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  1. My first Range Rover had Lucas fuel injection. That was my last Range Rover.
  2. I'm English, Irish, Spanish, and some combination of indigenous savage. I grew up speaking Spanish, drinking wine and with the desire to fight Moors, graduated to English, then joined the colonial effort, now, drink like an angry Irishman, and have an insatiable desire to scalp invading *******s with an obsidian knife. 🀣
  3. I've always paid for MY purpose....wait, no, never mind. I've never paid a hooker for.....what is a hooker, and why is there a dead one in my trunk? Damn you Walrad.
  4. I don't know. Either that gal is small (I'd volunteer to take all of her measurements for posterity's sake), or that dinosaur thing is at least eleventeen feet long.
  5. I think it is generally accepted that the hooker is already dead and in the trunk. The question then becomes, did you pay in advance for the necrophilia?
  6. I saw Bob fly many routines over the years. Blue ones, Bob, thanks for the memories.
  7. Fermented grapes, probably from Chateau du Boxe.
  8. Try out a pair of OluKai leather flops.
  9. I was just there last week. Nice vibe, great hiking, mountaineering, and BASE exit points. 😁
  10. I offer my condolences, DrB. Life is odd. I'm knocking on 50. Of the friends of mine no longer on this Earth, by far, the largest taker has been their right index finger.
  11. I wear flip-flops most of the year, so I like my feet to look as nice as possible. I get a pedicure every couple of weeks with Mrs. C. The nice young ladies dip your feet in different jell-O like substances, trim, scrape, and sand as necessary, all while you are in a massage chair. You may even be provided an adult beverage.
  12. Birth is a result of sex, which, as I stated earlier has been the cause of most deaths throughout history. 🀣 You do have your odd virgin birth, test tube baby/AI, and PME that may not fall under "sex."
  13. Ah, I was going to say, "shoot the dog and get some sleep?"
  14. Summitville, CO was kinda cool back in the 80s.
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