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  1. it's sad how dumb things have gotten. we're planning on moving too. cheaper to get a nice house with acres in ID or MT anyway. wife also wants lots of snow every year.
  2. was a fun movie, and i thought well done. i remember soon after it was out i found somebody that was actually offering gun kata classes. "not for actual combat" from what i recall, it was presented as more of a fun tai chi. should watch it again.
  3. it's a huge problem. and one that is extremely ridiculous. from what i have heard in the past, it's very difficult to get a defamation lawsuit to go anywhere. one of the big requirements is showing damages. in this case, i think alex jones could easily show quite a lot of damages from this idiocy.
  4. yup. have heard about that. too bad the popular media sites are run by insane progressives. anything not in line with the group think is hate speech.
  5. yes, they can. it's just extremely hypocritical of a social media outlet to do so, while always talking about free speech.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/iSeeker-Durable-Braided-Tangle-Free-Motorola/dp/B00XVP4EEE/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1462202825&sr=8-4&keywords=micro+usb+braided+android&linkCode=sl1&tag=nimifa-20&linkId=c49881438f47b37c7be8a5c0e77abc87 $9 pack of 3 cables. very durable. my wife used to destroy a cable in less than a month. think we've only broken 2 of these in the last 3 years.
  7. i used to work for a lockshop. they also had a fire suppression devison. had one of the local boat guys come in for a new fire extinguisher. he got a fire on his boat somehow, and the cheapo fire extinguisher he had ( first alert, kidde, something ) failed right then. a common failure is the pickup tube inside falling off the inside of the head, so quick burst of gas, no chemical. so, his boat burns up into a total loss. he decided the $50 for a new Amerex was to rich for him, and declared he was going to walmart for a $20 unit.....
  8. you'd think they would have run a profit/loss calculation through excel or something.
  9. neat, but for $15k i'd build one myself. do like seeing more diesel options in vehicles.
  10. makes me think of these unfortunate people. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/10/brown-recluse-spider-infestation-missouri_n_5965116.html they bought a house that ended up dripping with the nasty things.
  11. neat idea. my kids refused to use anything but a bottle when they came out.
  12. i have a few friends in utah that have started an annual coyote hunt. besides the distance from me, i cant see going hunting for something im not going to eat. livestock harassment is different. more on topic. they use a variety of .308 rifles. couple AR10's and a few bolt guns. one of them has a remmington with a neat looking triangular barrel.
  13. Atomic Punk


    will keep an eye out for that stuff. hate ticks, and all other parasites.
  14. hope im not too late to the party. think i must have missed a post a while ago. been wondering when eric would make a new site.
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