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  1. Maybe except I'd expect a dent somewhere. Or some blood on it or something.
  2. Video was poor quality so it was hard to tell, but upon further review that did appear to be a Contender. Actually the entire Youtube video was crap but it was where I found out about that monster. But I did notice that the recoil in that clip was substantially worse than the others where it was obviously the revolver. This is the actual video that the clip (where the guy got nailed) was taken from, and it is definitely a TC Contender. Here is another video of the Pfeifer Zeliska - I think the muzzle brake helps tame the recoil. But notice the shooter is wearing the motorcycle helmet that I'll bet ^^^^^ wishes he had been wearing:
  3. Just don't have an AD - the muzzle would probably be too far down, but the barrel-cylinder blast would probably blow your junk off. Plus it weighs 13 lbs, so sweatpants aren't gonna hold it up.......
  4. Man who's farts can kill mosquitos claims an insecticide company has hired him to make a new mosquito spray. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10522729/man-farts-kill-mosquitos/ IMO the Marvel universe should be based around this man. He isn't the hero we deserve but the hero we need.
  5. I found one on Youtube and did the Closed Caption option. Based on context, the CC was all confused. I'm a Clemson fan, but I could learn to really like Corch O. He's perfect for LSU.
  6. Apparently everyone's favorite Cajun coach may have lost the Southern Cal job because nobody there could understand what in the hell he was saying: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/usc-passed-ed-orgeron-voice-college-football-insider Now - to be fair - I don't know that anyone can understand what in the hell Orgeron is saying outside of Lou'sana. But he's a great fit at LSU. Kinda like Dabo at Clemson.
  7. That looks intentional to me - try to sell some as a joke to get people to try it.
  8. Okay - I guess we shoulda known some psycho would do this - a revolver in .600 Nitro Express: Video is kinda stupid but has some footage of this thing being fired - notice one shooter wearing a motorcycle helmet (8:23). Ironically, it is so heavy that a lot of shooters seem to have to lean back when shooting it, while it's better for recoil control to lean forward. Excuse the modified Nerf gun in the thumbnail.
  9. So......kilt then? Plaid skirt? Evening dress? Not sure I wanna know.
  10. My son loves it. We only let him play on weekends though. But that would be a cool gift.
  11. It wasn't a joke. Waffle House actually has teams of people who go to disaster-stricken areas and get the restaurants open. They even have mobile ones.
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