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  1. My last two acquisitions, a Frank Beltrame 2.0 Stiletto and a Ek/Jarosz k-bar boot knife.
  2. I'm currently working on this single shot. I've got about a dozen coats of Tru-Oil on it currently, last coat will be in Friday so I can assemble it Saturday.
  3. FT-60 with an Arrow Ant is the go to rig. Gpredict and a lensatic compass for flight path. Using a duplexer and a split lets me use one radio for up and down and then I run 5 channels off freq to adjust for the Doppler shift. I'd like to mount it on a rotor and pipe it into one of the shacks. This is the half a shack out in the shop... This is the current office shack. A prime example of there being no such thing as buy once cry once in regards to radio
  4. Most of my day is spent mobile although I have 1.5 shacks at the house. EME and working satellites can be pretty fun but it's too much like contesting for me.
  5. You haven't seen any Baofeng setup of mine. You keep trying though. I could list all of the radios I have but it wouldn't mean anything to you because you have no idea about the history of any of them or what they do. That's the point I'm trying to impart but you just want to be hostile. It's cute really.
  6. You really have no idea what you are getting into. But go ahead and get that discontinued $600 radio. You may not want to throw around credentials if that's the sort of mindset you have towards electronic gear you know very little about. Sure would be funny if a simple roof tech knew more about something than a dude with a fancy sheepskin now wouldn't it?
  7. You just don't know what you don't know. Enjoy your $600 HT..... fool indeed. FYI, this isn't your thread.
  8. DMR is going to be the standard IMO but with a hot spot you can use pretty much any proprietary digital you like. I use repeaters more than P2P but analog P2P commo is what got me into ham. Anything that relies on the internet to be functional seems like cheating but I understand the appeal. I've got a DMR and an NXDN HT so I get it, still it's cheating
  9. These are my primaries, but I also have a cast iron wok, a dutch oven, a searing plate for the BGE and the cast iron grate for the BGE. My tortilla press is cast iron as well.
  10. I'd rather make something my Linux box can't already do, like a DMR hotspot or something but Raspberry PI projects are always fun.
  11. I'll give you your wish list $600 Kenwood HT and I'll use an $11 dollar BF888 and gurantee you won't be able to tell the difference. You may want to take a breath. While I prefer Japanese products I'm under no false illusion that just because it's from China that it's junk.
  12. Someone has to say it, buying a model that is discontinued BEFORE you bought it means that support will be limited. As a first radio a mobile will serve you better. It gives you more power and more options for the same or less money. I'm a Kenwood guy myself but I wouldn't buy ~$600 HT for any reason in the world. A good first radio that you can use at home or in a vehicle? Kenwood TM-V71A. Widely available, parts are easy to come by. 50W, easy to program without software, tried and true. Oh and BTW, there is no such thing as buy once cry once when it comes to Ham gear. An HT should be one of the last things a ham gets not the first IMO and certainly not one over ~$200.
  13. You can have all the parts you just can't assemble them until you have the stamp.
  14. It's perfectly legal for people to make their own suppressors with a Form 1 and whatever available parts they want to use. Nothing at all illegal or immoral about that. If you're a firearms owner and don't know the laws surrounding suppressors that's on you.
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