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  1. New problem has crept up on me. The right side receiver plate sling attachment has broke off. I had the Parker Mountain Machine QD sling point attached and was shooting with the sling offhand when it broke. I can only assume I had bumped it or damaged it along the way because I wasn't putting too much force on it. Bottom line is the right side receiver plate IS the firearm because that;s where the SN plate is located so there is no way to replace it without buying a new firearm. ****. So I pulled out the dremel and finished it off smooth and ran the sling through the brace loop. CZ stated that as long as there wasn't a hole all the way through the plate I was good to go. I imagine even if there was a hole the only concern would be dust and dirt. Lesson here? If you are shooting left handed don't use the rear receiver plate swivel or you might end up having a bad day. The left hand receiver plate is replaceable and costs about $30....
  2. I make goat curry every once in awhile. Goat and lamb are pretty easy and the prices are very reasonable.
  3. Mine have a tan liner but they have never been waterproof that I can recall. I use the plastic inserts they shipped with. I get about one hiking trip out of those before they split but they are cheap to replace. I had a Sgt. Major that told us that the only time leather was waterproof was when it was on a cow's ass. I'm pretty certain he was right. The RATs are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned but I've got sneakers that hold up better. The Hiker II's have been fantastic on rocky trails. That said, I'm pretty much of the conclusion it's better to buy new boots than get the full re-craft done.
  4. Handguns are poor man stoppers without a CNS hit. They just poke holes. I don't care what caliber you use. If you want more immediate incapacitation you need a rifle or shotgun.
  5. I have the same pair. I also have the original RATs. The soles on the RATs last right at a year. I've re-soled them twice now, each time the heal counters were broken and the liner was leaking the second time. They are now relegated to yard and house work. The Mountain Light II's have held up FAR better and I've not needed a re-sole yet. The heel counters have not broke and they aren't waterproof so no liner to replace. I'll probably re-sole them at least once. The only boots that I own that haven't worn out in a year are my Redwing Pecos. As a matter of fact they show almost no tread wear in 2 years of roofing. The texture of the tread has smoothed out a bit but the tread is full intact. The leather only gets better with age. The downside is I'd never use these boots for any actual hiking as pull on boots by their nature allow the heel to slip. So great for a day of work not so good for the trail.
  6. I like them well enough. Thankfully we haven't seen any venomous snakes in the yard but the state is full of them. We've got a Ring Necks all over the place, I've got to root through the fire pit before use to remove them. Here are a few from some of my hiking.
  7. All of my "civilian" gear is better than my issue gear. I think the only thing I use anymore is my duffel bag (to put my good backpack in when flying) a couple of web belts, an old ALICE pack full of roofing materials and a poncho liner.
  8. Those Loveless knives are plain badass. They also start in the ~ 5K range go right on up to new car price tag territory. These are more my price range unfortunately.
  9. Homemade tortillas for breakfast tacos. Dutch Oven "no knead" bread. Goat curry
  10. I cook our evening meals and we fend for ourselves during the day. I bake and cook. I've got a pretty good range. Cast Iron Bacon cinnamon buns. Cornbread Homemade Paneer Cheese for the curry. Cast iron sourdough bread. Cevichi Sushi Cast iron pizza.
  11. I used too. All of my knives are users and the having the box isn't going to raise any potential resale value.
  12. For hand sharpening I use Spyderco ceramic bench stones.
  13. Nice! I did a rattle can job on mine as well.
  14. Yep, Worksharp. I still sharpen all of my folders by hand but all of my fixed blade and kitchen knives get the belt with excellent results.
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