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  1. First off, it's .5, not .05...
  2. No, he'd still be dead. Thank God for small favors.
  3. Since H&K is filing bankruptcy... this probably isn't effective.
  4. One outdoor show when I was with Tammy Wynette, a bug flew in her mouth while she was singing. She choked, the road manager ran out with water, and she said, "No, just let him walk down." 😂
  5. I'm not a young'un, and I have no clue what that is.
  6. More than most, because statistically, they're more full of 💩 than any other segment of the population.
  7. Two friends of mine that have since passed, a guitar player named Cliff and a blind drummer named Jan... after a gig on a snowy cold night, Cliff was driving Jan home. Because the weather was bad, and Cliff had to drive really slow, Jan got out of sync on where the turns and time were on the drive. Cliff stopped a couple houses from Jan's house and said, "Ok, Jan, we're here!" Jan got out of the car and was walking really slow because of the snow, and tumbled over an unfamiliar row of bushes. He laid there in the snow hollering, "CLIFF, YOU NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH!!" Cliff was laughing his butt off!
  8. And I thought it maybe just conched out. 😁
  9. I like how the camera position makes the sign behind her head read, "BELIE"
  10. That's not Steve Brule, that's "Carl Bert!" (Charlie Abdon, Tammy Wynette's drummer back in the day. He was doing this 40 years ago. This guy must've stole it from him.)
  11. Beautiful!!!!!!
  12. It started out fairly centrist, but by the end of season 1 it had taken a hard left. I was glad to see it gone after 2 seasons. Basically all the main characters got killed off except for Keifer. He had brief moments where his personality drifted toward Jack Bauer, but as the president, of course those went nowhere. Generally disappointing.
  13. Yeah, well, she's an idiot, so there's that...
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