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  1. We are still kicking it in the beer thread. We miss you there, buddy. Cheers to you KW! ?
  2. I remember the Ghoul as a kid on late night Detroit TV. Although I watched a lot more of Sir Graves Ghastly.
  3. Sorry for the late response.? I know you’re a Michigander. I’m in the south east lower. Not too far from Ann Arbor. ?
  4. The wife had MRSA 12 years ago. Damn near killed her. She’s lucky to be alive.
  5. I’ve been using TT now for probably 16 years. Works great every time.
  6. You got that right. Lots of rain! Could be snow though, which we haven’t had much of at all so far this winter, at least in my area of the southeastern lower peninsula.
  7. I appreciate the advice. I’ll keep my eyes open for the Weller’s. Is it hard to find? The Blanton’s I bought Thursday was kind of a fluke. The store clerk saw that I was looking at bourbon and said he had 3 bottles of Blanton’s in the back room. I’m pretty new to bourbon and decided to go for it. Glad I did!
  8. I made this cake just the other day after you posted it at the other place. It was a big hit!
  9. Hey KW! Good to make contact with you. Happy holidays to you too. Your name came up in the beer thread just a couple of days ago, you are missed!
  10. Actually there’s one more that I’m drinking. This is from a local distillery. Great stuff.
  11. I’m drinking two of your top 5. Blanton’s and Maker’s Mark.
  12. Feather bowling at the Cadieux Cafe. I have done that.
  13. A claw hammer to the head would stop a shooter, but unless you’re Yukon Cornelius, good luck!
  14. You could be absolutely correct about that.?
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