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  1. +1 I’m from Kentucky too. I have been curious about this as well.
  2. Thanks, Borg. Since I put that mono grip on there I’ve been shooting the 158gr with no blood. I do want to give those wadcutters a try though. Just as a side note, I’ve been shooting a 4” gp100 in .357 with the rubber and wood panel grip. And that has on occasion drawn blood while shooting 158 gr magnums.
  3. Is this the more preferred grip versus wrapping the off hand thumb around the strong one? I’m still going back and forth.
  4. DUBSY

    New 4" GP100

    They’re awesome! I love mine.
  5. DUBSY

    World Series

    My nearest large city paper didn’t even mention the series until it was over
  6. +1. ours has stuff I've only read about in magazines. Great safaris and hunting expeditions out west. Not EBF Ky.
  7. Just imagine the advice you could get from the guys behind the counter.
  8. DUBSY

    World Series

    Gotta go with the Bosox. Don’t care either way though.
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