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  1. I believe that is i and that puts you in the imaginary plane or is it j 1/i
  2. Not exactly the slippery slide that I would like to experience, gag. Cr*p like this is why we escaped CA 7 years ago.
  3. That is sad, I have hunted javilina on the San Carlos reservation several times years ago. My prayers for the people there.
  4. jmax

    Here's a thought

    These traffic jams especially in winter or the heat of summer will facilitate natural selection and thin the herd
  5. I am sorry but majority rule consensus is not science as in real science a hypothesis is developed and tested with real data. Albert Einstein published a paper after WWI where he stated that the atmosphere in would re radiate absorbed IR radiation. We have to remember that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for the photo electric effect where different colors of light (energies) could cause different materials conduct. Fast forward to the 50s and the understanding of quantum mechanics was in full steam with the development of lasers and semiconductors (chips). Radiation is a particle the behaves like a wave so heat radiated by the sun is what warms us and the planet and that heat comes from photons. If a solid is heated by the sun it holds its heat for a period of time because it is a constrained system where absorbed photons are emitted with numerous atomic targets in close proximity. That solid will cool as photons are emitted at the surface back into the atmosphere where their energy is basically lost.
  6. We also need to understand why CO2 does not act as a “green house gas”. Those who studied semiconductor or solid state physics understand that when an electron is pumped from the valence band to the conduction band it falls back to the valence band emitting a photon whose energy is a function of the band gap. This is how solid state lasers and LEDs work along with the chips that make electronics work. Now on to CO2, it has been used and continues to be used in heavy duty laser machining of metals and ceramics. When the power is removed it stops. Now if we look at the atmosphere CO2 concentrations are about 400 ppm or 4 CO2 molecules out of 10000. If a CO2 molecule absorbs a photon with sufficient energy Ike IR from the sun it emits a photon. For CO2 to hold heat all photons need to strike other CO2 molecules but with only 4 out of 10000 targets available that are a few billionths of an inch in size it isn’t going to happen. In the summer especially in the south and east we don’t go out on a summers evening and say man the CO2 is really high tonight, it’s the humidity and that cannot be taxed nor do the big industrial giants make any new money sucking humidity out of the atmosphere.
  7. It is going to get worse, much worse as we get close to the 2022 mid term elections. I believe the Dims realize that they must gain total control or they have a good chance of defeat. One example is a fed judge just ruled the CA assault ban is unconstitutional going against their gun control narrative.
  8. Turning out loads of deltas and gammas placated with their daily ration of soma (MJ) and basic income
  9. CCPs investment in Hunter is paying off very well
  10. Clearly not a suitable minority for the National Felons League.
  11. The way it should be done, individuals are responsible for their own safety, the police usually get to clean up afterwards
  12. Let’s see the dims want free college for all at the government(tax payers) paying the bill for them to become useful delta and gamma drones
  13. Poor RINO princess has fallen out of favor, very 😢
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