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  1. Thanks for reminding "us" about Columbo...
  2. Really, Just dump all the ingredients in...set for 6-7 hours..and presto...a cooked meal when you come home....and the aroma when you open the door ......
  3. Gotta tell ya' We've been to beaches in Europe where topless was no big deal....I personally wished that most of those women kept their tops on...
  4. DAKA

    Random Posting

    THAT is a crime....
  5. HEY The deer were here first!
  6. WOW...all "you guys" got guns...I am going to buy myself a present....RYOBO P 731...Air Inflator to keep in the car...
  7. I have "taped over" the lens on every device I use....not that I don't trust Goooogle, but I don't trust Goooogle... And, I wish that there was a way to "disable" an I phone....(I liked being able to remove the battery from my Flip phone.)
  8. She is that nasty stain that just won't wash out...
  9. Hmmm, Travel to Kenya...I think not...and from what I read.....(then again ..news) travel to Paris, London etc. aint' so great anymore... I'm seeing really cheap fares to Paris...
  10. Gotta' check "Bored" more often, this the first I am seeing about "The Wall" Leggos
  11. Take a look at Dare to Bare..it's a click on to the right of the wolf story...
  12. DAKA

    Bygone Slang

    Bob's your uncle...Brit expression
  13. UGH, But there are fools who will pay .. what a joke...
  14. DAKA


    "I don't get it" What does liking ABBA, or DISCO music, or even CLASSICAL MUSIC, have to do with being A MAN.....get a grip...(It's rap music that makes you less of a man (person) what crap.
  15. OMG....in HIGH SCHOOL...I think I remember a few incidents in HS that I wouldn't want investigated.....(don't we all) Get a grip....enough of the B/S mudslinging already
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