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  1. Thanks Zonny, will add that to my list to try next time.
  2. Always much smaller than the box too!
  3. Forgot about ALDI when I posted. If one was closer I would have gone there. I think those are the best frozen I've had!
  4. geofri

    Pregnant waitress received his tip

    "Pregnant waitress received his tip" Obviously...
  5. Is there ANY frozen pizza that is decent??? Closest pizza shack is Domino's which I haven't had for a LONG time.. and don't really like. Been craving pizza for weeks, decided to splurge today and didn't want to drive far. Was gonna cost me $22.00+ for one xlrg pizza.. Couldn't bare to blow that much money, and ended up going to the grocery store, grabbing mushrooms, onions, banana pepper rings(because they never have enough good topings!), and a frozen Digiorno. I haven't not spruced up a frozen pizza in years. Do people actually choke them down OEM/stock?? My main two complaints, They all seem to have a similar taste/flavor. Ever notice that??? A bit salty.. hard to describe.. hints of the same taste in $1. personal no-name brand crap, and $10 pizzas. The crust! Directions always say bake on rack no pan. I cut the roof of my mouth on that hard crunchy crust every time! and then usually I burn my mouth shortly thereafter. Frozen crust is never even close to takeout pizza. the heck. Took my mom years.. but she finally perfected making pizzas from scratch shortly before I moved out and away... Guess I gotta start myself.
  6. geofri

    Secret revealed, pancakes

    I think I once heard you need to make the batter and refrigerate overnight?
  7. geofri

    Anyone here still have a Plasma TV?

    You say that like plasma is outdated or old or something?
  8. geofri

    Texas, Proposed Firearms Bills

    Sure nice to see them all compiled like that. I could get used to seeing a report like that to keep tabs on the latest propositions. The (R) list is kinda pale against the (D) list though.. don't like that.
  9. geofri

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    I'da twisted him like a tourniquet!
  10. geofri

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    My favorite is when someone needs to tighten or loosen a flathead screw... "Hey lemme see your knife"...
  11. Depending on how that played out, that's quite a feat. Stabbing underwater isn't easy. They are slow to give up. Shooting one with your speargun is a sure fire way to damage and/or lose your gear.
  12. Badass. I always wanted to kill a boar/deer with only a knife.. but bare handed is just wild.
  13. Hadn't heard that about Sugarland. I don't make it down there much.. though lately I've been down towards bissonnet x 59 for asian groceries every couple weeks. Lot of parking lot security guards and more police than I'm used to seeing.. wondered what that was about.
  14. Just as I respect and support our troops, I can still question wars we enter. I think we ask too much of police.. scale it back a notch.
  15. Stossel did a good bit on the rise in swat raids a number of years ago. I'll try to link it. I'm no expert, but I think if we didn't have door smashing, we wouldn't see so many LEOs get shot. I think it's placing them in more danger than needed. Especially if I was sleeping, or busy doing something noisy in the garage, yelling PD before smashing in the door would likely NOT fully communicate your authority as police and I'd be on my way to shooting back. Terrifying situation to think about being placed in.