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  1. "And apparently, You Tube sensors videos of elder abuse in nursing homes. At least 10 copies have been deleted." I don't know about youtube, but I watched it on Fox this morning. It's in this article... www.foxnews.com/us/michigan-care-home-patient-75-brutally-beaten-in-attack-caught-on-video-trump-reacts "...who authorities said was a 20-year-old patient of the same facility..."
  2. "Do any of you folks with the box by the road still have an RFD address?" Off the subject, but my aunt and uncle live 10 miles or so south of Charlottesville. They'd been in the house about 40 years and started having a little trouble with their landline. The repair guy got it fixed out at the junction box (or whatever it's called) and came up to the house to ask them a question. "Do you know you've been on a party line all these years?" They didn't. They'd been paying the reduced party line rate for decades, but someone years ago had simply capped it off and made their line private The guy didn't change it or tell the company to up their bill. Who knows what a party line is?
  3. 1963 Marlin Golden 39-A Mountie. Dang, what's that, 57 years? I had a Savage 24 .22mag/.410 and a Fox Model B 12 ga before the Mountie, but they were sold/traded long ago. Fwiw, second place goes to a Ruger Single-Six Convertible I bought in 1972.
  4. "The overall burden of influenza for the 2014-2015 season... 51,000 flu-associated deaths " US deaths by coronavirus in the past 2 months or so = 54,161. 12 months vs 2 months. I wonder how high the total would be at this point without the shutdowns and social distancing, etc. 50% more? Double? Triple? We may get a good idea about that with a few states removing restrictions.
  5. johnbt

    Old Pictures

    To drive from Hatteras Village to Ocracoke Island required taking another private ferry to cross Hatteras Inlet. "photo of the mail truck disembarking from Frazier Peele’s private Hatteras Inlet ferry about 1953:" www.villagecraftsmen.com/hatteras-inlet-ferries/ "Capt. Frazier Peele of Hatteras has established an automobile ferry which crosses to Ocracoke Island on regular schedule about three times a day, and which goes at other times on call for an additional fee. The normal fee is $5 per car; the special trips cost $7. He has built a good new boat for this work, but soon it will be outgrown. The venture of Captain Peele has demonstrated its need. In this day and time the cost of a round trip to Ocracoke Island is exorbitant, when we consider that in addition to ferry fare, the motorist must travel some 16 miles of bare sands whereby the skimpy mileage made on a gallon of gas subjects him to paying three times the normal gas tax, plus much additional wear and tear on his car. “The State can now come to the rescue of Ocracoke Island people at little expense by contracting with Capt. Peele and operating this ferry free of cost to the traveler..."
  6. johnbt

    Old Pictures

    Speaking of Sambo and his son Omie Tillet, and his brother Toby who fished and ran the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Toby had another job... Before the recently replaced Bonner Bridge crossed Oregon Inlet in 1963 to reach Hatteras Island, there was Toby Tillet's ferry from 1924 until 1956. He died in '58. He began by towing a barge behind his fishing boat. Then he built a ferry. "Toby Tillett's ferry, with Tillett standing on the right near the pilot house.(Photo courtesy of Margaret Tillett Daniels)" https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:VY08xXSm9f8J:https://www.pilotonline.com/history/article_20630230-20bc-11e9-9d9a-e382f9aa5132.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us "The paved road to the ferry ended in Nags Head, and people followed tracks in the sand [10 miles] down to the inlet. Tillett ran the ferry to the shore and let down a wooden ramp. In some ways, it was harder to load the ferry than to navigate the 30-minute trip to the other side, Daniels said. One of Tillett's most frequent customers was the bus from Manteo to Hatteras Village [63 miles]. Run by Stockton and Anderson Midgett, the bus carried passengers and mail to the island, said Stockton's son, Theodore Stockton Midgett Jr. The brothers let the air out of the tires and followed the harder sand near the breakers. "He was 13 years old when he started driving the bus," Midgett said of his father. "He sat on a Sears Roebuck catalog to see over the steering wheel." Fwiw, the shorter old Bonner bridge and the new one. Maybe you've seen them on Wicked Tuna.
  7. I think it's going to be the stupid who inherit the Earth. There are obviously a whole lot of stupid people. www.healthline.com/health-news/how-deadly-is-the-coronavirus-compared-to-past-outbreaks#20022004-severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome-(SARS) "Here’s How COVID-19 Compares to Past Outbreaks" Here's a start. In the 2002 SARS episode... "Global cases: 8,098 casesTrusted Source across 29 countries; 8 U.S. cases Global deaths: 774; 15 percent mortality rate; no U.S. deaths" I wonder why the US media barely covered it. Maybe the ZERO deaths here?
  8. "New York had 4,749 deaths as a result of influenza and pneumonia in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control (statistics for 2019 were not available). The New York City Department of Health said that roughly 2,000 of those deaths happen within the five boroughs every year. If divided equally over the course of a year, slightly under 400 New Yorkers died each month in 2018 from the flu or pneumonia, around 167 of whom were in the city. It is consistently one of the top five causes of death in the state and NYC." - www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/as-nyc-nears-1000-covid-19-deaths-how-does-it-compare-to-typical-flu-seasons/2352180/ The New York City Department of Health said that roughly 2,000 of those deaths happen within the five boroughs every year. _________________________________ Now compare that 2,000 to the 10,344 New York City deaths from coronavirus and tell us again how it's just the flu. Over 10,000 deaths in 3 months. Spin that.
  9. johnbt

    Old Pictures

    History of Sam and Omie's. https://obxguides.com/nags-head/sam-omies/history "Immediately after the war business picked up right where it left off in 1941. One of these captains, Sambo Tillet, owned a small restaurant on the beach called Sambo's. The majority of his business came from commercial fishermen who gathered there in the mornings for an early breakfast before starting the days work on the water. They also liked to gather there in the evenings to have a few beers and jaw about the days fishing. In 1947 Sambo came up with the bright idea to start booking charters for himself and his buddies right from the restaurant." "In 1955 the land and marina was purchased by the National Park Service and the marina was leased back to Sambo's brother Toby. Thus Oregon Inlet Fishing Center was born. So now Toby Tillet owned the fishing center and Sambo Tillet owned the restaurant. Somewhere along about this time the name was changed to include Sambo's son Omie and it became known as Sam & Omie's. Then Sambo decided to go to full time charter fishing and sold the restaurant to another local, Tom McKimmey."
  10. People are already dying by the tens of thousands without other people doing stupid stuff just to prove their manhood or something. Being smart is good and isn't a lot of work.
  11. Pocket watch to wristwatch to pocket phone. We're going backwards. My parents gave me a stainless Omega Seamaster for college graduation. It still works, but looks a little rough after 48 years.
  12. Stay safe. I don't have any patience for foolish inconsiderate people, especially when it's a matter of life and death. They don't need to be around me, they can go kill themselves somewhere else.
  13. Of course it isn't. Black swan derives from the era when everybody just simply knew that all swans were white. Until one day someone discovered a black swan and then it was OMG where'd that come from. This pandemic can't be a black swan because there has already been a similar - but much, much worse - pandemic. Look up the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. IIRC, 500 million sick worldwide, 50 million died with 675,000 dead in the US. My grandfather talked about having it, but not often other than to say it was a horrible year with all of the deaths.
  14. Not overwhelmed is a good thing. Otoh, the peak hasn't hit yet. I hope it doesn't, but saying none of this is needed is reckless and foolish.
  15. "We don’t for this either" Not yet. I hope we never do. But the history of the disease shows that it can spread incredibly fast. I think almost everyone sees the need to try and slow it down as much as possible. So sure, go out and about and do what you like. But please don't come near me or those I love because you could be a carrier and showing no symptoms. Just because you don't care if you get sick doesn't mean the rest of us want to catch it. Are you trying to prove you're a man or something else?
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