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  1. Al Czervik

    knife sharpeners

  2. Al Czervik

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    The dogo would be a professional bed tester.
  3. Al Czervik

    state fairs , going today ,,

    State fairs. Man, I haven't been to one of those since about 1980.
  4. Al Czervik

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    "Buzzsaw two-zero, weapons free, cleared to engage."
  5. Al Czervik

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    I am a purist. Chili is short for chile con carne, not chile con carne y frijoles, nor cassoulet, etc. But, I'd be willing to try your stew, Walt, as long as it has moose in it. 🍽️ http://yestotexas.com/if-you-put-beans-in-your-chili-youre-wrong/
  6. Al Czervik

    How about some Dwight Yoakam..

    He is part of the cast of Goliath. I have always been a DY fan, but not so much as his appearance in this series.
  7. Al Czervik

    Random Posting

    Looks like the mid 80's Soviet harvesting technology I witnessed. Except, there weren't any old men doing it. It was all old women, and young men.
  8. Al Czervik

    Random Posting

    Those have to be the dumbest looking hats I have ever seen. 😄
  9. Al Czervik

    Here W Go...

    I say we introduce hordes crocs and gators to the ol' Rio Grande. Mine the first half mile of dirt, and build the wall.
  10. First, I'd have my attorney create all legal means to never have anyone but him know I won. Then, perpetual funding for my kids that they can't blow all at once. For myself, I'd upgrade to a 74' Viking or similar, and better transportation, something that could hop the pond, so to speak. I'd send out invitations to all on TBS to a party, perhaps at Knob Creek. We could all sit around and speculate who is footing the party bill. Ooops, I et the cat out of the bag. 🤥
  11. Al Czervik

    you hear a bump in the night what...

    Dog, then laser/light equipped G-19 with a 17 magazine. Wife stays with the kids with a Wilson Combat scattergun.
  12. Al Czervik

    what is your favorite at home meal

    This time of year, as it has cooled off a bit, asado style meat.
  13. Al Czervik

    Anybody win?

    <-- just had to toss his offer of employment to GV in the shredder. 😞
  14. Al Czervik

    Any old Farmers here?

    Yep, and I have no fond memories.