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  1. I'm looking to pick up a SR1911 in 10mm in 2019. I have a G20sf Gen3, but with small to medium sized hands I too have to fudge my grip. Scott
  2. Coonan357

    Battery Powered String Trimmers

    I had tired of maintaining the gas-powered string trimmers we have and went with the Ryobi. It has plenty of power and sufficient battery power for my needs. The battery charges quickly enough for my needs. The ability to use different attachments was a big selling point fir me. We live on two acres with plenty of landscaping features to work around. Between the string trimmer attachment and the brush cutter blade I'm pleased with the Ryobi. Ryobi string trimmer
  3. Coonan357

    It's Caturday!!!

    This little guy was abandoned on our dirt road and followed one of our cats to the house. We live in the country so it's not unusual to find abandoned animals. He has become a fast buddy of our newest dog (also abandoned back in January). We also had a chicken abandoned on our property about a month ago. We noticed that we had an extra bird one evening. Best guess is that it was a pet of one of the cotton farmers. It is a very friendly bird and likes to be picked up.
  4. Coonan357

    What branch did you serve in

    U.S. Army '77 - '88. Air Defense Artillery - 16C, Nike Hercules Fire Control Crewman. ETS'd as an E6/Staff Sergeant.
  5. Coonan357

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Scott from Slaton Texas here. Best of wishes for a truly successful site Eric.