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  1. davethehiker

    I finally found a reasonably comfortable CC for my G29

    Luck or thoughtful? My problem was that I only considered in-side-the-waistband for a long time, because I wanted it to be concealed. After talking to some people who carry a weapon for a living (Cops and bodyguards), I decided to try an outside the waist band that can also serve for concealed carry. It's a new holster that just arrived yesterday. So far I like it a lot because it's comfortable and holds the weapon securely and concealed. I need to wear it a lot more before I'm ready to recommend it.
  2. davethehiker

    I finally found a reasonably comfortable CC for my G29

    I already have many holsters. This is my first outside the waist band holster. And another thing, government shut down my tail feathers! I have had enough of this snow. I don't care what the TSA says; I'm heading South even if I have to walk.
  3. I finally found a reasonably comfortable CC for my G29. I had a custom holster made. I can securely carry 16 rounds. I can cover it with my shirt tails or my jacket. I never found an inside the waist band holster that was both secure and comfortable.
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    Chipmunk out my window.
  5. davethehiker

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Thanks for the welcome.
  6. davethehiker

    Dramatic Pictures

    Then and now:
  7. davethehiker

    Dramatic Pictures

    Out my window.
  8. davethehiker

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Glocktalk decided to end my block. I have no idea why they decided to block me in the first place or why I'm now allowed on. In the meantime I have grown familiar with how this sight works. I'll visit both if I'm able to do so.
  9. davethehiker

    The toilet industry is screwing me.

    A very dated bathroom in my house.
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    What do the goats eat, ice?
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  12. davethehiker

    Pistol Range

  13. davethehiker

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    My IP address has been banned on Glocktalk. I have no idea why?! I'm moving here to "theboresite." I'll miss my friends that I made at GT. I hope we find each other here. My son recently built me a great home firing range in the woods next next to my house. I'm very proud of it and have been doing a lot of shooting in it. I ran an extension cord down to it and discovered that when I turn on the electric fans and light the citronella candle, I have no problems with bugs. I also put a big bug zapper by the small stream where the mosquitoes breed. It's a great place to be, even in the rain! It's ten yards from the shoot shack to the hanging gongs. If you remember me from GT please say "Hi."
  14. davethehiker

    Where do you shoot?

    At a makeshift range into a hill in the woods behind my home. This labor day a deck with railings and roof will replace what I'm using now.
  15. davethehiker

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Okay, I'm a fairly new guy new guy to Glocktalk but have been active. I'll give this sight a try and see If I develop a preference.