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  1. I shot UIT/ISSC handguns competitions pretty successfully for many years and have been a handgun coach in several private gun clubs and have been preparing newer and younger members for matches on state and national levels. One member of my old pistol club had made it to the olympic games and our club record was 299/300. I did okay with my Hammerli International in 208 configuration and a Gehmann tuned Walther GSP. When I see targets on the internet, where people easily shoot better groups - offhand at 25 yards, with a two inch barreled .22 WMR and that all day long - than I and my fellow competitors can achieve with our pure bred match pistols, I know what to think. When I go to any gun range, I barely ever see anyone shooting a handgun more accurately than me. I am practicing a lot to stay proficient and over 70% of my training is dry firing or just practicing a quick draw from concealment nowadays and I scaled back from the 3,500 rounds I used to shoot per month.
  2. When you look at the barrel right underneath the Colt, you can see that there is a conical device. The conversion barrel is inserted from the front, then the conical part that is fitted to the forcing cone is screwed on. Now the screw in front is tightened. It works pretty well and is more accurate than the Colt conversion which only works well with copper plated HV ammo. Loading and unloading the cartridges sucks, though.
  3. The way this is misrepresented, there would also be no right to self-defense, since one intentionally uses a gun for defense, not just accidentally. To charge her with murder means actually to give her a very, very big chance to be acquitted of the murder charge and not be charged under double jeopardy in criminal court. I think that she did wrong, without any doubt in my mind, but it wasn't murder. It was manslaughter since she acted in the belief that she was right. I have heard from several friends in Dallas, that they had been in front of the wrong apartment doors.
  4. Andyd


    Old Cop, have you checked the barrel if it is stainless? It might be one of the many M19s that had developed cracks on the forcing cone and when no more M19 barrels were available but M66 barrels were still found, many M19s were retrofitted with the stainless 66 barrels.
  5. Andyd


    Prices definitely went up. I paid in between $200 to 250 for my 19s ( the 3" fixed sight was free ) when everybody else was into wondernines.
  6. It has little to do with lube. Lugers depend a proper balance of main spring and magazine spring, this is why the mags were numbered to the gun. Also, the original 9 Para was loaded with less progressive powder and to a different power level. DWM manual from pre-WWI states it: 9mm bullet 8.0 Gr, V10 is 310m/sec = 124 grains @ 1020 fps (barrel length 102mm) 7,65 mm 6.00 Gr V10 is 350 m/sec = 93 grains @ 1150 fps (barrel length 120 mm) Further, the metallurgy was improved after 1935, so that the older Lugers have steel that is less strong but I prefer shooting even my Mauser made Lugers with reloads that are not very hot and that despite me having a complete pre-1945 small replacement parts set.
  7. Well, to be honest, I am cheap. I think I got the Nills used for about $35 a couple of years ago and paid $125 for the 22A about 18 years ago. It is in my blood to find good deals.
  8. If you buy German beer in Germany it is usually brewed in accordance to the old German purity law and tastes very different than the exported beers. There are a lot of chemicals added that alter the taste. In Germany a beer usually has a expiration period of six to seven months, the exported beers have an expiration date of over a year after production. Only Corona has more chemicals in it.
  9. Beer is beer but there is better and worse ...
  10. I have this old S&W 22A that I used to shoot a lot with my sons when they were growing up. Rimfire ammo was $6.97 for a 550 rd bulk pack and saw the increase to $7.97 while we put over 110,000 rounds through the gun. I had bought a used set of Nill grips for a 22A and recently installed them. It improves the gripping and handling but looks a little bit odd on this old beater.
  11. I had bought an Advantage Arms .22 conversion for a Glock 30 about twelve years ago that was less accurate than the gun in .45 ACP with my reloads and was 65% reliable at best. While all other reports about AA are positive, mine just wasn't great. Here is the 12 gauge to .22 rimfire conversion. It is an aluminium body with a steel barrel offset inside. I have the same conversion cartridge in 12g to .38 Special.
  12. A few years I bought a five inch barreled Korth in .32 S&W Long that was a nice addition to my Korth collection that has a six inch .32 S&W Long. The gun was bought over the internet and when it arrived, I took it to the range with my other .32 and some reloads with my hardcast bullets. The new addition did not group at 25 meters off hand, so I sat down and used a rest but the results did not improve. I shot the other Korth at 25 m offhand and it grouped okay. The smaller bullet holes in the center of the right target were shot with a .22 Korth to confirm, that I had not completely lost the touch ... I was very disappointed and took the gun home, cleaned it, took it apart and tried to figure out what it is. I slugged the chambers and the barrel, they were fine. Finally I looked closer at the forcing cone. The forcing cone was a farce! Obviously cut way too large. This is a 9mm bullet that fits into the oversized cone: .32 bullets in the cones Don't mind the colour of the bullet, I had no other colour at hand.
  13. Yes, it is all original but it wasn't carried and obviously not shot a lot but cared for very well. On S&W revolvers the wear on the ejector rod will let you guess how much it was shot.
  14. I also got another very collectible fixed sighted S&W M-19, the elusive 19-P, made in 1987 for the Peruvian police. I got one of those and the barrel was overtorqued and canted, accuracy was dismal, I got rid of it - and good riddance. S&W had its ups and downs. I also had a S&W 27-2 that threw the rounds of one chamber to a very different point of aim than the other five ones did. Pretty as a picture and a great collectible but just not good enough for a shooting gun. I also had one very rare Korth that did not meet my accuracy requirements. It ain't easy to be me, I guess.
  15. Merkel Melts Down You had me scared there! I ran to the safe to make sure it isn't so but just to make sure, I cranked the AC up.
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