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  1. A little backyard fun with my .50 cal
  2. Magnum Targets for the smaller ones. United Specialty Alloys made the 8"
  3. New backyard range that I built this summer. 60 yards from my deck and can be extended to 100 off a portable bench. I made it to stop my 50bmg. This is a parody video on the making of it based on the Apocalypse now Helicopter/ Surf/ Napalm scenes. The characters are friends from my online hangouts. Berto and willie pete made the cut! Some people that watched the video laugh most of the time. Others have a blank look on their face and walk away slowly when it's over.
  4. Nice lower at a great price! I think there are several types of .308 lower designs out there (Armalite/ DPMS?) that have slightly different parts. I don't know if that is the same for uppers so, check to make sure it's compatible if it's not a PSA.
  5. My YouTube friend Toad showing off the accuracy of a WW1 rifle.
  6. I have Ameriglo Spartan sights (orange/ green) on my glock 35. I hate them. The notch is way too wide and shows too much daylight around the front sight.
  7. I usually carry a LCP during t-shirt weather with a Fobus paddle or pocket holster. A G29 is in the center console if I need a little more firepower.
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