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  1. Another board I frequent was discussing using water drops on the cathedral - similar to what they do in a forest fire. To me, it seemed too risky as a) the water would disperse too much (water drops are usually done AHEAD of the fire I think in a forest, and are more about reducing dry conditions and getting the fire to stop spreading), b) turbulence as a result of all of the heat from the fire rising (and possibly resulting in a plane crashing into someone's living room) and c) excessive structural damage from the weight of the water - and perhaps not even on the structure ON fire. All in all - this seems like something too stupid to even discuss but apparently the Italians have actually done it - though not on a fire anywhere this large: https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/47175878/firefighter-helicopter-drops-water-extinguish-fire-building.html
  2. Regardless, I'd rather wait for proof of arson before making accusations. Otherwise we sound like the lefties and their cries of racism/sexism/insert-thing-here-ism.
  3. The good news is a large percentage of the parts that aren't original were probably what burned. Wood rots over time. It does seem the stained glass windows survived.
  4. IMO the ideas of arson are a bit premature. With renovations going on it is quite possible that it was done by accident. While the French will handle any arsonist without mercy, for now I would tend to believe it was an accident. Timing makes sense too if the renovation crew got off at 5. Someone got sloppy in their final few minutes at work. It happens.
  5. Trash gonna post trash, regardless of religion or nationality. Fvck them all.
  6. It seems the stone was saved. And hopefully the windows. If it's arson, the French will show exactly how vicious they can be. Say what you want, you press the right button and France can be quite violent towards her enemies. You just have to get the politicians out of the way and let the ass kickers kick ass. This. Stone, wood and glass can be replaced. The guys who built it wouldn't want someone to die to save it. It can be built again. There are schools that teach that. One is in Charleston, SC. Another is in Savannah, GA I believe. And I'm sure there is at least one in France, and probably Italy and London. And many other places. Were I in either school I would give my left testicle to get in on the rebuild as an intern. Even if it's just carrying buckets of plaster or something. Were I a professional I'd show up with my tools in a van and say "where do I start?" As stated above - there are schools that teach that. Mostly from a historical perspective. Plus - if we did it before, we can learn to do it again. France will rebuild this. Will give the rare "Fvck you" to anyone who tries to stop them. IMO they will do it in a way that doesn't exactly replicate the original structure but pays homage to it. Yet it is stronger, safer, and hopefully more fire retardant.
  7. That building is over 800 years old. Think about all that it has seen. This is a tragedy. There were a lot of renovations being done. They think that is where this started. Obviously nobody knows for sure yet.
  8. Looked it up - Beriev BE200 CHS. It's a Russian design and the intakes are high to prevent water from entering during firefighting operations or water landings. It is also amphibious.
  9. Not sure what is going on here but I'd be happy to observe for a few hours and try to figure it out. I'm not sure what that is but I like it. "and that, kids, is why Napalm was invented."
  10. Were I them, I'd keep something really juicy back as a bargaining chip.
  11. It's a relatively small private school that is right next door to the Compton area of Los Angeles.
  12. Bad news - water would get into the intakes if it came out. Good news - water won't come out. Gravity is a bitch.....
  13. Is that a ground-up designed airborne firefighting plane? Clever. I suspect we have the people, but we don't have the near-unlimited funding. We don't have the threat of the Russians. We do, but few see it. Damn thing still looks like it might snap in half - especially with a heavy load on the center wing area. I don't think it will but it sure looks like it would.
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