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  1. UGH, But there are fools who will pay .. what a joke...
  2. DAKA


    "I don't get it" What does liking ABBA, or DISCO music, or even CLASSICAL MUSIC, have to do with being A MAN.....get a grip...(It's rap music that makes you less of a man (person) what crap.
  3. DAKA

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    OMG....in HIGH SCHOOL...I think I remember a few incidents in HS that I wouldn't want investigated.....(don't we all) Get a grip....enough of the B/S mudslinging already
  4. DAKA

    what the hell is sure post ???

    How about UPS leaving a 1000 round box of 9 mm (MARKED FEDERAL AMMUNITION) at my front gate..??
  5. DAKA

    Vintage Stereo Speakers

    I have a pair of PROAC's somewhere in my storage....this made me remember..I think they are "bookshelf" size. IIRC they were in the $1200 range..... Since we only listen to Sirius and the TV music I have not thought about that stuff...probably have about 800 c/d's and still some LP's somewhere.... Unfortunately, no amp, or turntable.....sold off a Dyna 70 (?) years ago...probably a big mistake....
  6. DAKA

    how do you sleep ?

    sleep...who sleeps?
  7. DAKA

    Passive Aggressive Parking..

    Used to be that cars had REAL BUMPERS...
  8. DAKA

    Last time you ate one of these

    Fry it with a little garlic
  9. DAKA

    Had a local car show yesterday.....

  10. DAKA

    The Lunch Counter thread

    Growing up in Brooklyn NY in the 50's there was a luncheonette on Flatbush and Newkirk avenue call Karps.....Old German gentleman, made his own Ice Cream, got chopmeat from the local butcher shop..... There were diners in Brooklyn and on Long Island and in NJ...real diners where everything was "home" made (in the diner) No Mc D's, kids these days don't have a clue how great it was to grow up in the 50's - 60's
  11. One of the best shows ever.....
  12. DAKA

    Sounds like a crappy job

    IIRC One time when we were in Paris (Thats France) I saw a "vehicle" that was used on the sidewalk to "clean up....poop?
  13. After witing 5 months for my Sig P 365 I find that it does not "fit" my hand ! Build date is May 2018...I have it 6 weeks. And, I am so used to carrying my Kahr CW 9 now that the very short trigger pull on the Sig I find un-nerving with a round in the chamber. Nice that it holds 10+1 and shoots 100% (no problems in the 50 rounds I fired) BUT....sorry... So $550, FTF Must have FL Drivers License and CWP NO TRADES Daniel