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  1. They just need a break in their diet, too much salmon must be balanced with some fatty red meat😈
  2. Simple, remove their research grants, collect all documentation and freeze all future grants for a decade.
  3. I am shocked just shocked that the FBI would even suspect a kind and fair individual like DI FI of taking advantage of her position😱
  4. I am shocked just shocked that DIM politicians were arrested😱
  5. I guess I’ll pick a nose hair to get a tear for their sales decline
  6. Childish petty exchanges and unacceptable on any forum. Stick to facts only with no personal attacks.
  7. Not statistically valid and can be additionally used to increase in federal CV19 funding.
  8. These people are IDMO’s or Idiots and or Morons or also known as self centered narcissistic jerks.
  9. We forget that Obama care imposed a medical device tax on all equipment manufactured domestically. Trump eliminated that requirement and of 2019 but damage was done, equipment manufacturing moved from the US.
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