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  1. It's only 96 at 1:30 with low humidity - 44% - but the UV index is a brutal 10 of 10. So it's not bad in the shade. Heck, July is half over.
  2. How hot is it? It's too hot to go night fishing. Not for me, but for the fish. After it hits 98 today it might be too hot for me. They're predicting a week or two of 95 degree days here. It's 8 a.m., 75*F and 92% humidity. The windows are dripping, the grass is dripping, the cars are dripping - everything as usual is wet with dew. This could be brutal later. Good thing I mowed yesterday afternoon when the grass was almost dry and it was only 92.
  3. johnbt

    4th Quarter

    The first time I saw this in action was the fall of 1974. I was doing a full-time internship for one semester at the local VA Hospital's inpatient drug & alcohol treatment unit. A week before the end of the budget year they sent a handful of folks out to spend what was left of the budget. Things for the day room/dorm/treatment area/etc. Not personal stuff, but stuff for the enjoyment of everyone except the taxpayer. They got a saltwater aquarium (they already had a huge freshwater tank - bigger than 55 gal.). They got a couple dozen pillows from Pier One that were big enough to sit on when they wanted to do group sessions in a circle on the floor. They got a new quad stereo system - nothing gaudy like Marantz, but still pretty nice. Albums. I can't remember anything else, but they cleaned up. Before I left the powers that be discovered that the ex-addict counselors working under the M.D., psychologist and RN were the one's stealing the meds from the locked cabinet in the RN's office. Yawn. I didn't even bother applying for any jobs at the VA, much less in that unit.
  4. Virginia: General Dynamics Corporation ($36.2 billion) Well, Mars candy is headquartered in Virginia and they reportedly had revenue of $33 billion in 2015 and that was only the US revenue. But Mars is privately held and doesn't have to report their annual numbers, so they don't count I guess. Privately held means the Mars family owns it all. Reported to be the 3rd wealthiest family in the US.
  5. Sure, go ahead, let them do it, but first it's one headstone, then it's the Mickey Mouse section at the cemetery - it's for the children - and then they'll be a Spider Man section and then the Star Wars section and then somebody builds an entire cemetery for children with a big castle in the center and lots of famous character statues and crap. You know they will if they can make a buck.
  6. "Based on these forgiven assumptions, White Men cannot legitimately understand or render commentary on the plight of the Black Man......" Assuming that's true, then why do they keep asking us to understand. If we can't understand then just leave us the heck alone.
  7. I'm from that era too - finished h.s. in '68. I recently heard an interview on XM about how Janis Joplin moved to California and was doing some little gigs at coffee houses and such and she needed a guitar player from time to time. The interview was with Jorma Kaukonen. It's funny how things work out. Here's an interesting site. www.kqed.org/arts/11548325/jorma-kaukonen-on-janis-joplin-and-recording-the-1964-typewriter-tape "In advance of PBS' broadcast of the documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue, I decided to go to the source: Jorma Kaukonen himself, who spoke to me from his ranch in Ohio about that day in 1964, when his wife was typing a letter in the background and he casually recorded some favorite folk-blues songs with an unknown girl from Texas." (that's an autoharp for those who missed the whole folk music thing.)
  8. "I guess my question is was the jockey guiding him to do that, or was the horse just doing horse things?" Looks like the horse did it on his own. Doesn't matter who did it though because intent isn't required, only impeding. www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/horses/kentucky-derby/2019/05/06/kentucky-derby-rule-disqualified-maximum-security-safety/1114172001/ There's a good 38-second video of the big veer out. Watch it a the 15-second mark.
  9. Bumping shoulders and hips is one thing. Impeding will get you disqualified.
  10. "I saw no physical contact with any horse" There was lots of contact. I saw it when it happened. I was surprised they took as long as they did to disqualify him. Notice how far Maximum Security has moved off the rail. His butt has pushed the other horse’s head to the right and their legs are banging together. From the video critique at www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/horses/kentucky-derby/2019/05/06/kentucky-derby-2019-maximum-security-owner-talks-disqualification-appeal-preakness/1115844001/
  11. He'd only run in 4 races before the Derby. Paid attendance at the Derby was 150,000+. Plenty of noise and cameras too. I copied this blurb on his 1st race 5 months ago... "Maximum Security won his career debut in dominant, front-running fashion with a 9 ¾-length romp in a 6 ½-furlong maiden claiming race on Dec. 20, 2018 at Gulfstream Park. In that race, the colt by New Year’s Day could have been claimed by anyone for $16,000." 6 1/2 furlongs is 3/4 of a mile fwiw.
  12. I yelled "You can't do that" when he veered out two lanes and then before I could say anything else he veered back in 2 or 3 lanes. It's not bumper cars out there. He didn't foul the eventual winner, he got disqualified for running into 2 or 3 other horses. Begin at the 2:00 mark. He starts going wide and then veers back in and bumps the horse on the rail around 2:12. I thought he was going to pin that horse against the rail the way he was running out of control.
  13. Let's see, mail fraud, conspiracy and tax fraud if they took income tax deductions for their contributions to that phony charity. Does the IRS have a sense of humor? Is ONE MILLION DOLLARS bail - each - looking like a slap on the wrist? Stay tuned... I'm watching basketball and it's commercial time.
  14. "How long before being born white is a hate crime?" When I was born 68 years ago the doctor held me up by one leg and beat my butt. Then they cut me.
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