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  1. I made the rounds of the local gun stores today. They were packed. The inventory was low. There were no or few AR pistols, Shockwave types, KSGs, Dracomajigs, Rattlers, etc. Bulk ammo is nonexistent. I saw a 1/2 case of 115 gr cheap 9mm for over $600.
  2. Depends upon who was applying the special sauce.
  3. I think there will be three spots up for contention next year. The three confirmations will either bring us back from the brink, or take us to the point of doom. The fight will be long and ugly.
  4. The original Russian dressing, as I understand had either lobster roe or caviar. Thousand Island is thickened with hardboiled egg. Catalina is nearly indistinguishable to French dressing.
  5. The injectables are too easy on this side, in my opinion. There should be fear and pain.
  6. Our quarterlies are so far off, the accountant is going to make a lot of money trying to figure it out. Wife's business is through the roof. Mine, trends the other direction very badly.
  7. I was scared just watching the clip of the single engine airbeaters. Two shall be the number, and the number of the engines of the airbeating machine shall be two.
  8. I'll give it a try, but saying, "excuse me ma'am, does this rag smell like WD-40, just doesn't have the same ring."
  9. Uhm, other than the addition of bacon, I'd be good with that. We are still under the mask order by der gooberner, but it doesn't seem to be something that many are following.
  10. It feels so freaking hot here, that at 0930 I was finished with the outdoors. Ugh.
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