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  1. Best space opera of all times. By far. Period. Amazing writing, acting and SFX. Intertwines sci-fi with religion, politics and mythology in the most surprising ways. Characters are superb. Chemistry between the actors is amazing. Score by Bear McCreary which in my opinion is the best film music composer of today's generation. Listen to the music in the youtube videos above This series isn't for the fans of brain dead shoot'em out genre, although there is plenty of action and sometimes violence in it. It looks like it takes place hundreds of years in the future but...if I tell you more I will spoil the greatest surprise, the grand series finale which will blow you away. A must see.
  2. Even in the darkest hours of the communist era, Romanians had a very special sense of humor. Glad to see it's still alive today
  3. Seen it thrice, one of my favorites
  4. I live in Kommiefornistan so I bet it's worth reloading here. Our most wisest Demo-crack leaders passed a law that will make it illegal starting with Jan 1st 2018 to buy ammo without passing a background check first. You also are prohibited to buy ammo buy by mail order, or to give ammo to anybody outside your close family - children or wife. Let this be a warning for the rest of American people: this is what happens when when illegal immigrants are voting in the millions without fear of being prosecuted and Democrats are becoming the Party-State
  5. Wife does the cooking, I'm the one that puts food on the table. We're both traditionalists. That's how the family still works in Eastern Europe - a region of the world where the pink pussyhat didn't get any traction as a political and fashion accessory and divorces are still rare. Not to mention like all Romanian women she's a great cook so more reason not to interfere with her natural God-given talent. Edited to add: I grill, I butcher the meat and I clean the fish when I come back from fishing trips. Does that count as cooking?
  6. Lez Zeppelin's John Bonham - possibly the best drummer in the history of rock
  7. Me and my wife (MA in art history) favorite pastime is hunting for valuable art in thrift stores. Many paintings we purchased for $5-$25 are valued between $500-$3000
  8. They actually shoot really well. It shoots from the lower chamber of the cylinder and the barrel is in line with the trigger finger. Because of this configuration the perceived recoil is more like a soft push-back that a twist-up flip. Shooting 38 SPL feels like 22Mag, and shootin 357Mag feels like a light loaded 38SPL. Added benefit is faster, more accurate follow up shots.
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