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  1. If 7.62 x 39 slugs start whizzing past my dome, "oh SASSAFRAS !!" Will NOT be the expression I would use! more like "MUTHERFUZZER can't shoot for Sheite can he??"
  2. Quartz here....meh. flint or chirt?
  3. No we don't have birch here. I wish we did. Still haven't found any of high quality in a decent quantity around here. Gotta get out and find a giant punk wood log too. Great for char tins!
  4. Evidently it has something to do with Clinton and Soros digestive tract expulsions...but who knows?
  5. Same way I wish I could get my damn bacon! IV...LOL! seriously though COFFEE!
  6. Pretty Much..,I don't know very many pro gun CNs. As a matter of fact they seem to want to cuddle with those who will kill them
  7. Since the wildfire in the GSMNF really good fatwood is harder to find in my area of TN...just burned up all over...I have a pecan tree and Pear Cactus in my yard but no pines... Seems to be running about 6 to 9 bucks a pound everywhere on the net. Crying shame...when I lived in NC and SC I had yard fulls of the stuff... I'm looking for about 20 pounds. Big box stores carry what they call fatwood. You could sort thru 10 boxes and come up with barely passable material...but even that's $10 a box. Anyone in the TN area have some available or know of a decent source??
  8. You have to make me furious to use "GD"...I hate that...ass, damn, and hell aren't even cussing anymore but I try to censor myself...
  9. A picture of Paddock at a recent "protest"...in case anyone was wondering which side of the fence he was shooting from....
  10. A 3 inch bull barrel SNW 65 with Remington 125 grain JHP I gave her when we got engaged...she doesn't fool around... both of us were eyeing the little GLOCK 380s... but we never picked em up... cute though!
  11. I just sit and think about how disappointed I am with Bradshaw and the Steelers...and hone...schikkk...shivkkk...with a disturbed...grin...on my face!!
  12. Booogety, boogity...ETHEL...LOLOL !
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