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  1. Al Czervik

    Peanut Butter and your dog

    A gal in my high school went through a lot of peanut butter with her lil dog. It got fat. She got in a bit of trouble. When fluffy went away, none of the boys wanted any part of that.
  2. Al Czervik

    Watch Security Guard Taser Obnoxious Loudmouth

    My takeaways from the video: A. I wouldn't want anywhere near wherever this was. B. If I had to be there, I'd want some friends with ARs or shotguns with me. C. Some people are nuts and act with less honor than rabid badgers. D. I enjoyed watching her topple.
  3. Al Czervik

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    It did happen frequently whilst I was a single man. I get hit on all the time by women, and even occasionally, guys. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful. 😎
  4. Al Czervik

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    I adore the young lady that cuts my hair. She is a peach, and a beautiful one at that, with a posterior that has few equals. I would like to break sheets of peanut brittle over it. I get a wonderful frufru oil scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning, and a great haircut. Because I have lots of great hair with a complicated cut, it takes some time. During that time, the beautiful young lass is prone to rubbing parts of her extremely hawt body against me in a playful, yet not whoreific sort of way. My tips have probably bought her a new car.
  5. I can quit any time I want. .....and sometimes, I do. 😄 ....still don't get DTs.
  6. Al Czervik

    Weed and memory...

    I've never known any middle-aged burner with the capability to remember things in a clear, concise chronological manner.
  7. Oh, and where'd the almighty jammer go? Did we of diminutive intellect not sufficiently stimulate his cortex?
  8. Al Czervik

    STEM types, riddle me this (Green Deal)

    Yeah, what these conspiracy types don't seem to grasp is, that any company that had a winning recipe, would take it to the bank, not hide it.
  9. Al Czervik

    Woodchipper sales up in Florida

    Baling wire [check], concrete post [check], flammable liquid [check], ignition source [check].
  10. Al Czervik

    Horse play...

    I've never owned a horse that I would willingly let in my house while I was completely sober.
  11. Al Czervik

    Anybody up for chicken?

    Lemmmee guess.....Florida?
  12. Al Czervik

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    My parents always used a percolator. The smell always woke me up, although I never liked the brew. IMHO, percolators overheat and over extract. It smells wonderful because all of the volatile oils/compounds you enjoy end up in the air instead of the cup. Water for coffee should be between 196-205, not boiling.
  13. Al Czervik

    Throwing it all away

    I would have shot that guy a little bit.
  14. Those things change like the wind. Look at the recent 5 star reviews and go with it.