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  1. Al Czervik

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    I would not. My BIL had a truck stolen. He got it back partially wrecked, with hooker juice, ass, jizz, and blow residue all over from when it wrecked. Oh, and a bullet hole. Must've been a member of .......... ah, never mind.
  2. Al Czervik

    Global Warming, Ban Private Jets

    Ban private jets - turboprops become kings. Ban turboprops, big pistons, and fluid coupled radials may make a come back. 😩 Seriously though, just Gulfstream and Cessna crapping out would equal nearly 20-25k jobs. Then, think of the numbers of corporate pilots, airport staff, support personnel, FBOs, fuel truck drivers, rampies, A&Ps, hangar business, CFIs, etc, etc, that would be twisting in the wind. Heck, even the remote airport Dinty Moore vending machine would disappear.
  3. Al Czervik

    They get better with age

    WWPBD? The hairy armpits negate the hitting for me.
  4. Al Czervik

    Belly full of Texas red

    Dried chiles should be pliable, not brittle, is what the author is trying to say. I used the term Texas Red because it is very specific...cubed beef (generally chuck), reconstituted dried chiles (not powder, and this makes a huge difference), and a few other things (onion, garlic, stock, vinegar, brown sugar, a little masa, and a touch of cumin). There are no beans nor tomatoes in Texas Red. Chile con carne (which should be the same thing) is adulterated in all kinds of ways. It is some kinda lectric pressure cooker that GG thrust upon the GT community, and they work pretty well.
  5. Al Czervik

    Belly full of Texas red

    Damn, I made the best bowl of Texas red tonight, the real stuff, made from whole chiles and cubed beef. No beans, no friggin tomatoes. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/true-texas-chili-355049 This is my basic starting point, but I short cut it with the ol' Instant Pot.
  6. Al Czervik

    Lung shaped bloodclot

    Dying of heart failure at 36 would suck.
  7. I just watched Man with the Golden Gun yesterday and was thinking how much I would have liked to have shared a bottle of PhuYuk '74 with Brit Eklund and Maud Adams .
  8. Al Czervik

    Police A story that's hard to swallow...

    At least her name isn't Ivana.
  9. I'm drinking right now....a nice Tempranillo.
  10. Paably had on someone's else's pants, too.
  11. Darren and Larry Tate were habitual imbibers, too. But, they weren't alcoholics as they did not attend meetings outside of work.
  12. You shut your filthy mouth copper! ☕☕☕🙃
  13. Al Czervik

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    I loved Oh, Brother. I circled back after the family mutiny, to try to make some sense of this one, but nope. The dog tried to light me on fire.
  14. Al Czervik

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    Not us. 6 pumps, wear safety glasses.