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  1. johnbt

    The Old Test

    When I was a little kid I always got a kick out of matchbook ads, whether they were selling drawing lessons, insurance, job training or whatever. Who exactly was their targeted audience? Just fill out the little form and improve your life. Here's an example. "DO NOT MAIL MATCHES"
  2. Colt screws up every 10 years or so. Or maybe it's constantly. Military contracts are predictable, compared to pleasing the fickle tastes of the general public. Here's an old article from 2000 that's still a good read. It's about Colt and Mr. Zilkha. www.newsweek.com/unmaking-gunmaker-158053 "Gun owners revolted, turning up evidence that Zilkha had contributed money to the New York Senate campaign of gun foe Charles Schumer. The resulting grass-roots boycott cost Colt as much as $10 million."
  3. What would I do? Uh, eat at home? Is this a trick question? Cook up a mess of beans and rice or boil a bag of potatoes with some seasoning. Eat cheap, but healthy. Cook a big covered dish of potatoes, carrots and onions with a bullion cube. Boring, but I'd be full.
  4. My stepson was at that tournament. He paced it off later. He was 50 feet from the lightning strike. ___________________ Don't worry about lightning... Roy Sullivan survived 7 direct hits. He was ranger at Shenandoah National Park. "who was struck by lightning in 1942, and then six times between 1969 and 1977." "In every instance he was burned or otherwise injured, but he always survived. However, over the course of seven strikes, he was burned on his right leg, his head (burning off his hair and eyebrows), his left shoulder, his hair (again), his left arm and leg and his hair (again), his ankle, and finally his head, chest, and stomach." He claimed he was struck when he was a kid and it hit the scythe he was carrying. But they won't count it as number 8 because it was long ago and there isn't any evidence, etc.
  5. " with a small caliber firearm" We'd use a .410 to knock them around the pasture or orchard when we were kids. Using a .22 was okay, but mostly for squirrel hunting.
  6. johnbt

    Sunday Paper...

    I read two or more papers a day from the late '50s up until I retired in 2012. I should have quit in 2005 or so. Papers aren't the same anymore. They've shrunk in size and in quality. They employ very few real reporters and tend to just reprint content from other papers or wire services, etc. The ads aren't even interesting anymore. Iow, from front to back, they suck. Do they still use vegetable oil based ink that just sits on the paper and rubs off on everything?
  7. 1970 - The Meadow Farm foal #9. Only 3-months-old and already posing for the camera and sizing up the world with his stare. Later on they'd name him Secretariat.
  8. " If you really get bored, build your wife a dream house. " We just got married in November. Give me time... I'm old.
  9. It appears to me there are more good pilots than good golfers. It's hard to compare sports because the skills are sport specific. Even Michael Jordan couldn't hit a curveball. I don't play golf, but did play badly for a few years some 40 or 50 years ago. I was a much better center fielder and leadoff hitter. Golf is plodding and deliberate, baseball tests your ability to react. The crowd noise masks the little negative doubts in your head. Golf exposes them. It's not just golf. Some tennis tournaments still enforce quiet. They don't call them spectators for nothing.
  10. I retired in exactly 7 years ago after a career of 38 years. I woke up the first morning smiling and then laughing. I haven't missed work one little bit. Now I wake up at 5:45 because I"m excited. When I worked I nearly always waited for the alarm to wake me up at 6 before I'd drag myself out of bed. And I had an interesting job with quite a bit of freedom to schedule my work and get it done. We got to Ocracoke Island yesterday for another week of doing whatever - fishing, shopping, eating. It's a small village with good art, music and food. Most of the island is owned by the park service. You can drive on quite a bit of the beach if you buy a permit and have true 4wd. In the village most folks get around by walking, biking or golf cart. To the upper right is the Atlantic, the bottom is Ocracoke Inlet (where Blackbeard was cornered and killed), and Pamlico sound is to the left. I know where I'll be on Monday morning.
  11. "Why is quiet so important in golf but no other sport?" In golf you are allowed 40 or 50 seconds to stand there and look at the ball before you have to hit it. You can think about it while you're walking up to it, but the clock starts when you get there. Anyway, the ball just sits there and laughs at you. It's not moving, just sitting patiently waiting for you to screw up. There are no excuses for a bad shot, the ball is just sitting there. The pitcher didn't throw a curve, a rock in the infield didn't cause a bad hop. It's just sitting there. The stress in golf comes from the dead quiet. If the crowd could make noise the golfer wouldn't have to listen to the ball laughing and sneering, daring you.
  12. "Meyer presented the boys with a Crow Wing County Sheriff Challenge coins and a badge. “They were hoping for a Taser,” Josh Larson said, laughing."
  13. "If he really had insider info on so many powerful people......why was he arrested and in jail " They were afraid he would rat them out and it was their second choice of good places to take him out. They couldn't get him to go to Dallas.
  14. See, if they'd use real bumpers they wouldn't have these problems. Heck, if they used any bumpers. A rechromed '59 Caddy front bumper is only $3k on ebay.
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