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  1. #4 Buck..From Shotgun World . No Pictures but just read the text on the gell tests. https://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=109958
  2. How can they evaluate IQs in countries that don't give IQ tests? Is the original chart just BS.
  3. We have the same deal at our house. Except only one seater per BR. Kids who have siblings may not find this a big deal, except the total floor to ceiling walls in the stalls might cause some anxiety in the slightly claustrophobic kids. Look for breaking news stories about kids getting locked in and having to be rescued by the custodians.
  4. He was not predicting he future he was describing the dichotomy that already existed then. In 1965 I was a former GI trying to get through Jr College.
  5. What they do is more important than what they say they believe. If ones beliefs can't stand up to some competition maybe they are false?
  6. Could not read the article. But does she not have the right to choose her own company?
  7. There are enough NDs in the news to justify the perceived need. They have an easy requirement to satisfy in today's market. The buyers' opinion counts for something.
  8. Conservatives are a minority to begin with. Another conservative party will split conservative votes and give the democrats full control again. Remember Ross Perot's handiwork (I think it was making Bill Clinton the POTUS. ). Someone correct me if I have things mixed up.
  9. I worked for a while in an Emergency Room. Seeing young men with fingers missing, hands screwed up or with problems seeing adjusted my attitude towards fireworks. When our boy was young we did maybe a few sparklers and some small noise makers. We now see the stuff at a safe distance that the pros shoot off.
  10. We gotta forgive and forget. Many of our peers shared her attitude toward American involvement that war and avoided support or participation; she happened to be stupider than most. Mr Trump avoided the military service , that you and I did not, even though they had reduced the standards for induction. These days I try to look forward, not backward; but I fail frequently.
  11. I guess the things that I get annoyed at are the "experienced" GT posters who think questions asked by a Glock newbie are an opportunity to post junk or ridicule instead of simply providing a straight answer. When I was younger 38 Special was not the only 38 caliber ammo available at the local hardware store. So we asked questions and got the right 38 ammo instead of blowing up the gun with high powered 38 special ammo. Simple stuff? Yes, but the correct answer made a real difference.
  12. ERIC, You have now warned everybody. In the future you are free to quietly delete those posts, without another electronic apology or explanation. Keep the community standards high and we will learn and comply. I admit that I did not agree with the reason one of my posts was deleted by their new guy, but I cooled down after 2 or 3 weeks.
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