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  1. This guy wanted and then bought a tiger. Of course he ended up dead. But not by the Tigers claw. "Say hello to my leetle friend".
  2. Too many modern day Americans don't really understand where food comes from. They think that all animals are potential pets, while they buy and consume packaged chicken, steaks and hamburger. You see them oohing and ahhing over tigers in the zoo, letting their children stand next to the animals with plate glass separating them. Little Johnny and Jennie think the tigers are cute and cuddly. Mom and Dad don't explain that if that cute cuddly tiger had a chance, he would kill and devour them. My grandfather was a dairy farmer. He did not consider farm animals pets. They are commodities. He was not cruel to his milk cows, but neither did he treat them like Peta thinks they should be treated. My goodness, people who see these video's and burst out in tears are numb nuts. If they want to see real cruelty, I suggest a trip to the custom meat packers.
  3. Man do we go through this ever year. We are not returning to the Halcyon days of the past. The cars mentioned above were incredibly dangerous to drive. Indy car has changed for the same reason Nascar "stock" cars have changed. Cost and safety. I remember years in the past where at least one driver at Indy during the month of May would either die or sustain life time crippling injuries. Advancement in safety and technology-which includes "spec" cars-has improved safety to an enormous extent. Yes, I too miss the days of the front engine roadster, but those cars disappeared from Indy in the mid 1960's. As it is, they can barely get enough cars to fill the field with the lower cost "spec" cars. Gone are the days when 60 or so entries for the 500 would be willowed down to the 33 that start. There were times in the past few years where it was not clear if they could even find 33 cars to enter the race. The past is past. Get over it.
  4. Somebody post the picture of the wood chipper. He deserves it.
  5. Northeastern Indiana. Rain, rain, more rain. Cold too. I have been able to mow. In addition to my yard, we own a small city lot and I also mow the large church lot. Yesterday I was running the riding tractor through some puddles in the church lot but got it done. Mrs. N and I did see a couple of farm fields near home that have planted field tomatoes. Otherwise its a bad year to be a farmer. We had lots of rain last year too, especially in late summer where it is normally dry here. Mrs N has managed to plant a few tomatoes, and worked around her small plot of black berries and asparagus.
  6. I'm all for removing the worthless shreds of human debris from society. It would make for a much better world.
  7. We're going to need more cemetery's!
  8. norton

    Old Pictures

    Since qualifying for the 2019 Indy 500 was complete today, here is the first winner of the 500.
  9. norton

    Old Pictures

    Sore losers. If either the Japanese or the Germans had beaten us to the Atomic Bomb of course they would have dropped it on us.
  10. norton

    Old Pictures

    Come out Virginia, don't make me wait You Catholic girls start much too late Sooner or late it comes down to fate I might as well be the one Only the good die young.
  11. I have one of these. I have not tried to CC it-my State also allows OC-But I have confidence it my ability to hit what I aim at with this revolver. Its very lightweight-would probably need to try to find thinner grips. Of course it uses moon clips, making for faster reloading.
  12. norton

    Old Pictures

    Special Op's soldiers of the British and Indian Army, operating in the Burma Theatre. Chindits.
  13. Lets face it. Open carry is generally a bad idea, especially in this day and age. My own State has legal open carry, but I only CC. You are just asking for trouble if you practice OC.
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