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  1. I hate it when all I get are red "E's" instead of "M's" Don't they have spell check?
  2. Maybe so, or maybe it won't let email from an unsecure website through without flagging it. It's not just Gmail that does it, it's also Outlook and Thunderbird. Despite marking them as "Not Junk" and adding the address to the address book. I don't have that problem with anything else. I suppose it's really not a problem anymore as NO email notifications are sent anymore though right?
  3. I do mean this site. My account is set up to receive email notifications, at first the notifications were sent to my spam folder no matter how I listed it and now I get no notifications at all.
  4. Site is still listed as unsecure and now I don't get notifications at all.
  5. I've got my ribbon rack, medals, brass and distinctive unit insignia. I've been out for twenty years now, the uniforms are long gone.
  6. I agree, it should be easy. The problem is the ATF gave them no indication as to what the actual problem was or any recourse.
  7. When you're ten months in to a pandemic and people still don't know that the mask is used to prevent YOUR fluids from leaving YOUR orifices.
  8. There is no violation for being over 26" as there is no maximum length for a pistol. My only guess is the ATF loosely defined a brace with a LOP greater than 13.5" as more like a stock and that would make the intent to create an SBR.
  9. These are the ones I have left. This is the one I wish I hadn't lost. Picked up in country.
  10. Needed a desk so I built a desk.
  11. ...and yet day after day the regular old solider fights indoors and out without ear pro for the most part. People put WAY too much though into a situation that won't likely happen but then entirely discount the reality of people that are actually doing this very thing. I'd love to see stats where anyone defending their home with anything wore ear pro. It's a silly debate.
  12. We fielded these with Force XXI in Texas in 2000
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