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  1. So, Joe and the ho are going to be sworn in. That is hardly debatable at this point. Have we lost our republic? Discuss.
  2. I grew up with Zebcos and Shakespeare flyreels. I mostly fish saltwater these days. Penn, Avet, Nautilus, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, etc.
  3. I thought I'd be surrounded by a lot more random hot chicks in bikinis just hanging around handing me cocktails.
  4. Hehe, the VW Sporttruck was ghey.
  5. Well, what do I do with the hookers and blow I already packed in the trunk?
  6. Don't be surprised when I show up, Walt.
  7. I come from a long line of cowboys/ranchers. IIRC, I was first bucked off a horse at 3 or 4. I do not miss that life, and if I ever have to get on one of those critters in this life, it will be too damn soon. 🤠
  8. Nah, DGAF. We'll do what we always do.
  9. Yep, winter. Winter here means speckled trout. We ate a couple tonight with some mortar and pestle romesco made with some tomatoes and peppers I picked today from the garden, and some pecans from a neighbor's tree, with a side of golden rice grits and kale from the garden with some black oyster mushrooms. The downside was, I did see one skeeter.
  10. May Freddie Myers or Mike Krueger or whomever, eat all that perpetrated election fraud in a most unusual and heinous manner.
  11. You can make a whole bunch of skydives, meet some cool/crazy people, and have a metric **** ton of fun for less money and have more fun.
  12. Mike wadded up 23T about a year ago in Reno.
  13. Enjoying a fire and a 2012 Chateauneuf du Pape.
  14. Bunch of old geezer slide rule jockeys, er, I mean engineers that have to at least be in their mid to late 80s at this point designed the beautiful machine.
  15. He used to hunt birds in our part of the world. He got liquored up and mouthy at a local bar, and had his ass handed to him by a local farmer.
  16. Indeed. It was designed in the late 1950s. The A-12 derivative officially made its first flight in 1962.
  17. Nah, that level of training which you have mastered takes over, you pull the handles, and follow through with your skydive. I can't speak for those guys, but jumpers generally pack their own mains. A FAA certified rigger packs your reserve. So, when it saves your life, your rigger gets a case of beer. On your first reserve ride, you owe a case of beer at the DZ as well....whether you live or not. 😆
  18. That fella looks like he owes his rigger a case of beer.
  19. I have a 48" reefer that is mostly filled with condiments. My wife hates it, but there are just certain things I can't live without. I keep a couple of real wasabi rhizomes in a veggie drawer because I make a lot of sushi. Once you have it, nothing else compares.
  20. Dear moron, Stay away from the baby kitties. Pack a gun and a knife, use accordingly. Cougars are ambush attackers. In the absence of a weapon, pull your shirt or jacket above your head growl, and stand your ground or advance on it. Throw rocks or sticks. They don't like that. I'd hate to orphan the two munchkin cats, but if my kids were with me, I would throw a bunch of 10mm at it right now.
  21. I live in hurricane country, we always have some stuff packed away. I'm not worried about auntteefa puss wads.
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