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  1. I'm a huge Grant fan but this documentary is directed by Leo Declimatechange! I'm guessing some liberal slanting.
  2. Zonny, I'm sitting here with my guy, Mr. Riley Wilson, on my lap, thinking of you and what you are experiencing! Tears in my eyes, running down my cheeks, blubbering with emotions! My heart goes out for you in your grief! Often times when someone posts a thread such as yours, others try to offer condolences by relating some of their own experiences, rather than to offer any relief. Being retired, I've been blessed with the opportunity of sharing 10 glorious years with this Saint! He has carried me through the fires, fought along side of me and was there for me when no one else was! Always there to greet me at the door, tail wagging, standing on his hind legs, wanting nothing more than to be in my arms! He doesn't care that I'm a little over weight, hair thinning, stinking of sweat from working outside, covered with dirt, looking awful, he just wants to hug and wrestle with me. This soul has taught me many lessons, most importantly how to love and be loved. No matter the circumstance, he was there for me and we are one! The heartbreak of someday losing him, is one of the aspects of my life that I fear the most. My only greater concern that I have is that I should leave this life before him. The fact that you chose to share your OP with us speaks volumes about what a kind and wonderful individual you are! We all get it and are there, along side of you! No matter how much we prepare, we are never ready, when these souls look us in the eye and say, ....................... "it's time!" ................. and they do! I firmly believe that our pets, especially dogs have two purposes while sharing their lives with us. 1. That they are only here with us for a very short time and teach that we should love one another while we have the opportunity and to reflect on our own mortality. 2. To teach us "unconditional love!" "May I be half the person that my dog thinks I am!" Over the years, I've raised, loved, cared for, and said goodbye to many of our furry friends. It is never easy to say good bye and while I dread the inevitable reality of step 1 above, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything, for the opportunity to experience #2! I saw a meme recently that gave me incredible joy, that showed a picture of St. Peter at the gates of Heaven with a little dog that was ecstatically, jumping up and down with excitement, as a new soul was about to enter. The caption said: (ST. Peter, speaking to the newly arrived soul): ......................................."Oh, there you are!....................................... he's been talking about you non-stop for 50 years! Focus on that eternal reunion and pat yourself on the back for a job, well done! God will bless you! PS: I also saw recently another meme that had a new arrival at the Throne of God, with a dog sitting on it, saying to a new arrival, being perplexed at this vision of God,.................................. What else would you have expected?
  3. The DS and the dems, crashed the economy around GW in 07 and it seems they are doing the same thing as we speak. I don't know what to make of it now? Last I checked, the Dow down 850 among the fear and blaming Trump.
  4. Amen brother! My life in a nutshell! After 10 years of "higher" education, and 35 years of pursuing that elusive "success"(however or whom ever defines it), I was forced into early retirement due to failing health! So much for the "happiness" that comes with an education. What I did learn via my education is that regardless of your choice of the route, that life and success are not a guarantee with the piece of paper or a tattoo on your forehead! If making money and gathering things defines success, then one might say I was very successful. However: With a blood pressure peaking at 220/130, it became glaringly obvious that my " SUCCESS" was killing me! It forced me into early retirement as well as a later in life, divorce, adding to the stress. This required me to make some very important and critical decisions, primarily,................................. Change or Die! One of the biggest obstacles was "what to do with all of the time I now have, that I never had before?" I quickly found out that in the Obama economy, there was little need for an aging, conservative "White Guy!" Being adequately funded, I started to look around for an endeavor to fill up my newly found time. Short story, shortened, I stumbled onto/into wood working, more specifically, wood turning. I started studying and learning everything I could about turning, wood, turning tools, lathes, seasoning wood, sharpening tools, etc. and anything related. I had finally found something that I truly love! I spend many hours daily in pursuit of this "hobby!" I have been astounded at the joy that I receive, finding out what is embedded in a piece of firewood! Kind of like finding Donald Trump's face in a cloud! I probably invest 60 hours a week learning and turning! Currently, I'm not truly in a new business, as each piece that I make, becomes a huge part of my being, but if I wished, I could turn this into a career. My biggest problem is that I can't attach a price on a piece as I become a part of that piece and it a part of me. You couldn't imaging the number of people that want to buy my work and are willing to pay what ever I ask. However, it never seems like work, even though I have a stack of "TUITION" piled up next to my fire pit! (My wonderful father coined the phrase, for education/failures, "the tuition of life!") To me, I look at many of my works as "rescue" pieces that were saved from their contribution to the weekly BBQ and a creation that will last well beyond my days! What a reward!!! If I can figure out how to post pics here, I'll show you folks some. While I developed my eye/hand coordination through years of fine work in thousands of mouths, I managed to transform this God given "gift" into releasing angels from their cellulose entrapment! FWIW, on a bad day, my BP is 140/88! 20191112_220333.mp4
  5. As an adult, I've learned that swearing and name calling, for the most part, shows evidence of lack of substance and focuses on one's inability of getting their point across. Granted, there are times where the "F" word just works best, but by and large, makes the poster look amateurish and unable to defend their position. Being threatened to be banned for the occasional tirade, however, does not seem necessary. For the most part, I've played nice over there, but have grown tired of second guessing my every word! Pass the potatoes, please!
  6. PPQ, My profile page said Aug 9, 2017. I'm a big boy and can handle myself fairly well in a political discussion. Like you stated in a subsequent post, I too do not wish to "stink up the place!" Unlike the Muslims in the US, I wish to assimilate and I am 28 teeth looking for a home. (had the wise teeth removed years ago!) I also recognize most of you here from the other site as I signed up over here near the beginning. I've always respected Eric and Rabbi's points of view and moving over here seems to be the most logical action. If some individuals wish to troll, and not be equally held accountable by management, then in return, I would ask for a little latitude to call them out. In the name of "community spirit", I understand that there needs to be civility when sharing POV's, but being called out for not agreeing with the DU transplants, posting cut and paste rebuttals from the Washington Compost, NY Times,.....etc., not being allowed or facing banning, for using a "nickname" for the leftist politicians, seems trivial, controlling and quite childish. It wreaks of PC and an attempt to squelch conservative thinking and conversation to the point similar to a little child hiding behind his mother's apron, while flinging poo from behind her back! The meme above depicting poo on the sign is quite apropos. That being said, no one showed up and I ate most of the ice cream and cookies. I'll try to get out later and restock!
  7. Is he on I-Heart radio? I'd love to listen.
  8. .......................................................... is food all it takes to be in the club? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Probbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblem! How about Blue Bell Chocolate ice cream with oatmeal raisin cookies? I think there's some frozen cinnamon rolls too? But you gotta stay quiet, mamma's asleep!
  9. OK, good then,............................................. can I stay?
  10. The babied trolls, along with the administration at the "other" site have ruined that place. I find them very annoying and quite frankly, I'm tired of playing nice with the whole fiasco. We are coming up on an election in which the destiny of our nation is as stake and now is not the time to be defensive in our 1'st amendment rights! I can handle an opinion that differs from mine, but when I have to refrain from speaking my thoughts due to restrictive, one sided rules, and the children running to mommie, it's time to move on. I understand being civil, an adult and respectful, but when one has to second guess their every work, enough is enough. I find the invading trolls over there offensive with their talking points, failure to answer questions, and constant "cut and paste" regurgitation, unacceptable! How are the trolls being handled over here?
  11. I stuck it out as long as I could. There is no hope, there. The trolling gives me the runs, not to mention the PC! ....................................................... how's the lasagna, here?
  12. DULUTH: "He doesn't have a clue what is about to happen!" TBO: " Yeah, I know, .................................... I just wet myself!"
  13. I had an 8 plus and had nothing but trouble with the screen, too the point of going to battle with at&t. They sent me a 9plus and I couldn't be happier!
  14. Actually, there are many around here. I didn't mean to sound like i was judging! I live very near railroad tracks with a fair amount of undeveloped land around the tracks. There is a quite large Ferrell population of cats as well as many other snake seeking predators that keeps them at bay! I hate snakes! If it's between me or the snake, ....... i can always use an extra pair of boots! :-)
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