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  1. SC Tiger

    knife sharpeners

    I used my Worksharp this weekend but tried it without the guard. I think it may actually be better. A normal outdoor knife is pretty close to straight-up-and-down on the belt anyway, though I suspect how much pressure you use (ie belt flex) plays a big part. I think my next pocketknife will be a Spyderco in VG-10, or an Ontario in D-2. I doubt either of those will see the worksharp much. https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/Identify-the-Parts-of-Your-Knife-W64.aspx I had no idea what the hell he was talking about either. I knew what the bolster was. I think what he's saying is that the blade will become thinner edge-to spine, than the bolster so the bolster will stick out. Honestly if you don't abuse them, your kitchen knifes will only need this from time to time: Also in my search for "knife heel" I found this - not really related but kinda interesting: Probably be hell on hardwood floors.
  2. SC Tiger

    Why would you put that motor in that car?

    Strangest choice I ever heard was to put an LSX into this: I get wanting LSX power, but I think I'd go with something a little more.......refined. Not a fugitive from the Alabama National Guard.
  3. SC Tiger

    Why would you put that motor in that car?

    Actually - I do too. That model car looks good from certain angles. The black certainly helps. That model isn't as great on the broadside, but certainly not bad either: I'm still trying to formulate my opinion on this (the concept, not this actual car):
  4. SC Tiger

    Random Posting

    Wouldn't it be more of an ass BEATING? I saw no asses getting kicked, but I did see one woman beating the hell out of another woman's ass with her head. Check that - the one on the left is kicking the other one right in the ass.
  5. SC Tiger

    Harbor freight

    If your boyfriend has to steal tools from you, that's a major mancard fail. But I can't say much. Once I was working on my car in college and was short two wrenches. Neighbor (girl, lived alone) asked what I needed. I told her a 15mm and 16mm wrench. I figure no way she has that. She pops back out with two Craftsman wrenches, in the right sizes. Nice stuff. This was back when Danaher was still making their stuff. I was using Wal-mart special wrenches.
  6. SC Tiger

    Random Posting

    What in the hell is that from?
  7. SC Tiger

    knife sharpeners

    Do you use the guide? I know some people freehand them. I bought one of these last weekend as well - not this exact one but is similar: Basically I have more knife sharpening **** than I know what to do with. I've just accumulated it over the years. I wish I had my money back for most of it. I'd keep the angle thing, the worksharp, a few stones, and two steels. Maybe the small pull sharpener for if I am camping or something. It's like this but smaller:
  8. SC Tiger

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    I can't find it now and her profile is apparently gone. Huh. Whatever. Their site - they can do what they want.
  9. SC Tiger

    knife sharpeners

    Work Sharp will get then razor sharp - but you can fark it up if you don't know what you're doing. I have a knife now that I need to probably take down and re-do because I nicked the blade somehow. It will shave hair but won't slice paper. There appears to be a bad spot on the blade. I won't use it on my really good stuff. Video on the Work Sharp: It's not the only game in town to be sure but it works.
  10. SC Tiger

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Wonder who? I'm wondering if GKL got the boot. Not to sound creepy but there are certain posters there that when they're gone, you notice. I still like it over there well enough. Some of the same people are there and that's cool. What in the hell is happening in that gif? It looks painful. Was the car full of some sort of combustible gas?
  11. SC Tiger

    I Friggin' Love My Car

    It's okay to love your car, just so long as you don't LOOOOVVVEEE your car. I'd be careful going off-book on the oil. It might make the ticking worse. Thicker oil has trouble getting into the tiny nooks and crannies that thinner oil can.
  12. Garbage article but does kind of illustrate the point. It amazes me how few people realize that the Vice President of the United States would be a target for false accusations. So while even if .1% of accusations are false, those who would make a false accusation are going to gun for people like Pence.
  13. That is one of the first things that comes to my mind about this. In retrospect, he's brilliant.
  14. SC Tiger

    Look who's coming back (Maybe)

    I think Walmart is feeling some of the bite from Amazon. But I don't think they will go away. Ideas like the pickup in store, and where you can order online and they bring it to your car, will keep them around. That's some clever stuff.