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  1. I remember an ad for Gumout or something that had a lime-green Pinto or something like that on it. The ad read: "Makes any car last longer. Use with caution."
  2. All from "Man on Fire" Rayburn: [refering to Creasy to Miguel Manzano in the Agency for Federal Investigation Headquarters] A man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece. Rayburn: [refering to Creasy, to Miguel Manzano in the Agency for Federal Investgations] He'll deliver more justice in a weekend than ten years of your courts and tribunals. Creasy: Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting. Creasy: [to Fuentes, with both his hands tied to the hood of the car] I got all the time in the world. *You* don't, but I do. (Denzel Washington's deliver makes this one great) "Did you forget who I am?" - Optimus Prime, Transformers - The Last Knight - right before slaughtering 7-8 bad guys with a single sword stroke
  3. There are advantages either way. If you don't, social distancing becomes easier.
  4. Somewhere a bodyman is bragging about how much fab work he had to do to get the front end to fit on a Charger that came in his shop.
  5. Two ways to make your own masks: Just in case you need a mask.
  6. I'm at work too. Also essential. In all of this a lot of people forget that there are quite a few people still dragging their asses to work every day.
  7. They were both built from San Clemente class oil tankers, though there are changes often done ship-to-ship. Mercy is apparently a foot wider (106 ft vs 105) and a half-knot slower.
  8. She was supposedly due for some major maintenance including an engine rebuild or something, but they said "screw that noise" and sent her up to NYC. Can any other country float a 1000-bed hospital into an affected zone as quickly as we (the US) can?
  9. Just speaking to the trailers, remember that they aren't allowed out for much right now. That means no funerals and they probably can't even collect the body. So what else are they going to do with the bodies?
  10. USNS Comfort arriving in New York Harbor. USNS Comfort is a converted supertanker that is just short of 900 feet long. 1000 patient capacity, 1200 medical personnel, 2 O2 plants, 80 ICU beds, 12 ORs........ She's an impressive ship. The USNS Mercy - Comfort's sister ship - is in LA right now.
  11. Funniest thing I've seen - local meat processor has a store where they sell directly to customers. But with the virus around they are having people wait outside in a line - 6 ft apart. Then they let in a couple of people at a time. You get what you want, pay and leave.
  12. How dare you call it a China Flu. That is incorrect. It's not a flu. China Virus is more appropriate.
  13. Deshaun Watson apparently bought lunch for the entire Gainsville, GA (his hometown) police department. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/hall-county/georgia-born-nfl-star-sends-lunch-his-hometown-police-department/YO7QZLTWIZAKZKQ3PEYWJGC2W4/ I know others have done great things and some have probably done even more (JJ Watt comes to mind as one example over his career) but DW is apparently as great off the field as he is on it.
  14. Yes, Master Chief John-117. I'm thinking of a couple of pieces of fishing line. That's true - especially at the younger levels. At last year's district race, the winner for the Wolves was a girl running a car with three wheels. Depending on the rules you go with that is either legal or it isn't. At the pack race we had one car that had a wheel keep falling off. We let the scout fix it between races but they can't do that in the district race. SC Tiger Cub and I didn't care - he was a "Bear" and his car had one wheel up in the air a little bit anyway.
  15. We went ahead and painted the cars. Will post pictures later even though one isn't "finished" yet. His is going to have a character from Halo riding in the top - just need to find a way to secure him (thinking about using fishing line or something).
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