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  1. That's cool you made it there! You're more brave than I. I avoid any police/military as much as possible there, just don't trust them. Partially because my only personal interaction thus far has been to pay them to leave me alone. Too bad the dive wasn't more impressive.
  2. Water. No. All of the dirty street food from back alley food carts. Yes. Been sick once from something like a half doz trips to mx. Things were only "violent" for 1-2 weeks.. but it took months and months to settle down internally. Never figured out what caused it.
  3. I haven't mastered taxis. You'll pay gringo prices unless you're savvy, dark, and or fluent in Spanish. I'd see if the hotel will arrange transport, that's been my best luck so far. Haven't done any of the touristy dives, just go out in a panga spearfishing. are you taking a gopro? get us some footage if you do! i've heard Marietas is great. That taco place is on the south side of town, near the beach. kinda on the main strip. I haven't explored much of the city, I go to dive and don't spend much time on land. This should get you there if you get a chance: Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 1954 Versalles 48310 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.Mexico There are crocs in the river/drainage area near the Mega grocery store,(close the the taco place) if you're into that sorta thing. They are elsewhere too.. be careful messing around any river outlets on the beach.
  4. PM me if you need any specifics. There are some shady strip clubs and I've had some promoter types try really hard to get myself and friends to go in. I wouldn't go out after dark, though friends have without issue.
  5. Playa Punta Pérula Been then a couple times. Where you diving? Favorite restaurant, dirty little street tacos. ( get the Pork al pastor) Drive down to Playa Punta Pérula if you want to escape the city. Restaurante Santon cooked up our catch, and did a good job.
  6. something along those lines :E
  7. Hi Rabbi. Long time no see! You gave me some advice years ago, related to employment/learning/life. It proved out true(~just 6 months ago it really hit home and I remembered what you had said), I just wish I had been a little more mindful of what you said when you said it. DevilDog, you already know this, but this guy^ gives good advice.. consider it.
  8. Make Devildog Sell Cars Again!
  9. The sun has set on my freedom. Started working this month, and so I've slowed a bit. [/url]20190413202840_IMG_6227 Trying not to loose my momentum this time, and keep up the adventures. I don't want to fall back into the trap of allowing work to overshadow my personal life and health.
  10. [/url]20190406123359_IMG_6044
  11. It's good to see some of the old jokes carry over.
  12. We're gonna be almost neighbors! I'll probably be somewhere around Gainesville.
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