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  1. Collim1

    Contestant showing her ass

    We have our own issues here, but this occurred in Brazil.
  2. He believes officers should be forced to give a statement immediately, just as, he maintains, citizens must. Clearly this guy is retarded if he doesn’t understand such a basic part of constitutional law.
  3. Collim1

    Contestant showing her ass

    That’s just pure class right there.
  4. Its tempting because I load lot of .38spl, and I know that I could make some decent projectiles in that caliber for dirt cheap. But im trying to avoid it if I can. Years ago I was doing the BASS club and tournament fishing thing. The hot “secret” weapon was the shakey head jig. Store bought jig heads were a $1.50+, but I poured my own for about 13 cents each including the cost of the hook. Sounds good, buts it’s a tedious process and I really did not enjoy it. Right now I’ve convinced myself that I am satisfied loading 38 for ~17 cents a round vs the 40 or so cents a round for store bought ammo. Also, with the fishing weights the quality of the lead was not important. I used wheel weights I obtained a local tire shop for free, or sometimes practically free
  5. Collim1

    M1 Garand loads?

    I got quite a few loads worked up ready to test. Just waiting on some good weather to hit the range. I got some 168g BTHP Match rounds loaded over 46, 46.3, 46.5, 46.8, and 47g of IMR 4895. Also got some 147g NATO Pulls and some 150g Hornady FMJBT’s over 46.5, 47, and 47.5g of 4895. I made up a spreadsheet with each load so I can keep up MOA and reliability for each round. Planning to shoot 8 each at 50 yards prone and see what they do. I think 50 yards will be close enough to remove most of my man made variation and hopefully still far enough away to show what each round can do. I’m gonna be very disappointed if the rounds aren’t Atleast reliable. Accuracy I can work on later. Now I need to polish the inside of my resizing dies. It’s leaving scratches in the brass. I’ve done some experimenting with case lubes and a few left some brass streaks in the dies that needs to be polished out. I’ve some jewelers polish I’m gonna put on a patch and chuck in the drill, hopefully that will polish it out.
  6. Collim1

    M1 Garand loads?

    I am up and running on my M2 ball loads. 47g of IMR4895 and pulled 147g .308 projectiles. These are being loaded into once fired PPU brass. I have some HXP brass as well but I haven’t started working on it yet. i don’t expect great accuracy from the NATO 7.62 pulls. They’re also short OAL when loaded to the cannelure, and if loaded long there isn’t enough bullet in the case. Atleast there is not chance of a long round jamming the clip up on a reload Finding published data for a M2 ball replication load has not been easy. I found some Hornady data for match loads, but nothing for 150g FMJ and 4895. The 47g 4895 is from an article I found in an old NRA magazine article recxomending that for a soft shooting plinking load that will reliably cycle the action I am planning to shoot these and see how they do before I commit to it.
  7. Collim1

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    Ever been to the projects? Ever been inside a convenience store that sells nothing but phone cards, loosey menthol cigarettes, two packs of berry flavored blunts, steel reserve tall boy singles, glass “rose stems”, white dirt, and Funyuns and pork rinds? It’s usually located next to a barber shop and a payday advance fast cash shop. If you don’t like the association that was made then do something to change it, but don’t call it racist when its spot on. The local business models don’t cater to 1% of the local population, they do what’s guaranteed to make them money on as many people as possible. That being said it was a little low class, and prolly not a smart move to have it displayed in view of the public. Keep that **** in the patrol room.
  8. Collim1

    Dicks Just Got Dicky-er

    Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s a political move. Dicks makes its money selling athletic clothing and footwear. Their hunting, fishing, and firearms selection was always poor. They make money selling black stretchy pants, tank tops, and sports bras. And that’s what they’re gonna focus on. I hated the Dicks in my area. Really poor selection on most outdoors stuff. Rows and rows of fishing lures intended for species that don’t exist in my state. They should know better than to stock lures for pike, Muskie, walleye, and trout in a state that none of those exist in; and ignore largemouth bass in one of the best states in the country to bass fish in. Stupidity. The same mistake the Acdemy Sports in my area makes.
  9. The rise of social media and internet media outlets has led to a huge increase in the number of people considered celebrities. The constant need for attention to stay relevant has become an annoying trend. Too much competition and too many outlets for everyone to make money without constant pandering for attention.
  10. Collim1

    M1 Garand loads?

    PPU and S&B M1 Garand specific loads give me ~5 moa from a prone position resting on my elbow. If my reloads cycle the action reliably and give me 4 moa I will be happy. Running the gun, especially the famously satisfying ping and clip reloading are the primary fun for me. I’m looking for a good cheap plinking load. With the free projectiles and brass I came across the cost of these rounds is going to be really cheap. About 23 cents per round. It would be cheaper if powder was available locally for less than $30 a pound. The reloading supplies available locally are pretty disappointing. When I get a load worked out I plan to make a bulk powder and primer purchase online.
  11. I’m loading up my first loads for the M1 this afternoon. I’m planning to start with 47g of IMR4895 and some 147/150g pulled projectiles. Primer is a Winchester large rifle. Any ideas on this load would be appreciated. I want something soft shooting and accurate with minimal recoil, but obviously I need it cycle the action reliably. Not damaging the rifle is a priority as well.
  12. Collim1

    Price for a new S&W 642 or 442.

    Paid $330 for a used one a while back and was happy to do it. $320 is a great deal.
  13. Collim1

    Any reloading 45acp tips?

    1,000 rounds with the Lee Classic Loader? That’s impressive. I couldn’t see myself doing anymore than banging out a dozen rounds a years for my hunting rifle with that thing. You will enjoy it much more with a proper press.
  14. I got more done today than I expected. The turret press does not orient correctly. Upon closer look I observed the index key at the top of the actuator rod is missing and had been replaced by a hex nut in a homemade attempt to fix it. I assume I can find a new rod somewhere. The scale balances with two different check weights, so it apppears good to go. I don’t know how to use that particular powder through measure die, and am not sure how to verify it. I will have to play with that. The single stage press is junk. I don’t see it lasting long. But it resized 200 .30-06 cases this afternoon without any problems. Here are some pics. This is not its permanent installation, just a convenient spot on the bench to get it all sorted out.