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  1. Was he following orders from an actual person? Part of a cell? Just a nut job? Was this a targeted murder made to look like a mass shooting? Motive is always important. As far as not identifying the human waste, wouldn’t it suck if he had the same name as you and looked somewhat like you? Wouldn’t you want the authorities to make damn sure they identified the right guy? Also, OPSEC. You never know what other angles are being worked. Information can be a weapon.
  2. Three elements of a crime: Motive Knowledge Opportunity
  3. How do you find/sign up for these things? I wouldn’t mind getting tased again for a “free” taser.
  4. I also recommend the freeze +p. It has the CS in there to add to the irritation. I know down here you can walk into a uniform shop and pick up some LE strength.
  5. Soo, no one interested? Or did I price it too high? First time selling something like this...
  6. Ahhh. The dude I ran into was the hoe that got passed around. The tattoo was to let everyone know he was AB property and they needed to pay to play.
  7. Hmmm, Alaska you say. New item on my bucket list. Lol
  8. Yesterday. Took the kiddos to the beach. I don’t do freshwater and hate pools. It’s kind of surreal to me. I have to drive at least four hours to get to a beach now. As a kid it was within walking distance and the beaches were a whole lot better.
  9. BLUF: $80. Shipping included. Buyer pays pay pal fees. Pictures on request. Purchased these in 2012. They sat on my duty gun for 6 years. Still very bright. In good shape. Link to product from Brownells: https://www.brownells.com/aspx/search/productdetail.aspx?sid=17236&pid=70720 Product information: 394-102-318MB Slantpro Sight Set for Glock Mfr Part: 318P
  10. Never tried the TT. Siding w/Glockinator on that issue. Loving the Pierce +1s though. Haven’t had an issue yet.
  11. Ehhh. Decided to keep my name too. Makes life easier for me.
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