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  1. Not too many alternatives that are truly private. De-googled Chrome works if you were happy with Chrome, but it's not for all. Hardened Firefox works, but breaks some websites which is a royal PITA. Then there is Brave, which I like. But they have some shady goings-on too.
  2. This is why Firefox still lives. Google is funding development. I'd wager that's so they can claim they're not a monopoly in the browser world.
  3. Privacy Tools is a good site. I've been taking privacy minded steps in my digital life. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is a good start. Replacing snooping apps where ever I can. Adblocking extensions for your browser, and a VPN (do you homework on this) also help. I realize I can never break totally free from the Amazon/Google/Facebook/Apple/etc. companies for real privacy. But I figure the more difficult I can make it for them, the better off I'll be.
  4. minderasr


    Just like Apple's privacy based marketing campaign. All bull****, selling rubes lies. But with extremely limited viable alternatives, we spoon up.
  5. I'd love a new privacy minded cell phone. But I'm not comfortable being an early adopter. Keeping an eye on this one.
  6. I briefly lived in Globe about 40 years ago. Prayers sent.
  7. My nephew (22yo college student) drives for Amazon part time. He loves it...or so I've been told.
  8. Funny how they don't offer any discount on membership since they fail to live up to the two day delivery outlined in the Prime contract. Prime two day shipping has been out the window since the pandemic began. They're getting better (at least in my area) since Amazon started using their own vehicles to deliver, rather than relying on the USPS or UPS. Also, I think Amazon forces smaller sellers to run with the Prime logo or cuts them off entirely.
  9. You may want to reconsider using startpage. https://restoreprivacy.com/startpage-system1-privacy-one-group/ Check out FreeTube. You can download/import your YT subscriptions, and never have to sign in again. Also ad-free viewing. I find it ironic that an article discussing privacy related alternatives to Google recommends anything Apple/IOS. Look to open source alternatives. My 2¢ fwiw.
  10. I've been dreaming of escape all of my life. But my job and family are here in NY (for the most part). Now that I have the opportunity to leave, I want out...pronto. That I will bring. I've been voting Conservative my entire life. I have family in the Ponte Vedra Beach area. Also solid Republicans. I also have family in south FL, but lost touch with them years ago. God I hope not! The same problem we have in New York. Big city areas solidly blue (NYC, Buffalo, Albany for example), but the rest of the state is bright red. We need to wrestle control of the schools from the commie indoctrinating SOBs if we're going to turn this country around.
  11. What about us up north geezers with a right wing propensity? I'm looking to retire in 2 years (or maybe sooner). My original choice was Georgia, but now that's changed since it flipped blue.
  12. Useful to determine the movies I won't be watching.
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