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  1. How about in the comments section the guy who says 41 was involved in the Kennedy assassination? Another loon who believes in the fantasy land of Camelot.
  2. norton

    Old Pictures

    When Ford still manufactured passenger cars.
  3. norton

    Another #MeToo - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    I didn't know who he was by the name, but recognize the image in the photo. He has been on at least two Big Bang Theory episodes. Probably likes to feel up the ladies and get away with what he can. Can't do that, even if you are a successful black man in show biz. Right Bill Cosby?
  4. Kate Hudson used to be super skinny. But the latest news is she just had her 3rd baby and is pushing 40. Oh well, even Hollywood Chicks can't stay hot forever.
  5. norton

    New pistol purchase × 2

    I have had no issues with factory ammo. I just don't shoot factory much.
  6. norton

    New pistol purchase × 2

    Its a great pistol. I have the non tactical version exactly like the one above w/o the threaded barrel and mount for optics. One thing about mine, it has a tight chamber. My reloads need to be exactly right on OAL. My Colt 1911 will eat .45 acp that the above will not chamber.
  7. norton

    New watch with navy blue face

    Nice looking watch Crockett. Are they expensive?
  8. norton

    Anyone have two dishwashers?

    Our home was built in 1960 sans dishwasher. Mrs N does not want one. We lived in an apartment in Indy for a couple of years, it had a dishwasher. We never used it. The only reason I can see for one is to hide the dirty dishes until they are washed. I would have one installed in a minute if she said yes.
  9. norton

    Now defunct retailers of your youth

    Sears. Its not dead yet, but on life support. Got my first "gun" at Sears, A Crosman .22 pellet rifle. With a real wood stock. C02 powered, I put down many a bird with it. My Dad was a hobby woodworker and purchased most of his tools from there. I still have a good selection of Craftsman power tools, all made in the 1950's and 1960's. Here is one, my Craftsman Jig Saw.
  10. norton

    40 million my ass

    The big mistake can be summed up in two words. Term Limits. Otherwise, the govt they envisioned was a brilliant concept.
  11. After gorging ourselves on Turkey and the trimmings, then washing a pile of dishes, my son, my nephew and great nephew took our annual trip to the gun range. My nephew was very excited about acquiring a new Remington 1911, and we gave it a work out. We also shot my Beretta 92fs, my FNH .45 and 1911 RIA 9mm. Paper targets, plate rack, plastic jugs full of water. It was cold-about 40 degrees-but sunny. My great nephew has never shot a firearm. He was in JROTC and shot a pellet gun. My son has been an off and on shooter when he comes home. My nephew only shoots once a year. With me. Got home, showed my nephew how to disassemble, clean, then re assemble the Remington. They were clowning around during cleanup at the range, and put the targets on. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.