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  1. norton

    Another new K frame

    Very nice. Love the K frames.
  2. Not a firearm per se, but a lead slinger none the less. The Brits and the Germans build some impressive pre charged air guns, good for hunting small game, target shooting or just plinking.
  3. norton

    4-Pistol Shootout.

    People who allow inexperienced shooters to fire big bore handguns are idiots. that video could have turned out very badly.
  4. norton

    4-Pistol Shootout.

    the only tiny autoloader I own is a Glock 43. Don't enjoy shooting it at the range, crappy trigger. It is small however.
  5. Thanks for posting. Rest In Peace Young American Aviators.
  6. norton

    4-Pistol Shootout.

    Nice. Looks like you guys are fortunate to own property in the woods. I really like the Ruger. I am a wheel gun guy at heart. Not crazy about tiny autoloaders. Great for carry, not for shooting so much. but of course they have their place.
  7. norton

    The new G34 Gen 5.1 FS gives me a tingle...

    Nice. Had a gen 3 Glock 35. Should have kept it. Most accurate -for me anyway-Glock I have ever shot/owned.
  8. norton

    Dramatic Pictures

    Adam 12 is on daily on one of my cable channels. Still enjoy it.
  9. Probably most have never had a real job, or paid real taxes. They are simply children in big bodies. Life will teach them their professors are as out of touch with reality as they were when young students.
  10. MeToo supporters want it both ways. They want to be perceived as strong and independent, not needing a man. They also want to be perceived as little girls, who need protection from anything they don't like or want. At the time. Or maybe two days later. Or maybe they wanted it at the time but 20 years later they think they didn't. What a screwed up world we live in.
  11. When my Lyman tumbler finally gave up the ghost after years of service, I went cheap and bought a tumbler at Harbor Freight. Don't bother. Get a decent one from any of the major reloading equipment companies. And welcome to the world of bullet packing.
  12. norton

    New K frame

    Very nice. I love Smith and Wesson K frames. I found this at my lgs this summer. Its a model 19. It looks to have been stored in a drawer.
  13. 30.06-M1 Garand and Model 1917-Great American military rifles, from a time when America still won wars. .223-Bushmaster AR and Howa 1500-Bought my Bushy back in the 90's. It has a fixed carry handle and 20" barrel. My Howa was purchased used. .17 Remington Center fire-Remington 700. I have been fascinated with the cartridge since the 1970's. The idea of super speed superlight projectiles. I finally purchased the Remington when I found one in my lgs-it was used, had very few rounds fired. Its fun to blow up plastic milk jugs fill of water at 200 yards with hollow points. I am not a hunter, but a range shooter. I shoot because I love to do it, not for any other reason. Been at it more then 50 years.