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  1. I made the mistake of not rewatching season 1 when I restarted it. So I have to try to remember a lot of what happened when I get to seasons 2-3. I did like the bit when Draper talked a couple of "bad guys" down, then Amos pops in carrying the third one and says "damn, did I miss it?" Dude just wanted to kick some ass. Forwarning though - Season 3 has a little more gore than the first two seasons. Only a couple of scenes but it's not expected.
  2. I think the way that intersection works, you kinda get funneled into it without knowing. Plus the bridge is about a foot lower than the signs say.
  3. That was Hannie. I think so but he's not very active as far as I know. Plus he has no admin/moderator powers. Just a member. There were two RussP's at GT though. RussP (the mod) and Russ_P (who was a pretty good guy IIRC). Not 100% sure which one is here, but I think it's the mod from GT.
  4. RussP? He's here but he has no banning power here. Under what name? I don't remember seeing her here.
  5. In honor of this thread and in remembrance of our dear departed friend Hannie......
  6. I wanna read that one too. I can only imagine......
  7. GamerGirl? PLEASE tell me somebody got a copy of that. About when was it?
  8. PM'd you the history that I know. Read back through one of the threads and found I had missed a few things.
  9. Hopefully somebody screen-shotted or has a copy of that. Her rants could be epic..... Personally I always got along with her though we'd get into it on a few hotbutton topics (just like anyone else). And FYI she's running around here somewhere. GG hasn't showed up to my knowledge. Hannie from GT was here for a while but left. Whole 'nother story.
  10. Lately I've been watching the series "The Expanse" on Amazon Prime. It was on SyFy for three seasons but Amazon bought it for season four. It's about a group of "ice miners" that get caught up in tensions between Earth and the Mars colony in the future, and how citizens living in the asteroid belt figure into it. Meanwhile a detective from the Asteroid Belt ("The Belt") is trying to find a missing daughter of a rich businessman. All of these characters are human - man has colonized the moon, mars, the asteroid belt, and a few of Jupiter's moons. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3230854/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1 It's pretty good if you like Science Fiction/Space stuff.
  11. From your posts I think it may be time. The work you do can't be easy. IMO you do important work but you can't let it eat you alive either. Sometimes you gotta say "I've done all I can do" and step away.
  12. I always figured that's what happened to GKL. GG would definitely fight back but she wasn't one to cross the line too much.
  13. Yep. No real stars in it, but (or maybe because of that) it is considered the best of the Vietnam movies that came out around that time.
  14. BGH probably won't like this thread but nevertheless....... I still wanna know WTF GamerGirl did to get banned. She never even came close to the line AFAICR. Granted I didn't see all of her posts but the ones I did see she was very nice. Not saying it was or wasn't justified since I honestly just don't know. But it seems odd. Personally I haven't been over there in a while.
  15. SC Tiger


    Memes for use here. Feel free to snag some.
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