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  1. Aw, now you guys are being hard on the Colorado's new governator. Here's a nice photo of the first couple showing Jared is a true western cowboy. I think the governor's mansion has been renamed to the mountain. Something, mountain, I can't seem to remember. 🤮 I'm so glad to have divested myself from that state.
  2. Indeed. Learned that back in the early 80s. A cheap filter will prevent that 100%. Only in Afghanistan, Nigeria, an Pakistan.
  3. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/430853-coast-guard-lieutenant-arrested-accused-of-planning-domestic "A lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard was arrested after the man accumulated a stash of guns and a political hit list, according to federal prosecutors. Prosecutors said Christopher Paul Hasson, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, called for the use of violence to “establish a white homeland” and had a hit list of prominent Democrats, court records showed. " This guy is 49? I am not a coastie, but how is a 49 year old a lieutenant?
  4. Banned or crying in mommy's subterranean habitation?
  5. A man has to have standards. General all day drinking starts with a Ramos Gin Fizz or a spicy Bloody Mary. Dock fishing in a chair may start with beer. Inshore fishing starts with screwdrivers, while offshore fishing must incorporate rum in some fashion.
  6. Some people just aren't cut out for drinking all day.
  7. I sent you a picture of my house! She is still waiting, dammit!
  8. Sometimes, 3D driving is not for you.
  9. IMO, all frozen pizzas suck. If you use the no-knead overnight method, you come home from work, stretch it out, have a sip of beverage, add some San Marzano tomatoes, cheese, whatever else, and done.
  10. Buttermilk makes the best pancakes. But, you definitely don't want to let the batter sit more than a few minutes. Cook them on a cast iron griddle with plenty of lube. You will get crispy tops and bottoms with fluff in the middle.
  11. I don't let other people touch my carry guns. Range guns are free to be fondled and shot.
  12. I have an aeropress, a few frenchies, Keurigs, Nespresso Vertuoline, a fancy espresso machine, pour overs, a cold brewer, and a Moccamaster. The Moccamaster is what does most of the brewing.
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