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  1. The NRA is hated by people like Nancy P and Chuckie S. For that reason alone, it gets my money every year. Biased new gun reporting or not.
  2. norton

    Would you ever buy a display case handgun?

    The lgs were I buy most of my guns is small enough that you always get the display model. Lately I have been buying used Smith and Wessons. Of course then you get the display model.
  3. norton

    A Rare S&W M19-3 with Fixed Sights

    You know the reason the S/W's built today don't match those from yesteryear. Its because the cost would be prohibitive. They couldn't sell enough of them to make profit, so they had to cut some corners to keep the pistols in the black. Personally I am grateful to S/W that they still build revolvers, and a good selection. Colt fell by the wayside long ago. I own Rugers too. I don't consider them to be better then the current crop of S/W revolvers. I purchased this model 19 last summer.
  4. norton

    Angry because they had to see coed boobies.

    Ok. That makes sense
  5. norton

    Angry because they had to see coed boobies.

    I couldn't get the attached to load, so here is my question. How can College Students afford $4000 a month apartments?
  6. norton

    Will we all die of the weather?

    Watched some of the coverage of the Rolex 24 hour race at Daytona. Looked like a monsoon. Going to that event is on my bucket list, but glad I didn't go this year.
  7. norton

    The Winter Storm Coming Your Way?

    Our "storm" turned out to be pretty much a dud. The power did go off last night but was restored within 1/2 hour. It was cold but sunny today. Wife and I were on our way to church this morning, I was surprised how many churches we passed that obviously cancelled services. Will get below zero tonight. For those who got snow hammered, time to fire up the snowblowers.
  8. norton

    The Winter Storm Coming Your Way?

    Not much here in north east Indiana so far. Supposed to get several inches of snow, then wind. Later bitter cold. Hey its January. If you listen to the local TV stations you would think any time its going to snow Armageddon will follow.
  9. norton

    Old Pictures

    I watched a YT video on this plane yesterday. I didn't know this even existed. WW2 bird. A-20 Havoc
  10. I have 3 presses. My Dillon 550 with casefeeder is used for most of my pistol calibers. .38 Special, 9mm, .45acp, .45 Colt. I have a Loadmaster for .44 mag/special. Also a Rock Chucker for my rifle rounds. .17 Remington, .223, 30.06 and 7.65x54R. I prefer to weigh each charge on rifle rounds. I also use the rock chucker to deprime and resize. And to resize any of the bullets I cast that need it. I bought (it was a Christmas Gift) the Loadmaster just to see if I could get it to work. It does, but requires fiddling. I would not be happy with it as my only press.
  11. norton

    Offenhauser Racing Engines

    Miss the days when men were men and the Indy 500 was dominated by roadsters.
  12. norton

    Old Pictures

    You never asked to wash the windshield. You just did it.