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  1. Well, it's different. Is breathing through the rear common on mid-engine cars? Seems like it could cause problems at higher speeds. Transmission is listed as a Dual-Clutch Auto with manual mode. Interesting.
  2. Sounds about like how Honda does it on their V6 cars except I don't know about the labor amount. It's suggested to replace the water pump when replacing the timing belt (about every 100K miles I think) on a Honda, but most people don't replace timing chains outside of a problem. I don't know what the timing belt job pays on a Honda V6 though. I'm not sure why they would put it there though. Especially if the engine has a timing chain. I had a friend who had an Edge that the water pump went out on. Decided to just trade the car in since it had something like 150K miles. I think the quote was something like $2300 for the job.
  3. Imagine all of us in about 35 years at the old folks home, playing Halo on the XBox and jamming out to Metallica and AC/DC.
  4. I guess that counts. Well done. Still - it's never been done in numbers like the F150 will be - if it winds up on the gas versions as well.
  5. My guess is that was retrofitted to an existing truck. Not sure why they would put that stuff (it appears to be a wrap, not paint) on a current-gen F150 body. Maybe there's something hiding under there? Car makers do all kinds of weird stuff like that to hide details. Check this out: Camaro front end on......something.
  6. That's supposed to hid the details of the bodywork.
  7. It may. Some trucks already have that option. I think AWD is basically a 4wd system with some brains behind it that auto-engages. What bugs me about Ford is that they are now supposedly burying their water pumps inside the engine somewhere. Makes it a bear to change. I'd say since the 80s at least. Unless the Sierra Denali (the all-wheel-steering one) had it I'm not aware of any having it. I think there are aftermarket kits out there though.
  8. Some video and still shots of an EV version of the F150 have been floating around. What's really interesting though is seen from the back: She looks to have an independent rear suspension. That would be a first for a modern pickup. That is interesting. And before you ask I've no idea why an electric truck has a tailpipe. Possibly an attempt at a decoy. Link to story: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/25/electric-ford-f-150-prototype-spy-shots-rear-suspension/
  9. Personally, I'd just take my pocketknife to that chair and make it as manspreading-friendly as I wanted it to be. Or sit in it backwards.
  10. Student gets award for an anti-manspreading chair. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7253545/amp/Female-college-student-designs-chair-blocks-manspreading.html?__twitter_impression=true The one on the right is a guy - the one on the left is a girl in the female version designed to encourage women to spread out their legs a bit while sitting in it.
  11. A bit of Wisdom from Huaco. Probably could be considered a miracle, honestly.
  12. I don't believe it. Because the answer is 120. See @tous's response for the explanation.
  13. I don't believe it. Because the answer is 120. See @tous's response for the explanation.
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