golden Boy"... and I have to explain it is NOT a Golden Boy but a mass produced not-so-special edition. A brand new rifle costs more than its value. It is a great shooter, though! Picture is at a friend's cabin in Vermont. Can't really see the rust pitting, and this was before I attached a sling.
  14. Interesting! Something I have to keep in mind. We boil or grill corn. One thing to try when grilling corn is brand new, clean, leather work gloves. The leather palm type with cloth back, usually pretty inexpensive. A friend of mine who grills corn at BBQs would always buy a new pair of leather work gloves to handle the corn, especially after it was cooked. He would take the corn off the grill and shuck it right away for everyone. The leather is great at removing the silk (if you don't use the method in the video). Seems odd at first, but the gloves are clean and work great. And afterwards for cleanup, you have a nice pair of work gloves!
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