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  1. minderasr

    Apex triggers for Gen 5

    I have three gen 3 Glocks and one gen 5 Glock with Apex action enhancement kits in them. I like'em.
  2. minderasr

    Politics Extreme Late Term Abortion

    So can we finally abort Nancy Pelosi? 😉
  3. As the saying goes: I show my 1911 to my friends, I show my Glock to my enemies. Love me some 1911 goodness. But I carry a Glock.
  4. It's the old Ford vs. Chevy argument. Haters gonna hate.
  5. minderasr

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    Everything is racist nowadays. The word has lost all meaning. The perpetually offended will be offended...perpetually.
  6. minderasr

    Hackers are opening SMB ports on routers

    Well I grew a pair and gave it a try. Downloaded factory-to-ddwrt.bin, reset the router to factory defaults (after backing up the config), and loaded the bin via the GUI. Router said the firmware loaded successfully and would reboot. Failed miserably. Came back to the original firmware. Tried resetting the router hoping it would boot into DDWRT, nope. Tried the entire procedure a second time, same results. So just to be sure I reloaded the factory firmware, restored from the backup config, and I'm back to where I started. Oh well.
  7. minderasr

    Jeremiah Johnson

    Never liked Redford's politics, but love the Jeremiah Johnson movie. A classic for sure.
  8. minderasr

    need some prayers if you dont mind

    Good vibes/thoughts and prayers sent.
  9. minderasr

    Knife Sharpener?

    Anyone looking for the Ken Onion Work Sharp? It's on Amazon deal of the day, 30% off ($86) for another 15 or so hours. https://smile.amazon.com/Work-Sharp-Knife-Sharpener-Onion/dp/B07CW4T6RS/
  10. I concur with the gentleman from the PNW.
  11. minderasr

    Hackers are opening SMB ports on routers

    Although I have used DD-WRT in the past, I'm always worried about bricking my router trying to use third party firmware. I'd like to give it a shot on my WRT1900AC (v1). But I have no other option if I bork it up, and it's currently running smoothly, without issue. Configuring third party firmware is another potential problem, if you're not router savvy. Decisions, decisions.
  12. minderasr

    Hackers are opening SMB ports on routers

    Disabling UPnP and using a strong password should be the first steps in a router installation. Good luck on the firmware update if you own a Linksys. I think they release updates about once every ten years or so...if you're lucky.
  13. minderasr

    Is .22lr still big enough for squirrel??

    Bushy tailed tree rats.
  14. Seriously. This was the only reason I clicked on this thread.
  15. minderasr

    Ghost Edge 3.5 or Glock OEM "-" Connector?

    I ended up going with the Apex action enhancement kit. Totally happy with the results. https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Details/192710