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  1. syntaxerrorsix

    No more EBR for me; how to camo your AR...

    Nice! I did a rattle can job on mine as well.
  2. syntaxerrorsix

    knife sharpeners

    Yep, Worksharp. I still sharpen all of my folders by hand but all of my fixed blade and kitchen knives get the belt with excellent results.
  3. syntaxerrorsix

    Anyone watching The Haunting of HIll House?

    It was pretty good. It's not even remotely that scary. There are a few creepy scenes for sure.
  4. syntaxerrorsix

    Remington Tac-13 Damn!

    For $200 you sure can
  5. syntaxerrorsix

    Glock 43 Owners

    This. Best Kydex OWB I own. However, when I'm in the mood for leather (which is most of the time) I have a Milt Sparks in 55BNS in cordovan with a matching basket stamped belt. For IWB I use a Sparks Summer Special. I've tried Alien Gear and while it's fine it feels and looks completely soulless. Just doesn't speak to me. FTR most of my carry guns ride in a Milt Sparks.
  6. syntaxerrorsix

    Show off your Khukuris

    These are my two. The top is from the Kukri House and the other is from Himalayan Imports. The larger one is a yard tool and gets semi-regular use (it's heavily patina'd at this point). The horn handle has a small chip from an errant swing but otherwise it has held up as expected. The smaller one hangs on the wall, it's a little too small for yard work and a little too big for woods carry however it's a fine piece for the Zombie Apocalypse.
  7. syntaxerrorsix


    It's a pistol brace not a stock. That's how it's done for AR pistols as well when you don't want to spend $200.
  8. syntaxerrorsix

    "Stropping" a knife (razor strop)

    If the belt has exposed grain on the backside it will work just fine. Any wax, or coatings on the "pretty side" may prevent it from working as well.
  9. syntaxerrorsix

    Raspberry Pi anyone?

    The only reason I would consider it would be to create my own hotspot for DMR. We've got tons of IRLP/EchoLink repeaters, not to mention statewide UHF coverage. I've not felt the need to go digital or branch out to internet connections as it almost feels like cheating. I like simplex radio contacts as lack of infrastructure was what originally got me into amateur radio. The computers are cool however, I just haven't found a practical application that it would fill.
  10. syntaxerrorsix

    5 major features Android phones need

    This sounds like a user problem. Your five year old phone/software/apps are NOT going to work the same on your new phone. You should seek some guidance from your provider. Your experience is not typical.
  11. syntaxerrorsix

    US Army Selects 6 Companies for Sub Compact Weapon Programme

    For the same reasons that have been pointed out multiple times. Lighter ammo/mag, far easier to suppress and less over penetration.
  12. syntaxerrorsix

    So what was your biggest garden F-up this year?

    Low yield, small fruit. I've got the trifecta, a third each peat moss, soil and compost manure. I planted really late but my jalapenos were depressingly small. The red bell peppers were average at best and the "organic" banana pepper I picked up from HD flowered once and never took. Even the maters were so-so. As it was all fresh mix I haven't fertilized anything but I sure will next spring. I'm thinking about putting in some garlic for the "winter".
  13. syntaxerrorsix

    Your favorite knife?

    Tough call. The BHK PLSK2 gets the most outdoor time. The Winkler Belt knife comes in second. Folders? Probably one of my CRKs. I'd probably take the Winkler if I had to leave everything else behind.
  14. Had a cat that lived for 19 years. Kidney disease finally caught up with her.
  15. I unloaded a few 30 rounders today at the 25 yard line. Offhand I typically group about 2.5-3". Today on the second magazine I went from hero to zero and spent about 450 more rounds to rectify the situation. The second magazine landed exactly 6 hits all over the map. I went supported and wasted another two mags. I killed the red dot and went irons and did marginally better. After getting home and stripping down the gun I found that the thread protector under the flash suppressor had unscrewed and was stuck in the flash suppressor. I was shooting the thread protector and causing errant hits. The thread protector was fairly well hammered in to the flash suppressor but once I got it out and threaded everything back together I started making money again. Decided to just ditch the thread protector after I got home. No need with the flash suppressor installed. I was certain my red dot had lost it's marbles but once again, operator error reigns supreme. Hope that helps someone.