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  1. If that turret turns...I WANT ONE
  2. It's a "project" alright...Whoever did the one above should have removed the "center" and made new "drawers" too much space wasted, also use full extension slides....
  3. NOPE Not sitting around on the computer, busy doing my art work, making improvements around the house, (all kitchen cabinets are getting "pullout drawers") Rigging outside lighting, building some low retaining walls, WOW so busy, also finding recipes and shopping for the ingredients, taking care of our 2 fur balls, range now and then .......... 32 years of being retired, I have perfected the art..... Not liking outside..to peopeley , don't really want to see or talk to anyone other than MrsDaka or my boys
  4. Blower Bentley? (later model than Steed had)
  5. Living in S FL for many years, was a sailor (small to 36 foot) for many years (up North) ...somehow sitting on a beach baking your skin under the blazing sun...then visiting the dermatologist makes absolutely no sense to me.... Seeing these OLD GUYS (I'm one) riding in their $$ convertibles bald, hatless is another dumb(?) idea....am I wrong? When we do go for a "Sunday TOP DOWN Drive" Hats and sun block are used HEAVILY.
  6. Well.If they are kept off shore long enough...
  7. 4 D cell MAGLITE...... AWESOME "legal" WEAPON
  8. Miracle Whip on a HOT DOG or BURGER sorry eeeccchhh ...... GREY POUPON goes on those But ....You pays yo' money and makes yo' choice tis a FREE COUNTRY (Used to be anyway)
  9. DAKA


    Yeah...hadn't thought about SERVICE MERCHANDISE in a long time
  10. Topsiders ...SPERRY GOLD CUP... (NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I WEAR ...SHOWER "SHOES" OR SANDALS NOT EVER) I can't remember the last time I wore actual shoes...still have a bunch of em....
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