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  1. Good point. I think some even go as far as being involved in the creature features....AC, window motors, etc. Next idea - stand-alone ECU with a feed that goes to the built-in ECU. Basically, when engine is running the stand-alone feeds a signal to the stock ECU that tricks it into thinking it's running as a stock engine. Meanwhile the custom ECU controls the engine. There was one at one point that went between the car wiring harness and the stock ECU for a Mustang, and at a certain RPM it took over for the stock ECM. The problem I forsee is that you'd have to figure out how to trick the stock ECU not only into thinking the engine is stock, but also into doing what you want when you want it to. So if you want the car's suspension to firm up and it goes off of a particular set of engine paramters, you have to somehow feed those parameters to the stock ECU from the stand-alone. As a for instance, if the engine ECU needs to know when the AC is on, or what gear the trans is in, or info from the suspension, the 'stock' ecu (which would presumably know) would need to be be able to communicate that to the stand-alone ECU, which will need to know what to do with it. All while ensuring the stock ECU think that all's good from the sensor readings. Probably doable but could it be done economically? I could see that getting really complicated really fast. And our resident 'expert' (not at all saying Crockett isn't an expert or that he doesn't know his stuff, but I'm always hesitant about people I've only met on the internet) seems to confirm that the C8 ECU is unhackable - or damn close at this point.
  2. That's them I think. Sounds right anyway. My question is still - if you're gonna go that far, why not build an engine that uses a ECU that you can hack? Or use an older, hackable ECU with the current engine and hack it to work (if that's possible)? Are there more inputs/sensors/etc? The flat-plane crank may make using a mismatched ECU difficult or impossible though. I don't know much about that stuff. I haven't watched enough of that channel to know what they did, because while Emelia is cute, the channel can be obnoxious as hell. Tavarish has more technical content, and Wrench Every Day with Jared Pink is a pretty good one.
  3. If that's what I think it is, guys were putting those into cars back in the 60s-70s-80s I think (not sure). A flat plane crank used to be the only way you could get a forged crankshaft - you couldn't forge a conventional crankshaft. That may have changed. But apparently a flat plane crank is lighter.
  4. If I saw that video my first question would be HOW did she get an F40. Not the money - how did she get someone to sell it to her. I think Ferrari controls their used market pretty tightly. I know you have to be considered 'worthy' to own one of the really hot ones, like an F40 when it's new. That's one way McLauren is making inroads into the supercar market - they'll sell to anyone that has the money. How tightly Ferrari controls their used - I'm not so sure. Nice Retro Jordan's though. I guess - that's something else I don't know shvt about.....
  5. I like Doug Demuro's stuff, and I hate it at the same time. He's kinda obnoxious but he does show some really interesting cars. The McLaren Speedtail was my favorite. He's done everything from the Speedtail to a Yugo to some Soviet POS to a Lambo SUV. The T-shirt shows he owns his 'uniqueness' though. One question on the C8 Z06 - can it handle a track day without blowing up? They had some problems with earlier Corvettes.
  6. Watched another one of Hartford's videos and I'm coming around to the "face for the camera" concept. To me she did not look particularly comfortable working on an engine she was doing (along with someone from her shop). That's fine - a lot of shops don't even build engines anymore. Easier to farm that out to a specialist. Most standard repair shops these days would rather swap an engine out than rebuild (though that has more to do with warranty, costs, etc). I think the engine in her C8 was built in Texas. And I don't know how much she claims to know about that stuff so cannot comment there. Whatever. She's kinda cute and has apparently done pretty well for herself. Good for her. I only found out about her from a web series where they took ten cars that were supposed to be streetable high performance custom cars cars and tested them through several different tests. Most failed at something. She was one of the co hosts. I was supposed to know who the other two were I guess but alas, I have no idea. They took ten from the eastern half of the US, ten from the western, each competed and the top however many were supposed to compete in a finals of some sort.
  7. Here's what you're missing - the scene likely called for him to point the weapon at the camera and pull the trigger. Movies are a different world. Plain and simple. They require guns to be pointed at people, objects, animals - and the triggers pulled. That's why there is a world of different safety checks. I have my questions about some of those methods but in the end, if Baldwin was following the rules as presented, he is in the clear. That's why the safety checks are different and you are supposed to have an armorer who knows WTF he or she is doing. That said - it may not even be on the armorer. If she prepped the guns and they were tampered with after the fact, it may not be on her. So many here want to pin this on Baldwin because they don't like his politics. Probably because he dislikes Trump. And that just isn't fair to the man. We are supposed to be better than that.
  8. True - and honestly it's a rather cute butt. But there isn't much technical detail. The time I believe, simply because if they lied about it, it would get out there pretty fast. I'm sure the dragstrip has some sort of records. The power...ehhhh....as I stated above I think their GOAL was 1500 but they didn't hit it. Ironically, remove the LT2, drop in an LT1 and it's doable with enough $$$$$.
  9. I think Ruger will do this right. Remington did everything they could to destroy Marlin. But time will tell.
  10. I re-read the article on it and it appears they've hit ~1000 hp - or that's the claim. Not sure if they were there when she made the record run though (which I think has been broken twice). I think 1500 was the goal, but I was also thinking the stock C8 made more power than it does. They also keep breaking stuff on the car. I expect you'll see people putting older-gen LT engines in these things - if they'll fit - to get more power. Or someone will create a standalone ECU that replaces the GM one. I would think there is more potential in a tuned and built LT1 vs a non-tunable LT2. And I'm sure it will fit. If you can stuff an LS into a Porsche 911.... I think she's a little more than that, but she is quite good at that. She ain't ugly. And she draws attention. Honestly though her channel is a mass of stupidity, yelling, and an occasional car part being spotted. I don't really watch it.
  11. Some people are doing some insane things with the current C8. This one makes - I think - ~1500 ~1000 HP using a twin turbo setup that mounts behind the rear bumper. The girl leaning on it is the owner and her shop built it. BTW - the girl is the owner and builder.
  12. Now, THIS makes more sense. Baldwin the EXEC PRODUCER may well be liable if he hired an unqualified armorer. But that would be a civil liability. - especially if he was unaware of the crew members plinking with the gun. If true, your story also explains the live ammo in the area. All that said - if they were rehersing the scene there is no reason for the gun to have had anything in it at all.
  13. As actor, I agree. And I agree with your general premise. However, Alec Baldwin the Exec Producer might be liable.
  14. Precisely why you put this in the hands of an armorer, who should be well versed in gun safety. But somewhere along the line someone fvcked up.
  15. Insurance probably mandated it. Remember, most insurance agents are not knowledgeable on things like guns. And most actors are idiots.
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