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  1. FYI and you probably know this - while it IS possible to steal your CC info with an RFID scanner, you will most likely know the thief is doing it because they would have to be right behind you and holding the scanner up against your ass.
  2. Funny Leatherman story - about 5-6 years ago, one of our supervisors brought me one they had found on an assembly line. They did not know who it belonged to. I thought I did so I took it and contacted the person. A few days go by and they respond that it was not theirs. So I hang onto it for a few years. I asked around but nobody was missing one. Anyway, about 2 years ago I decide to get it fixed. So I contact Leatherman, get the form, and send it in. They received it, cannot repair it, and so they replaced it for free. So I wound up with a brand new Leatherman.
  3. I think Ryobi batteries will work with any Ryobi tool - ie a 14V battery will work in an 18V tool - but not sure about going brand-to-brand. Honestly I think a lot of people stay with their brand of power tool once they accumulate a certain number of batteries.
  4. I still say there's a dead hooker in the trunk of that Tesla.
  5. On the Veyron the tires will last 15 minutes at top speed (260+ MPH). But it's okay because after 9 minutes it runs out of gas.
  6. I wasn't. I was trying to point out how movies are often inaccurate at this stuff.
  7. No but my father has a Grand Power P45 by the same company. Decent gun. Stribog is basically a poor man's B&T I think. They're supposedly pretty good but don't like poly-coated bullets (the anti-spawl things).
  8. The method you describe to get the gun into DA mode makes sense but makes double-action kinda useless. Maybe it's me getting older but the risk of an ND trying to get that thing into DA mode with a loaded chamber seems kinda stupid. But I could be missing something. Overall the gun was good but it's trying to get into a crowded market. First thing I would do is change the name to utilize the connection to the Stribog, which is supposedly an excellent machine gun (plus 'Grand Power' is a stupid name honestly). And lower the price. Because who's gonna pick a Grand Power over a Glock at the same price point?
  9. I think I remember in the movie Patton, Omar Bradley said that the German tanks were Diesels and US tanks were gas engined. The result was that a hit to the fuel system of a US tank was much worse than a hit to the fuel tanks of a German tank. This was the case maybe at the start but the newer Shermans were changed to Diesel engines and I think a lot of German tanks were actually gas engined. Actually it appears the Sherman went back and forth. I know there was a version of the Sherman called the Firefly that had the British 17 lb gun, but it barely fit in the tank. People also forget that the Pershing was a direct result of WWII so it wasn't like the War Department was just throwing Shermans at the Germans without any regard for the disparity of force. And the 76mm would most certainly kill a German tank. Apparently they often used the WP rounds on German tanks - it obscured the optics and would get sucked into the air system.
  10. I think Taurus did one (the PT92 or whatever it was) and there are others. Personally I don't like Cocked-and-locked without a secondary safety of some sort - either a grip safety or even just a thumb strap on the holster that goes between the hammer and the rear of the slide. I've seen safeties get flipped to the off position inadvertently.
  11. Then why in the hell is it DA/SA? That's what I don't get.
  12. Trigger pull is good on it - especially in single action.
  13. Yeah - just seems kinda silly to have a gun that functions that way with no decocker. Asking for an accident that way. I mean - yeah, it is doable. But just seems like there could be an obvious improvement.
  14. Unpossible. Maybe a severly downloaded 10mm load. Full house 10mm hits have to be filmed from orbit.
  15. Against a modern tank (M1, Challenger II, Latest Leopard) it would look like a Tiger II being turned into scrap metal. Better ammo, better armor, better fire control. Now "The Chieftan" on youtube would say it comes down to which one had the better track tensioning system. ? A video from The Chieftain - he's Irish but rose to the rank of Major (I think) in the US Army. He was a tank commander in Iraq. Goes into INSANE detail on some of these tanks. He's big on ergonomics of the tank. Sherman 1-on-1 sucked. But it was cheap, easy to maintain, easy to make, and as noted the US had a shvtload of them. You hold off three, and the other three are able to line up a perfect shot right up your keister. THAT BEING SAID - the 76mm on the enhanced Shermans was pretty potent. It could take out a Tiger (I think) from the front if it could survive long enough - not sure about Tiger II. This video goes into it a little bit: What do you think the chances of that Tiger II getting that close to an M1 are? That said - what you describe is obviously a theoretical exercise.
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