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  1. Who stole my daughter's blow dryer?
  2. Neighbors on both sides of me have had it. Several family members have had it. One, a healthy young man, nearly died. I'm sure I've had it once, maybe twice. I had tremors pretty bad one night. That was months ago. I still can't smell a damn thing.
  3. I knew a chick in high school. Most of the candles in her house smelled like HER fffagina. She also had a cute lil doggie. He became surprisingly fat over time due to all the peanut butter he consumed from that same area.
  4. Nah, man ever since a couple guys I knew developed Courtney Rotten Crotch from that Sloppy Joe, nobody wants to fish in that nasty spot.
  5. It is cold and windy, so no bonfire tonight. So, I have resorted to cracking some Pinot while the rest of the family is watching some idiotic movie. Whatchall drinking?
  6. Yeah, a shade over three bucks a pound, too.
  7. Sam's has had some Prime Briskets that were nearly wagyu quality recently. I go hot and fast with the Texas crutch on briskets, then a 2 hour rest in a hot box. I even remember eating it. 😇
  8. I email my attorney all the time (not divorce related...just general civil stuff). He doesn't charge me unless he has to go to bat with something. Others are going to bill you whatever billable time increment they can for reading and responding....(ie, billable rate is $300/hr in 1/4 hour increments...so $75 for a quick email).
  9. Wow, DQ. I don't think I've been to one in 10-20 years. Chubscout in the OP's link is humorous.
  10. This subject has been on my mind for some time now. I was a high end watch guy for years. My wife has her share as well and the snazziest one of the lot. Neither of us as worn one in the past year. Neither of my kids wants them. So, I guess I'll sell them all at some point.
  11. Ahem, we prefer skydiving or jumping, sir. The nylon rag is just there to slow us down enough to allow us to try to kill ourselves again by performing a low, dangerous turn on final to get some turf surf. Those guys that get pooped out of C-17s are parachuting. 😆
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