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  1. Streamlight Strion LED, it's a little bit old school but it sure does the job.
  2. I just bought a Romeo 4B for a AR pistol. So far I am very impressed.
  3. Due to the fact that it's a pistol. It would be too close to your eye if it were mounted like a carbine.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll do a little research.
  5. The only issue I have with the 40 is reloading. I simply don't trust reloads in a 40, not even my own.
  6. This is the best answer. The nut is too easy to check to worry about.
  7. Morning everyone, I have a question for the panel. Which red dot sight is best for around $250? Thanks.
  8. A little bit of fun I just put together.
  9. Just joined this morning myself. I have high hopes.
  10. Morning everyone. Thanks Eric, Glocktalk truly wasn't what it used to be.
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