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  1. I have a 48" reefer that is mostly filled with condiments. My wife hates it, but there are just certain things I can't live without. I keep a couple of real wasabi rhizomes in a veggie drawer because I make a lot of sushi. Once you have it, nothing else compares.
  2. Dear moron, Stay away from the baby kitties. Pack a gun and a knife, use accordingly. Cougars are ambush attackers. In the absence of a weapon, pull your shirt or jacket above your head growl, and stand your ground or advance on it. Throw rocks or sticks. They don't like that. I'd hate to orphan the two munchkin cats, but if my kids were with me, I would throw a bunch of 10mm at it right now.
  3. I live in hurricane country, we always have some stuff packed away. I'm not worried about auntteefa puss wads.
  4. I'll consider 66 and any after bonus years, and enjoy them with the smell of jet A, nylon, fine adult beverages, bloody decks, and hopefully some grandkids.
  5. Hell, I'll be happy to make it to 65.
  6. When I was younger, CFS ruled the day. That's right, chicken fried steak, of course it comes with eggs, hash, and gravy. Add some tabasco, and you were good to go. These days, I want spicy noodles or tacos.
  7. I make it from time to time. But, I have to use the Korean double lid fermenter gizmos so Mrs. C doesn't flip out about the smell. ETA, one of my other favorite fermented cabbages is kraut with lots of turmeric and crushed caraway seeds.
  8. Let's say you enjoy adult libations. Furthermore, maybe you may have had more than a generally accepted responsible amount and have the hangry. What is your preferred munchable substance?
  9. So, the dead hookers in (member x's) the trunk are ok?
  10. I looked at a lot of those in the dark. Wait, no that was my brother.
  11. I grew up as a cowboy, as in bucked off my first horse at 3 years old, punched cows, rode bulls, broncs, roped etc., on a real ranch. We had real hats for utilitarian reasons. I was partial to Resistol straw, and Billy Kidd Stetsons, just 'cause they looked good on me. I never could understand city folk wearing hats just to wear a hat. Of course now, with the advent of the Yellowstone TV show, you may wait a LONG time, but Greeley Hatworks makes some great stuff.
  12. Damn, sommay'all are crusty old. 🙃
  13. I think you could give a blind man a model of the TU-22, and he would exclaim, "ah a Tupolev!" 😆
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