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  1. I don't understand the city folks that were buying all of the cases of water. Every municipality will prioritize resources to keep water treatment up and running at all costs.
  2. We just finished the moon of the yellow wind here. Yeah, I hope so too. I hope my sense of smell comes back at some point. I'd say it is about 20% at present.
  3. How in the world do you keep your copper so purdy? I accepted patina 20 years ago.
  4. Here's a review. I like the aggressive teeth of the Tojiro. https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/08/best-bread-serrated-knives-equipment-review.html
  5. I like Bill Whittle. But, my brain is not wired to watch anything that long without explosions, gunfights, afterburners, or bewbies. Can you give us a synopsis?
  6. Mine is generally in my pocket for the extra surprise of, "hey man, you ain't no hippie!" 😄
  7. I make lots of bread, which requires tearing or cutting. I like cutting, my family tears at it like animals. Anyhoo, over the past 20 years, I have used about all brands of bread knives from cheap to stupid expensive. This one delivers. https://www.chefknivestogo.com/tobrkn.html You can find it for as little as $17. Like even the most expensive, after a year or two, it is meh. Get another one.
  8. I am just getting over something that utterly kicked my ass for several days, unlike anything I have previously experienced. It was like getting hit by a bus and subsequently run over by an elephant herd. I suspect the Wuhan Red Death as the culprit. Anyone else in the community have similar experiences?
  9. I have somewhat long, but usually very well kept hair (chicks dig it). But, with everything shut down, I'm starting to look like a garden variety hippie. Anyone else? 😄
  10. I have a recent affinity towards Microtech OTFs. I like how slim they are. The fit and finish are good, steel is good, and are reasonably sharp out of the box.
  11. I have a special gizmo that holds a G19 just outside my shower. The cholos would never find it. But, it is right there. There is also one right next to Mrs. Cs tub, and elsewhere throughout the house.
  12. Some enterprising teat milker ought to buy some kefir inoculant. The milk sits at room temp for a day or so as it turns into kefir. It last for weeks or months in the fridge after that, and it sells for more than milk.
  13. Back in the 70s, a 172 would fly around our locale with a instrument that would alarm when it identified a specific wavelength of light from marywanna leaves.
  14. Without testing everyone for active cases or antibody testing, we'll never have accurate data. But, with the host of different coronaviri farm and hunting people are exposed to throughout their lives from barn cats, to turkeys, cows, pigs, etc., I do wonder if any have enough similarity to offer some degree of immunity like cowpox/smallpox.
  15. Necessary/emergency lifesaving is still taking place. However, elective procedures are not. To put this into perspective, I ran into a local surgeon buddy a few days ago. He has had to cancel the next (can't remember the specific timeframe) 87 surgeries he had scheduled and will probably cancel many more in the future. So, all of the support staff related to these surgeries....anesthesiologists, CRNAs, OR nurses/circulating nurses, techs, PAs, residents, med students, and reps, etc. are also not doing the 87 scheduled surgeries. And, that is the norm pretty much everywhere. Where are these people? I can't say, but we know where they aren't.
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