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  1. Having spent time in PRC, their observance of proper hygiene is not followed.
  2. Finished a casting session and now to reload😇
  3. Got to wonder who wrote this and whose payroll they are on
  4. Losers don’t get to go😈
  5. Decades of them not meeting their NATO chicken dues have come home to roost, clearly not the best decision making.
  6. That did not go well for the driver.
  7. I hate the damned things because my metal knees warm up from the inside out. Yes they know I have the knees, a couple of screws in a heel and gold crowns. I tell my wife that I have significant scrap value😱
  8. The AK video was shot on a range at Wes Thompson’s Peru range. I was across the road when I head the AK firing saw him and the film crew.
  9. I wonder if they will press charges?😱
  10. Gasp I am Just stunned at this development, didn’t O get the Nobel Prize for peace, how can this be?
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