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  1. We have the old, 21" tv only. Toshiba. It's not that flat. I can hardly see anything on such a small screen, but since we are being treated with hundred of chanells about nothing it's ok.
  2. Love those ex military rifles. Had some, but sold most of them. Usually forced by the circumstances. Life. I still have the minty Mosin Nagant. I invested a lot of love, time and knowledge into the rifle. I would like to believe that now it's the way it was supposed to be. No rough surfaces where it counts. This thing is now as smooth as a well manufactured Mauser. Never malfunctioned on me. Whoever tries this thing...is like...wow! I think I love this boomstick a lot. Made in 1943 when the battle of Stalingrad raged. I want to think that this rifle put down a Nazi or two. I want No4 Mk1 now. Minty preferably.
  3. Yes. It's a modern re-creation of the nearly forgotten style from the 19th century. My favorite Thanks!
  4. Yes. All these homes were built just South East of Warsaw in the forested areas known for its healthy micro climate. Style was nearly forgotten till about 25 years ago when it became popular again with the local home builders. They all had verandas covered in glass, so even during the winter months one could just chill out and enjoy living in the forest. Very elegant architecture IMO. Thanks.
  5. Google "świdermajer". That's my favorite style. Local to the area near Warsaw, Poland. Comes back to the 19th century.
  6. Please accept my condolences Eric. I'm so sorry to hear that. Rest in Peace Bill. You'll be missed.
  7. I can see that happening. As usual, the regular folks going about their own lives paid the highest price.
  8. I've seen the post in which he was mentioned on FB with some pictures. That's why I am here. I've always enjoyed interacting with Bill, we exchanged some letters and packages. He is one of the coolest members of the old gang on GT. I'm sending my prayers and thoughts his way. Hang in there Bill. Hang in there Eric.
  9. I really don't care about the politics behind the masks or one's believes about them. Do what you want, all day long, but If you are not wearing one...don't even come close to me. I'm going to contract the virus sooner or later anyway, because of the work. I would prefer though to enjoy the summer for as long as possible. Your freedom is important to me. It really is....but not at the cost of my (and my family) health or even life.
  10. To my friends and all the hard working people of all the colors and religions South of the border: - Happy 4th of July! To the rioters out there: - you don't deserve it.
  11. There is no justice. God is my only hope. I'm so tired of the evil pretending to be an angel. If someone really close to my heart will ever become a victim of a serious crime... I know exactly what will happen. You won't see more posts from me. Perhaps because I am a part of the justice system each and every day. I've seen it all. Literally.
  12. Polymer trigger group is actually more durable than the aluminum one. Express has the same receiver as Wingmaster. Just less time and money spent on finish. Same barrel. Different finish. Same amount of the MIM parts those days. Perhaps with the exception of the extractor. Lower grade of wood. Each new 870 will require chamber to be polished. I used to be a 870 fanatic. Not any longer. In fact I had better luck with Mossberg lately and now that's all I own (12 gauge pump anyway).
  13. Some people really can't afford anything better. Hi Point established themselves in that niche. It sure helps some folks. Good on them.
  14. Pristine model 92 with 16" barrel and chambered in .357... just because.
  15. Especially the ones that were killing the Nazis.
  16. https://www.vanceoutdoors.com/products2.cfm/ID/222334/1911a1/tisas-zig-m1911-a1-.45-acp-us-army-pistol
  17. The memory card in our camera has a very little space (it's like 12 years old now)...so it was all reserved for my Daugther's graduation ceremony...and I have no "before" pictures. It looked quite terrible honestly. Here are some shots from the basement. The bore Front sight Receiver with all the small parts removed (except for the trigger group) for painting Magazine Wood (second coat of oil) lot of sanding before that... I've got myself a spare, complete bolt with the bolt head #2 for $35 US and some small parts...just in case. Total investment is like $250 US right now.
  18. I was always intrigued by the idea of a beater that can take on any task, but didn't came across anything cheap enough (and in good condition) to take a bite. Disclaimer: I don't have a truck yet...but maybe I will buy one in the future (tight budget nowadays). I was thinking about something with a bit of a punch. Like 30-06 or 308. Bolt action with the iron sights fed via the stripper clip option or the 4-5 round magazine. VERY inexpensive. Literally I've seen nothing like that for years that would fit this description (except Mosins maybe). Usually that kind of stuff costs hundreds of dollars. Even the milsurplus rifles became so expensive that I can't afford most of them those days. However I came across this ugly duckling that nobody wanted to buy. Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 sporter with the cut down barrel (just in front of the front sight post). Flaking wood. Forend wiggling sideways. Butt stock loose with the brass plate that was misfit to the wood. Surface rust with two light pitting spots, despite overall decent finish. No wonder there were o takers... However the bore was excellent. The bolt head was stamped with number 1 (lot of life left there). The iron sights were better than on most of the modern rifles and it's .303 It is a hard hitting round and the magazine takes 10 with the stripper clip feeding option. I paid under $200 US for this thing. Gunsmith verified the head space as excellent....so. I removed the rusty finish and started working on the wood. As I found out the forend was wiggly because nobody felt like filling the cut made for the rear stock band. The butt stock was dry and dancing all over the receiver's socket. This is being addressed as I'm writing it. No more rust anywhere and it will be painted with the BBQ heat resistant black, flat paint. It looks kinda promising... More to come.
  19. Not sure who's selling them in the US. I'm in Canada. Sorry.
  20. We used to drive Crown Vics and now mostly Chevy Suburban and Ford Taurus.
  21. Thank You Eric and thank You Guys. Sorry, I'm working on spending less time on-line lately...that's why I'm so late here. Much appreciated though.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1LgcPCrZY0
  23. Thanks! It's not like we never seen the difficult times before...even though the media and some politicians are trying to capitalize on the chaos. That's life, **** happens. In a week I've lost half of my (rather small) retirement savings, but why would I panic? In couple of years the market will be back to where it was anyway. I would stay home, if not for the fact that I'm part of essential service and we will work no matter what (my wife too btw). Being responsible and staying home is different however than begging the government to strip off your already limited freedoms for a (fake) promise of security. These folks are just loosing their mind, calling the radio stations live and crying out, posting and attention whoring everywhere....and why? Because they were asked to stay home for a couple of weeks? Jeeezzzz....people were called to go to war not too long ago. Disgusting.
  24. I've already seen the requests from the regular people to be enslaved...just to feel a little bit more secure in exchange. I don't comment on these posts. These people have no concept of freedom. They are literally like the chained dogs.
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