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  1. He was probably the best engineer of the three. The man could make a robot do darn near anything. The sword-swinging robot (not the hardest build he ever did by any means) is still the most terrifying robot I ever saw on Mythbusters. RIP.
  2. One of the most realistic Vietnam movies out there. "Now un-ass my AO!" Dylan McDermott was great in that movie, and Steven Weber was fantastic. Great quote from Dylan McDermott's character Sgt Frantz (who I always wondered - is he supposed to be Dennis Franz? Name is similar and Dennis Franz is a Vietnam vet - 82nd and 101st Airborne). Sgt. Frantz: Han is closing in on your position. It's night... Look at me! I'm gonna save your life and your gonna save mine. It's night, it's raining. While your thinking about peace, love and whether or not we should be in Vietnam, Han is going to cut your ****ing throat. And your sleeping. You've been humping the boonies for months. It's your turn to sleep, you're allowed to sleep. What do you think Han is going to do? Is he going to wake you up, Alphabet? And smile? And talk about women? Mister Nathanial Victor gets his rocks off watching you die. Some of you think you have problems because you're against the war. You demonstrated in school... you wear peace symbols on your steel, and you have attitudes. I'm orphan, my brother's queer, the city of Chicago got the clap from my sister, Mom drinks, Dad coughs blood, I have ringworm, imersion foot, the incurable crud and the draft ruined my chances of being a brain surgeon. People, you are in Vietnam. You have no problems. Except me. [points to Han who is holding an RPG and grinning] Sgt. Frantz: And him.
  3. It's mostly mindless stupidity - but it's mindless stupidity WITH GUNS!!!! Other than that I don't know anything about the guy. But is videos are pretty funny.
  4. Needs the "People who use shotguns" changed to "Fudds"
  5. That man's a hero. Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need. Rack ain't big enough.....
  6. Anyone here watch Brandon Herrera's Youtube channel? He's also known as The AK Guy. A lot of his stuff is pretty funny. Not overly informative (though there is some good stuff there if you don't know much about AK47s) but it's good entertainment. Warning though - his language is a little rough at times. Warning - he has no use for AR15s, though I suspect a lot of that has to do with the fact that in his business, the AR is a direct competitor.
  7. SC Tiger


    (Running joke on another board I frequent)
  8. Was the cop @ around 4 minutes using a 1911? Couldn't tell but it kinda sorta looked like it might be something that sorta looks a little like a 1911.
  9. Dog kinda trots over there like "for God's sake guys....I got this." "Fur missile" - I like that! I noticed all of the officers at some point moving backwards. I assume to cover. As far as "calling the big guy" she was probably alerting everyone in the area. But I did watch with no sound..... I did notice at one point that two officers were directly across from each other but they corrected it pretty quickly.
  10. If that were me, I still wouldn't catch a damn thing all day.
  11. Gonna be really fun when the mag releases fail and the mags fly apart. Dear God that's hillarous. Also studied at Clemson for a while. People who knew him said he was kind of rough around the edges but a good guy. Reminds me of the dog pants one.
  12. So THAT'S how they work..... If that were a Chrysler I'd give it a pass. I'd assume the bumper stickers were what was holding it together.
  13. That's my understanding - the outer dimensions of the round are the same but the pressure and chamber dimensions are different due to higher pressures. But I wanted to make sure.
  14. Looking at reloading dies, I notice that MidwayUSA doesn't show any for 5.56mm (at least in the RCBS dies). They do have a .223. This got me wondering - are the dies interchangable? I know a 5.56 rifle can fire .223 but a .223 shouldn't be used to fire 5.56, but does this also extend to the dies?
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