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  1. Nothing fancy. Actually the cheapest handguns that I've ever bought. Citadel 1911s - one in 45 and one in 9. Year and a half of regular use. Not a single malfunction. Very accurate with good trigger. I'm not asking for more. $225 each (unfired, pre-owned).
  2. I so totally agree...and I hate flashy guns actually. This is the one and only exception. I'll get one of those (maybe not Colt) myself one day
  3. Since then the shotgun seen quite a few shells and sand in its action (windy day on the sandy range). I'm very happy with this thing. Close up one needs to aim a little low. Otherwise it's as good as any bumstick out there (with perfect controls for me). Even my wife likes it.
  4. It's sad point in life when one realizes that the "idols" (as people who made an impact on our best years) are passing away...because of the age. God started taking from our shelf.
  5. Just like anything H&K. Except the Germans are actually making one of the best quality stuff out there...for which I don't care for the very same reason.
  6. Just being busy lately, but I've been lurking around couple of times. Thanks much Always pleasure to be here, among the Friends.
  7. Watch this video (and don't stop) to find out about American contribution to one's of the most important (yet nearly forgotten) battles in history.
  8. I should've been born around 1900 to fully enjoy these times. Thinking about it now...I would probably die in the WW1 or the war with the Soviets of 1920, but if....by any chance I would survive...hmmm...that would be 19 years of the best times to enjoy. Till 1939 it is.
  9. Again. Colt was always overpriced, not exactly 2A friendly and not at all innovative (which is fine with me actually). However I've seen many 1911s and AR15 of the same quality as Colt, but much better priced. Good guns, just not exceptional.
  10. If you or somebody you know are considering to purchase a 12 gauge pump that has a proven record, is assembled in the USA and won't break the bank...I have a hint for you. Take a look at Maverick 88 by Mossberg. Without repeating the misinformation posted all over the place, I can tell you that the shotgun is being assembled from the parts made in the USA and Mexico in Eagle Pass, Texas. Actually it's the same facility that makes Mossberg 500 those days. It's not a coincidence BTW. Maverick 88 is in fact a bit less expensive version of this venerable, legendary pump. Before going any farther, here is where Mossberg saves money: - forend assembly is all polymer with the action bars pinned to it (no slide tube assembly), so to replace it, one needs to buy a whole new unit as it's impossible to take it apart. It's however perfectly functional and provides a good gripping area. Interestingly enough, lately even some of the models of Mossberg 500 are being sold with the pinned forend, - top of the receiver is not drilled and tapped - it's just a solid surface and features anti-glare grooves along the top, - safety is a cross bolt type, located in front of the trigger guard and not the tang one, so trigger guard assembly can't be interchanged with Mossberg 500, but all the other parts... sure can. Now...it's just a basic, 12 gauge pump. However...lately Mossberg made Maverick 88 even better value than previously. How? 1. Bolt assembly used to be in the white. It's blued now and the same goes for the shell lifter. 2. Stock used to be smooth, cheapest polymer available. Now it's the standard 500 stock with the checkering in place (LOP is 14"). 3. Recoil pad used to made out of the solid and hard rubber. Now it's ventilated, standard Mossberg 500 pad - rather soft and fully functional. As you can see- Mossberg is still working, trying to give the buyer even more value with Maverick 88 line of shotguns. They come with the 20" barrel and 7+1 capacity (barrel is specific to that model and cannot be swapped for a hunting one. Of course you can have the standard, 18.5 barrel with 5+1 capacity that would take any Mossberg 500, standard barrel. The best of all. You can most likely find one for under $200 US. I decided to go with the two barrel combo - 18.5" and 28" modified screw in choke for around $260 US. Now, if you buying the Mossberg 500 combo - the choke is usually fixed. Here you can replace it with another one. IMO this is the best value on the market right now. Thanks for your time.
  11. Just to give you a perspective...to make one today (of those models 14), one would be looking at $3000. I've seen on at $899 Canadian lately. If not for the lack of money, I would grab it. It was however in very nice condition.
  12. Just always remember. It could be worse. I'm crossing my fingers for You. Don't rush things. Take it easy, one small step at a time. Good luck!
  13. I firmly believe thar SKS remains underrated. To build a rifle like that today, one would spend north of $1000.
  14. Took it apart, cleaned completely and added a surplus, Chinese butt pad. Wood got some treatment too. It's pretty much waterproof now and MUCH more harder than initially.
  15. Nestor

    Old Pictures

    Two girls and and a boy fighting the Germans during 63 days long Warsaw uprising in 1944.
  16. Nestor

    Old Pictures

    1863 Polish soldiers during the uprising against Russia.
  17. Nestor

    Old Pictures

    Morning of September 1st 1939. Start of the WW2. The Battle of Westerplatte begins. The Schleswig-Holstein suddenly fires a broadside salvo at the Polish garrison. This battleship was visiting the port the previous day on a courtesy trip. Westerplatte is a peninsula in the Bay of Gdańsk. Its defense served as an inspiration for the Polish Army and people in the face of German advances elsewhere, and is still regarded as a symbol of resistance in modern Poland. 200 Polish soldiers repelled countless attacks of the 3000 Germans for 7 days while being bombarded from the ground, air and sea. They had one 75 mm field gun, two anti-tank 37mm guns and four 81 mm mortars. To take this small, Polish outpost the Germans paid with 400 casualties. 1. German battleship opens up on the Polish outpost on September 1st 1939. 2. German soldiers inspecting the Polish positions on September 8th 1939 after the battle. 3. Westerplatte monument - modern times.
  18. Nestor

    Old Pictures

    Major Henryk Dobrzański "Hubal". In 1939 as a part of the regular, Polish Army he fought both the Germans and Soviets and refused to surrender. In March 1940 his unit inflicted heavy casualties on a number of German units in ambushes. The German authorities responded with reprisals against the civil population, burning several villages and killing an estimated 700 civilians. Due to these reprisals local sentiment turned against Hubal's unit, and he was ordered by the Polish, underground authorities to disband his unit. He refused to do so. On 30 April 1940 his staff quarters, in a ravine near the village of Anielin, were ambushed. In the last battle Dobrzański and most of his men were killed. He was the first guerilla commander of the Second World War in Europe. 1. Body of major Henryk Dobrzański April 30th 1940. 2. Major Henryk Dobrzański in 1938 in the uniform of the Polish Army. 3. Winter 1939. Major Dobrzański with his soldiers and civilians.
  19. Nestor

    Old Pictures

    Great thread Guys. Thanks for the pictures. Keep them coming.
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