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  1. It's more of the writing on the plate that I find hysterical than that actual picture.
  2. Anyone else find this hysterical? A bulletproof plate - designed to stop a projectile flying at 2000+ FBS - has "handle with care" written on it! I get it - it's designed to work by dissipating energy through spreading it out and by giving in, and that could be compromised if you drop it, etc. And it is designed to take a specific kind of load from a specific angle, etc. But on the surface, it's funny as hell!
  3. Anyone watch the Task and Purpose videos on Youtube? It's a channel that deals with military stuff - new weapons, history of armor, history of infantry, is the Stryker better than the Russian BM-60, etc. Their videos are (if accurate) informative and the hosts usually have enough of a smart-ass demeanor to make them entertaining. Most are around 3-4 minutes I think, though some are in the 9-11 minute range. They also have a few straight-up funny videos like "Why Air Force women won't date Infantry guys" or something (those aren't as good). For the record I am in no way associated with the channel, but I stumbled upon it last night and thought it was interesting.
  4. I'm thinking where they try to justify the actions of a terrorist. Supposedly that's what they did to some extent in "Munich" - though I haven't seen that movie. I get it - their life sucked and they want to do something about it. But all the good guys can do is deal with the person as they stand now. How they got there is their problem. (not directed at you - just ranting a bit).
  5. In reality she was supposedly even worse.
  6. That's what I was wondering. Would they try to make the terrorists "misunderstood" rather than evil sumbitches that needed to die? 'Cuz they was evil sumbitches that needed to die. Should have dirt napped Idi Amin while they were there, but that probably would have increased the risk of the rescue operation too much.
  7. I'm kinda scared to have my "inventory" (such that it is) on anything digital. I keep a paper logbook in my lockbox and pictures stored on a file locker on my phone (the same type most people use to hide nudie pics - but I got no nudie pics).
  8. It involving Israel as the good guys makes it a tough sell in today's Hollywood. "Delta Force" was partially based off of it, but obviously changed the nationality of the good guys. And added the closest thing we have to an actual superhero in real life:
  9. That's not what I call stupid. That's an adventure. You might go splat but you get a thrill out of it. WTF kind of thrill do you get trying to burn your house down?
  10. This sounds like a demented version of rock/paper/scissors. But apparently a cop had an issue where his K9 bit a cow, To get the K9 off the cow the cop tazed the K9, which spooked the cow, which then kicked the cop. And this is in South Carolina - not Florida. https://www.wspa.com/news/state-news/k-9-bites-cow-sc-deputy-tases-k-9-cow-kicks-deputy/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WSPA_7News
  11. The local home depot was fresh out of 400-ft tape measures.
  12. Definitely. I was thinking about how to splatter Idi Amin after the fact. 'Cause he needed a-splatterin' Damn operation was near perfection. There were some screwups - they lost tactical surprise by killing two guard with an unsuppressed rifle - but they did very, very well. They also blew up something like 11 Ugandan MiGs as a final "Fvck You" to Uganda.
  13. True - precision strikes weren't as "precision" as we'd like to think. I think on one of Clinton's cruise missile launches, they had 7 misses out of 21 launches. And getting "an asset" into a country to "neutralize" a "threat" can be "a hell of a lot harder than the movies make it look." Even a third-world toilet.
  14. Didn't know that but meant (and should have said) only casualty among the actual operators. Two hostages were killed accidentally by the Israelis - one who stood up and was mistaken for a terrorist, and the other I'm not sure. Ten more were wounded. The woman at the hospital was murdered as retaliation. Personally, if I'm Israel I'd have sent Idi Amin a present for that........... Or whatever they had in the 1980s that was equivalent.
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