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  1. Don't let the man get you down. Looking forward to your return. And yes I too load on those cold winter days. When I'm not running the snow blower.
  2. Hi Clip. did you get the ban hammer at the other site? Anyway I have a mix of powders, but I do like Unique. I just loaded several hundred rounds of 9mm with it. I have been trying different powders including IMR Green, Blue and Red. I also have a few pounds of 296 for my magnum stuff. I like 2400, but have not been able to find it.
  3. You know she wanted Che. He probably turned her down.
  4. I go by the professionals I see at my Church. We have a Dentist, a Vet, an attorney, a college biology professor. In other words people who are smarter then me. Dentist-usually wears one Vet-never Attorney-always-has health issues Prof-young, healthy, always wears a mask. Of course he believes in man made global warming too. So what is the conclusion? danged it I know. If the Mrs. wears one, I do too. End of story.
  5. norton

    Old Pictures

    We have an issue with the auction. We just don't get enough people to attend to drive prices up. There is an affiliated Church in another state that runs an auction for the same charity, I understand they get much higher prices on everything then we do. I generally build something every year, this year its a glass top coffee table.
  6. norton

    Old Pictures

    Beautiful. I have a real appreciation for the work and artistry that goes into a piece like that.
  7. norton

    Old Pictures

    Mrs N and other ladies from our church produce a quilt every year for the charity fund raiser. It's usually the premier item in the auction. Last years brought $600. Incredible amount of handwork goes into these.
  8. I worked at a Standard Oil Station one summer during college pumping gas. It was a fun job talking to people coming and going. I was dating a cute little gal-she is now my wife-she and her family would roll into the station after Church to buy gas. I was no mechanic, but we were expected to be able to replace radiator hoses-overheating cars were a common occurrence from busted hoses-change tires etc. The full service Gas station is a relic of the past.
  9. norton

    .22 shorts

    Posted this on the- ahem-other site. I had not shot any .22 shorts in quite a few years. I was in a local sporting goods store and ran across a couple of boxes of 100 CCI CB shorts. Shot 100 of them from my Colt Trooper with an 8" barrel. Shooting at 100 feet I could see them going down range. Almost like shooting tracer rounds. At first I was concerned about this but it went off without a hitch. Bouncing tin cans around was a blast. Couple of days later I stopped at the same store and bought the last 4 boxes they had left.
  10. Kathy would be thrilled if she could get back on the show. Even with Kelly Ripa. Or that guy from American Idol. btw, Regis's wife was a looker in the day.
  11. It was probably that time of the month. Or maybe the chow hall was shut down. Local McDonalds out of Chicken McNuggets. Got passed over for promotion by a MAN. Or maybe just realized that Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.
  12. Remember "buck" night at the local Drive in Theater. All the people in the car you could get for $1. Took the future Mrs N there on our first date. That one was torn down years ago. We still have one in Wabash In. At least I think it still exists. There was an article in our local paper about Drive In's today. Says they are making a comeback.
  13. Drick902 You voted for Hillary, didn't you? And the Kenyan?
  14. The Dali should have said. If you want to be treated with respect Stop committing felonies. Co operate with the police if you are detained/arrested. And Dali, I suggest you worry more about the caste system in India and mind your own business. We don't need your opinions here in the U.S.
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