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  1. A decent hardwired system starts in the $250 range. I've got 4 hardwired cameras and a DVR. Live stream and playback can be viewed from an app over wifi or a monitor hooked directly to the DVR. Anything battery operated that requires a wifi signal to work can be hacked and has a limited life expectancy. Amcrest is the brand name of mine but there are a ton of different brand names primarily made by the same parent company.
  2. I'm partial to Armaspec enhanced LPKs.
  3. Gather your own... It's called sourdough starter
  4. You can edit the device without wiping it or you can create a whole new spreadsheet. I've got RT for my 6XR but use chirp on a Linux box. I typically just edit one spreadsheet over and over until I get what I want and then upload all my radios with the new info.
  5. You'll be better off building your own but you won't save any money. You will get a complete understanding of how your rifle works and you will get to specify where you want to spend a little more money (barrel/trigger). All you need is a few simple tools and vice blocks.
  6. I've bought PSA's for $29 a piece.
  7. Online or phone interviews are usually a first contact with corporate HR. Quite common from what I understand.
  8. 12B20 Combat Engineer 19991-2001 841st Eng (Cbt/Hvy) 81ARCOM, 84th Eng (Cbt/Hvy) 2ACR, 40th Eng (Mech) 1AD, 588th Eng (Mech) 4ID
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