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  1. I messaged Microtech on Instagram, asking if they had plans for another run. They responded with, "got some 70's coming through". I hope that means soon!
  2. I'm really wanting a UTX-70 147-7. Would make a fine addition to my collection! Unfortunately there are none to be found. Does Microtech do runs of different models, or is this an obsolete model? TIA
  3. Obviously you haven't been paying attention.
  4. I bet that Strat is worth a pretty penny. I was in total sticker shock while shopping for a guitar! Thank you for the info on the YouTube channel. I'll check'em out. Perfect. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  5. Many many moons ago I played guitar. Mostly garage band stuff, a few small gigs, parties and the like. Hard rock and heavy metal for the most part. But I lost interest, played less and less. Eventually sold all my gear (big mistake!). Fast forward to present day. I've got the bug again. Picked up an Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Pro Plus EX (midnight ebony) and ordered a Laney Ironheart IRT-Studio (backordered, shipping next month). Unfortunately I've learned that everything I knew is gone. I'm basically starting fresh. Been doing finger exercises to try and re-build strength/calluses. Also scouring the interwebs for basic chords and scales (tab) trying to refresh the old memory. Any recommendations for books or websites that would help me in my quest would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Into The Badlands was an outstanding show. Looking forward to the upcoming season but sad to see it end.
  7. I actually get a much better edge using the Sharpmaker than I do with the WorkSharp.
  8. You're not going to like the price. I contacted Wicked Edge and this is the model they recommended for pocket knives. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B06WVL25DF/ Right now it's showing $499 on Amazon, but I've seen it as low as $410.
  9. I've found it works better on larger blades. Pocket knives not so much, unless you shell out another $75 or so for the WSSAKO81112 blade grinder attachment. With that said, I'm saving up for the Wicked Edge Pro-Pack 1.
  10. I find it unnerving that all my contemporaries are dropping dead. Keith Richards died 20 years ago. He just refused to lay down.
  11. I normally get a refund from the feds every year. I purposely do this and look at the refund as a vacation or new gun fund. I expected the refund to be less this year due to the changes in the tax laws. To my surprise I actually received a larger refund! Normally I end up owing the state money (FUAC!). Not this year. Governor Fredo Mussolini actually had to cut me a check for $17! A small yet sweet victory for me. MAGA is working for me. Looking forward to KAGA too.
  12. Forgot to post this link which you might find useful. https://clark.com/personal-finance-credit/credit-debit-cards/credit-cards-free-cell-phone-protection/
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