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  1. Out of the main Covid ward and done with redesver got moved to pulmonary ICU to now function on breathing and improved in capabilities of course numerous midnight suptize visits
  2. They did and had an earlier visit and a later one, there you are in a deep they come in any turn on interrogation lights to startle you awake
  3. They verified at 3AM that the steroids are indeed spiking glucose readings
  4. Saturday AM I was admitted to the hospital going down hill rapidly could hardly stand and walk temp was 103.5. Today is getting better, when the nurses are not drawing blood I can sleep getting stronger standing but blood glucose was 380 ouch but temp was 98.7. We got phyzer in March and April. I am on a cocktail of steroids and redesavere that they make every evening as things progress I will post results and yes I cannot spell strange medical terms😱
  5. My wife and I got the magic shots back in March and April. Sunday evening my temp was 103.5 called the doc and got a script for pneumonia things were starting to improve but that hit a brick wall I had a schedule with my doc today, and after a rapid red death test I have have it. Clearly the vaccines are not cracked up to be. All hail lord fauci
  6. To me CBS stands for Communists Boosting Socialism. NBC is Naturally Boosting Communism ABC is Always Boosting Communism MSNBC is Moron Socialists Naturally Boosting Communism CNN is of course Communist Network News
  7. The Brit commander should tell the US commander to bugger off, his mission is to save British citizens and not to make the US look good.
  8. But if Joe is replaced who becomes VP Gag, the ice cream princess
  9. jmax

    CCW Badges

    At least they will draw fire first if bad guys show up giving me time to react to save my butt
  10. Good advice for all, unfortunately most fall into the third category of learning
  11. jmax


    The biker helped thin the gene pool
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