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  1. Thats why I stayed in Southern New Mexico after I retired from military. 25 years ago it was affordable, now not so much. Too many from the west coast moving in.
  2. They all belong back in their own country! Sorry I didn't shoot everyone of them when I was there!
  3. If its in the cards you will probably get one. All the clean living won't help.
  4. Guess i'm weird. I like the looks of it.
  5. The man needs to be respected for his military service. He had a hard life while captured. May he rest in peace. God will judge the rest of it.
  6. I belong to gillette razor club. Get the 5 blades. 4 blades $10.00. Last a long time.
  7. Workers must be from out of state. Nobody from this state works that fast.
  8. Kind of hazy here too in New Mexico
  9. Halloween stuff out at lowes and end of september xmas stuff will be out! Nothing like rushing the season.
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