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  1. Ghost RiderXB9R

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    glock 29.jpg

  3. Ghost RiderXB9R

    New backyard range

    Magnum Targets for the smaller ones. United Specialty Alloys made the 8"
  4. Ghost RiderXB9R

    New backyard range

    New backyard range that I built this summer. 60 yards from my deck and can be extended to 100 off a portable bench. I made it to stop my 50bmg. This is a parody video on the making of it based on the Apocalypse now Helicopter/ Surf/ Napalm scenes. The characters are friends from my online hangouts. Berto and willie pete made the cut! Some people that watched the video laugh most of the time. Others have a blank look on their face and walk away slowly when it's over.
  5. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Ordered a new lower...

    Nice lower at a great price! I think there are several types of .308 lower designs out there (Armalite/ DPMS?) that have slightly different parts. I don't know if that is the same for uppers so, check to make sure it's compatible if it's not a PSA.
  6. Ghost RiderXB9R

    WWI Small Arms History Series on C&Rsenal

    My YouTube friend Toad showing off the accuracy of a WW1 rifle.
  7. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Dramatic Pictures

  8. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Motorcycle Thread

  9. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Motorcycle Thread

  10. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Motorcycle Thread

  11. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Replacement Glock Sights

    I have Ameriglo Spartan sights (orange/ green) on my glock 35. I hate them. The notch is way too wide and shows too much daylight around the front sight.
  12. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Favorite outdoor gear?

    Nice stuff Q.
  13. Ghost RiderXB9R

    LCP How many of "US" carry this as an EDC

    I usually carry a LCP during t-shirt weather with a Fobus paddle or pocket holster. A G29 is in the center console if I need a little more firepower.
  14. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Dramatic Pictures

  15. Ghost RiderXB9R

    Chuck Norris memes