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  1. You never had a point. That’s the funny thing. Thread title is dead on the money...🤣 A double-blind study, by definition, is one in which neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment/test/drug being tested. I can’t imagine anyone being brain-dead enough to not realize they’re wearing a mask, but then I read your posts, and suddenly anything is possible. Sigman nailed it: you were either being intentionally disingenuous- as seems to be your style- or you were just pretending to know what you’re talking about, so you threw that term in there because you thought it sounded “science-y”. Which is it?
  2. Uh, they’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for months. Where were you, bolstering your normalcy bias by posting on Facebook how it’s all a liberal hoax?
  3. I don’t know how you people do it. I wish I had the misplaced cockiness and smug self-assurance to be able to post such unbelievably demonstrably false BS with a straight face. As far as medical disinformation goes, this is right up there with “you can get AIDS from a toilet seat.” I’m sure tad is very relieved to hear how weak this virus is that’s causing him to urinate blood... oh wait, he’s probably in a medically induced coma right now, so likely not reading anything... I can’t believe I have to explain this to someone who allegedly works at a hospital, but it’s entirely possible to test positive without showing any symptoms. There’s even a handy term for it: asymptomatic! Asymptomatic =/= “weak”, it just means you aren’t showing symptoms YET. The virus hasn’t yet decided to stretch its’ legs, so to speak, and you absolutely can spread it to others, despite the lack thereof. People like you are why this virus is STILL HERE. People like you get your “information” from celebrity internists and Trump’s 280-characters-at-a-time piles of complete crap instead of real scientists and epidemiologists. People like you screamed TRYANNY and MAH FREEDUMB over being asked to take even the most basic precautions in the face of a global pandemic. People like you literally took to the streets at sling-arms because you couldn’t go bowling and the barber was closed, and people like you are causing the REAL healthcare workers- like tadbart- to go to the ICU. Thanks. Tadbart, I really hope you’ll be able to read this soon....
  4. He's got tenacity, I'll give him that. The type of hard-core tenacity that can only be forged under the most extreme situations; e.g. BORTAC'ing it up in the badlands taking Mexican AK rounds in the back because his female coworkers were too busy talking about how much D they got the previous night...
  5. I think moving is a good idea. Best not to tangle with municipal people who are apparently immune to the vaunted Glare of Death™. 😳
  6. Rizzo


    “Consensual conversations: the memoirs of a gunboard BS artist”. This I gotta see. Will there be a chapter about getting the cops called on yourself for talking about shooting up a school?
  7. Rizzo


    Looks like a fun time! Did you know those other people, or were they a separate party?
  8. Dunno, found it on the internet while researching stolen valor. Made me think of what’s-his-name up there.
  9. And he said “don’t want to see what is obvious”, too. You can’t make some of this nonsense up. 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Fantasizing about shooting up a school. That’s awesome, dude. Screen-shotted. Eric, I can’t believe I have to explain this to someone who ran a gunboard for 18 years or however long, but I feel like someone needs to sit down with you and have the teenage-dating talk about good attention vs bad attention. As it applies here, there is good traffic that keeps forums afloat with lively, interesting discussion, and there’s bad traffic that brings them down, e.g. obviously delusional nutcases like this guy who openly fantasizes about sniping people he doesn’t like, making up outlandish Chuck Norris meets Billy Badass Border Patrol stories that a fifth-grader could see through, looking for Jewish persecution everywhere he goes, and now was “2 seconds” from shooting up a school. I mean, if this is the type of “Valued Member” you want around here, that’s all you, but you know what happens to a bushel of otherwise good apples if a bad one is left to fester too long...
  11. What “style”, exactly? Livestreaming your delusional Walter Mitty fantasies of Billy Border-Patrol Badass meets The Punisher for anyone bored enough to listen?
  12. Rizzo

    E-Bay Rant

    $3.50 shipping?? Forget that noise. 🙄 And I was so ready to hit up the local synagogue on uniform day, too. 😒
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