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  1. DAKA

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    She is that nasty stain that just won't wash out...
  2. Hmmm, Travel to Kenya...I think not...and from what I read.....(then again ..news) travel to Paris, London etc. aint' so great anymore... I'm seeing really cheap fares to Paris...
  3. DAKA

    Ok, I know what I want for Christmas.

    Gotta' check "Bored" more often, this the first I am seeing about "The Wall" Leggos
  4. Take a look at Dare to Bare..it's a click on to the right of the wolf story...
  5. DAKA

    Bygone Slang

    Bob's your uncle...Brit expression
  6. UGH, But there are fools who will pay .. what a joke...
  7. DAKA


    "I don't get it" What does liking ABBA, or DISCO music, or even CLASSICAL MUSIC, have to do with being A MAN.....get a grip...(It's rap music that makes you less of a man (person) what crap.
  8. DAKA

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    OMG....in HIGH SCHOOL...I think I remember a few incidents in HS that I wouldn't want investigated.....(don't we all) Get a grip....enough of the B/S mudslinging already
  9. DAKA

    what the hell is sure post ???

    How about UPS leaving a 1000 round box of 9 mm (MARKED FEDERAL AMMUNITION) at my front gate..??
  10. DAKA

    Vintage Stereo Speakers

    I have a pair of PROAC's somewhere in my storage....this made me remember..I think they are "bookshelf" size. IIRC they were in the $1200 range..... Since we only listen to Sirius and the TV music I have not thought about that stuff...probably have about 800 c/d's and still some LP's somewhere.... Unfortunately, no amp, or turntable.....sold off a Dyna 70 (?) years ago...probably a big mistake....
  11. DAKA

    how do you sleep ?

    sleep...who sleeps?
  12. DAKA

    Passive Aggressive Parking..

    Used to be that cars had REAL BUMPERS...
  13. DAKA

    Last time you ate one of these

    Fry it with a little garlic
  14. DAKA

    Had a local car show yesterday.....