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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1LgcPCrZY0
  2. Thanks! It's not like we never seen the difficult times before...even though the media and some politicians are trying to capitalize on the chaos. That's life, **** happens. In a week I've lost half of my (rather small) retirement savings, but why would I panic? In couple of years the market will be back to where it was anyway. I would stay home, if not for the fact that I'm part of essential service and we will work no matter what (my wife too btw). Being responsible and staying home is different however than begging the government to strip off your already limited freedoms for a (fake) promise of security. These folks are just loosing their mind, calling the radio stations live and crying out, posting and attention whoring everywhere....and why? Because they were asked to stay home for a couple of weeks? Jeeezzzz....people were called to go to war not too long ago. Disgusting.
  3. I've already seen the requests from the regular people to be enslaved...just to feel a little bit more secure in exchange. I don't comment on these posts. These people have no concept of freedom. They are literally like the chained dogs.
  4. I'm usually good for up to two weeks. Right now however, we got enough for 3 maybe more. So, yes, I did some shopping around three weeks ago, when nobody cared. Now there are many, empty shelves around here in most of the grocery stores. Got some flu medications too. Otherwise... really...what can we do?
  5. That's the beauty of having a choice. I'm finding 590a1 way too heavy for my needs, but it's excellent choice.
  6. ...all the crying out loud about the "gun violence" and "demoralization through firearms" takes away something very special from some of us. I've just been a witness to something very touching today...and I'm about to share with You Guys some observations. My Buddy has a young son who's just not exactly one of your regular kids. After 3 or 4 years of struggle he's out of the public schooling system. He needs much more attention and patience than his peers. I won't go into the details, but let me tell you that it's far more challenging than most people would think. Second year in a row we take him out for a shooting. Two of us, since he does require a bit more attention than an average kid. It's incredible to watch him patiently follow all the safety rules. Maintaining the muzzle discipline and engaging the safety at the right moments. He's sincerely engaged and happy. Of course there are some associated struggles, but he made such a great progress since the last year...that there is no comparison really. Measuring success in this case is much more difficult than usual, but it was such a heartwarming experience to watch these two (Father and Son) out there having the best time together. I've learnt a lot each time and it feels like just by being there I've became a bit better person. Now, think about it every time You are told that the firearms are evil....and so are their owners. I beg to differ...You know. Getting here requires 4x4 and some extra effort. It's 14:30 and the Sun is going down...these are some of the shortest days of the year. Father and Son. Steel targets in the background. Me playing with the SKS.
  7. The popular perception is that there are no accessories available for Maverick 88. In fact I've heard that many times from the guys in the LGS. Please, don't believe these voices. It's very easy to set up this shotgun for HD duties without spending much money. Just an example. All together still under $200 (not counting the flashlight which I've got for free).
  8. 12 degrees Fahrenheit and 8 inches of snow.
  9. All the very best for You and Yours Guys. The older I'm getting, the more my brain brings the memories of the days past. From before the era of Christmas turned shopping holidays...we rarely were getting any gifts back then. Just good time together, so many people sleeping on the floor in the only room of the house... Cheers!
  10. I had an opportunity to work retail (part time) for nearly 2 years. Many good folks there. Some not so smart ones too, but I wouldn't judge anybody just by the place they work for. Life can be surprising and difficult. Brutal at times. At least they work instead of milking the social assistance...you know. Receipt checking? I have no problem with that.
  11. No problem. US Army doesn't complain about it and I'm not going to. For each his own. I used to own: current production Ithaca M37, Remington 870 Police, Remington 870 Express, Benelli Nova Tactical, Mossberg 590A1...and still own Maverick 88 and Winchester 97. Maverick is not even a slightly less of a shotgun, than any of the ones mentioned before. Cheers.
  12. I'm learning all my life. Assuming it's at least somehow true. I mean about American spirit. I can tell You for sure, that the Poles in such situation will look at the passing troops and say something along the lines: "What are you staring at.... you f!@##$! Now, f$$%# off, go and kick some German ass instead of looking for a lover here. Buahahahaha!" They wouldn't even try to look any better if they were miserable"
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. One of my favorite weapon systems actually. Sadly none in my possession currently. Thanks for posting.
  14. With all the snow on the ground and 1911 GI in my hand I was thinking... Bastogne.
  15. Ok, took it apart for cleaning and I can share some more information. Plunger tube is pinned not glued, but the pins appear to be hollow inside. The smaller ones for ejector are what appears to be the roll pins, but the ejector is pinned, which sure is a good news. With better light I was able to see more details. No unusual wear. Trigger is still GI awful, but workable. Nice touch is the pattern on the front of the trigger (take a look at one of the pictures). You will be able to see the molding marks on the hammer and slide stop. Comes with $350 price tag I guess, but MIM hammers are typical those days on even more expensive guns. Cleaned, re-assembled and ready for more of good time. Initial impression - very positive and hoping for trigger pull to improve, as this is the only downside so far. Cheers!
  16. An update for You Guys. Couple of warm days here, so I booked one off and drove to the range. Decided to do 200 rounds break-in with 100 FMJ Winchester white box and 100 Herter's FMJ. Both 230 grain. I tossed in 2 Ed Brown's 7 round magazines to the mix to see how the pistol will perform with the aftermarket magazine. Bad: - The trigger is still pretty gritty and heavy, so it takes more effort than usual to be accurate with the pistol, but it's certainly able to deliver more than I can. I'll wait till 1000 rounds mark to see if the trigger job will be required. Good: - Sights are actually decent and I may paint the front sight with orange nail polish, but otherwise I'm satisfied with them. - Not a single problem of any kind during 200 rounds session. Pistol ejected the empties around 1.5 meter to the right, no failures to feed...no nothing. Ran 100% and smooth! - All the magazines were dropped free. - No signs of any dings on the casings, positive firing pin strikes. I tried to learn the trigger. Initially it took me 11 rounds to knock down 6 steel plates at 15 meters. By the end I was able to do the same trick with 7. I need more practice and paint the front sight. This is the very first magazine. 7 rounds at 5 meters. Rapid fire (as quickly as I was able to work the trigger) at 3 meters. Red circle. Plate is 8 inches wide. One hole at the bottom is actually an attempt of a single hand shooting at 25 meters (I don't know how they are doing it - I missed 6 out of 7). Empties retrieved from the snow. No visible deformation or other issues there... 3 meters slow fire. 5 meters...very slow fire. As you can see, I decided to put my gym gloves on to prevent any chance of hammer bite. I don't think it happened though. Top of my palm was barely pink from the recoiling gun after 200 rounds. So far, so good. Dirty gun at the end of the day.
  17. It's November 11th and I finally got a few minutes to take the pistol apart. Machining of the slide is impressive and nothing is rising any red flags as far as I can see. It's forged I believe with different grain, texture and even color than the frame. Frame is a OK. Less impressive than the slide (or barrel). Plunger tube appears to be glued and not pinned. Dust cover area is fairly thin, more so than usual I would say. Most small parts are MIM. Other than that...all in norm. There are some faint leftovers of parkerizing on feeding ramp and less so on the barrel throat. Rifling is very well pronounced, and barrel appears to be very solid. It's cold hammer forged. I oiled all the parts and have couple of observations to share. Initially the pistol came very dry. Trigger was bit gritty. Recoil spring is heavier than standard - just not sure by how much. After cleaning and oiling the trigger pull improved. It's still fairly heavy, but 1911...properly smooth. I actually like it now. Racking the lubricated pistol is also easier. Soon I'll take it out to the range to see how it works in the cold. As You can see - I swapped the plastic grips for Hogue walnut ones. Looks much better to me. Thanks!
  18. Well, after 2 months of waiting with the import process it's finally here. $350 1911 made in Turkey. Basic pistol. Came pretty dry in a cardboard box with one 7 rounds magazine. Didn't clean it yet, so it's just a very initial impression. Very nice machining. Cast frame, looks like a forged slide and cold hammer forged barrel. Plastic grips, GI sights (surprisingly well visible). Magazine drops free, trigger feels...dry and needs some love. Except for the lowered ejection port it's early WW2 configuration. However it's pretty tight. With the hammer back I can't hear any rattling going during the shake test. Grip safety works as it suppose to. Feeding ramp is polished along with the throat (that looks like 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock). Smooth trigger face. Parkerized finish and lovely handling characteristics. No surprise there. More to come soon.
  19. $350. It's the same method of manufacturing as Armscor (RIA) pistols. Many of them are being used for years and years now with thousands of rounds fired. In fact, lately, Armscor signed a small contract with the Armed Forces of the Philippines for 3,000 Armscor TAC Ultra 1911 pistols. Cheers.
  20. This is the steel WWI/WWII legend made in Turkey by Tisas for less than the law enforcement agency can bulk purchase the injection-molded Glock pistol at aggressively discounted price. It's not exactly a GI set-up, but pretty damn close. Series 70. All parts except for the grips screws and grip bushings are interchangeable with Colt. Cast frame, extruded steel slide and cold hammer forged barrel. MIM parts of course. Can be found for under $350.
  21. Nestor

    The Old Test

    Yes. That's true. Because one could trade something for food later on. Or some other item that was needed. My Mom would buy the shoes that were 5 sizes too big for me, hoping that she will be able to trade with someone for the right size. That's because delivery to the store was limited to one size only at the time. To get a pair, she needed a special, government issued coupon and stood outside in the line for 5-6 hours.
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