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  1. Nice #4MkII, I have one like it made in 1950 by Farkazy and a 1944 a Longbranch MKI made in 1944, the cast load they like is either 12.5 gr Unique or 17 gr 2400 and an NOE equivalent of a 314299 gas checked and sized to .314. Both of mine have a ladder rear sight instead of the flip up battle sight, 5 groove barrels and l have a spare rear sight.
  2. 1918 BAR, owned Thompson’s and a Lahti 20mm anti tank rifle
  3. I had a barrel for my multi caliber 1911 but in a fit of madness I sold the barrel. But I converted a takeoff cylinder from a Smith 627 and chambered it for 9mm and 38 Super for mu Covid shutin project so I am back to having one again. By the way I love choosing revolvers so it is not a problem.
  4. Poor babies they are just mostly peacefully protesting and do not deserve such draconian sentencing
  5. I guess when they waddle about looking out of their navels something big needs to slap them on the old butt to get their attention due to their very narrow view.
  6. Give them a Coke to wash the cookies down as they will need the milk to rinse CS out of their eyes
  7. Sold my 43 and got a 48, better carry in my Ted Blocker IWB holster as it always stays vertical during normal activities and activities
  8. They just need a break in their diet, too much salmon must be balanced with some fatty red meat😈
  9. Simple, remove their research grants, collect all documentation and freeze all future grants for a decade.
  10. I am shocked just shocked that the FBI would even suspect a kind and fair individual like DI FI of taking advantage of her position😱
  11. I am shocked just shocked that DIM politicians were arrested😱
  12. I guess I’ll pick a nose hair to get a tear for their sales decline
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