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  1. Collim1

    Am I being detained

    My favorite response is always, “no, you’re under arrest for obstruction”. Thy don’t understand that “detained” is not really a proper legal definition of anything. You’re either free to leave or you’re not, and if you’re not then you are “under arrest” whether You have been charged with a crime yet or not.
  2. Collim1

    WTF Is Wrong With People

    Russian roulette my ass. Something more to this one. Love triangle maybe? Struggle over the gun? The Russian roulette story may get him out of a murder charge, but I’m not buying it.
  3. Collim1

    Even hot chicks get dropped...

    Screwing around at the summit is plain stupid. Getting to the top is only half the battle. Getting down after exhaustion and several hours of hypoxia is the real challenge. Taking off your gear to take pictures in a bikini is dumb. Taking off your glasses and getting snow blindness for the sake of a picture has caused the deaths of quite a few climbers. Your body cant recover at altitude. Doing anything that further weakens you at the top is really dumb. Get to the top, take a picture and head back down.
  4. Collim1

    New Browning BDA to me

  5. Collim1

    New Browning BDA to me

    The new 8rd mags with the plastic base plate will not work in the heel release P220’s. However any of the older zipper back or dovetail back 7rd mags with the metal floor plate will work in both the heel release and button release Guns. Some of the newer 7rd welded back mags with the plastic follower but still have the metal baseplate will also work. P220 mags are plenty available. I prefer the older flush fit mags and have a couple dozen of them. Both of these are good to go: Note the indentation on the floor plate for the heel release latch: Not good to go: I bought a dozen new in package old stock P220 mags off of eBay several years ago for a song. I would be scouring the bargain/used magazine bins at your local shops, and surfing eBay and Gunbroker for good deals. There have been Atleast a dozen revisions to the P220 magazines over the years. Any of them except the very newest (since 2007 or so) plastic follower, 8rd capacity with extended plastic base plate should work in your gun.
  6. Funny how they throw the term “fascist” out there freely at every oppurtunity, yet their political tactics are almost spot on copied from Hitler, the Nazi party, and the brown shirts.
  7. Collim1

    That's hot...

    I lost interest in her at “instagram model”. Translation = insecure, high maintenance bitch. And she is not that hot. I prefer a much more feminine look, more body fat and curves.
  8. Collim1

    Anybody have a Professional model

    I’m not even a 1911 guy, but the SA Pro has been a dream gun of mine for years. I have always told myself I am going to one as a retirement gift to myself, but who knows if I’ll be willing to to throw that kind of money down on a handgun at the time. I want mine without a rail. Sleek and smooth.
  9. Collim1

    1965 factory new SKS

    That’s a nice SKS. I love the spike bayonet.
  10. Collim1

    Help with Choosing a Semi Auto .308

    FAL? Or Cetme/HK91 clone? mags are dirt cheap. Accuracy and reliability better than any factory stock M1A I’ve ever shot. In fact I don’t care for the M1A at all. I’d choose a FAL or Cetme over an M1A any day of the week. Especially the Scout Or any of the other 16 inch and 18 inch models. Or, if I just had to have an American gun, I’d seriously consider a 308 m1 Garand
  11. Collim1

    Fly fishing

    Haven’t in many years, but I grew up fly fishing a local river. Not much beats seeing a bass break the surface on a cork popper. And bringing in a pissed off 2lb bass on fly tackle and 4lb line is an achievement. I could also catch a hundred bream in a day with a foam spider plug. Trout don’t occur naturally in my state, so one of the best fishing trips I ever had was getting to fish a stream on private land for trout. This was a family member from my wifes side, so I had the stream to myself for a half mile section. Growing up bass fishing I lost a few before I learned just how fragile their mouths are, but once I got the hang of it it was a challenge unlike any fishing I had done. You can’t man handle a trout in. I caught a limit that day.
  12. Collim1

    Sheriff Israel Fired

    I agree. They elected him. Best recourse is to vote for someone else.
  13. Collim1

    Self defense of a 17 year old

    You need to talk to her about how to tell these guys no. Creepy/lonely/desperate guys tend to take any indirect or polite refusal as a maybe. She needs to tell them NO directly the very first time. “I Only date people date people my own age. You and I are not a possibility”. And if that doesn’t work, “does my daddy or my boss need to come tell you no also?”. I think that would take the wind out of the sails of all but the creepiest Uncle Rico types. Not rude, but not apologetic or misleadingly a shy non-answer. That’s tough for a young girl. Keychain pepper spray and a small AA flashlight with a crenulated strike bezel would be my choice. Practically a kubaton while having the functionality of a flashlight. Could always be clipped in her back pocket. My sister carries a flashlight in her hand when walking to the car at night. A quick jab to the face, throat, eyes would be a good blow to allow escape. If you think she’s got the guts, a pocketknife. But a lot of girls wouldn’t use it even if they needed it. Don’t give her one if she doesn’t have the mindset for it.
  14. A cast iron griddle is a great way to cook a steak at home, even better so than the grill depending on the type of steak. I sear a top sirloin on a screaming hot cast iron grill pan two minutes on each side, then stick in a hot oven under the broiler until 130-135 in the center.
  15. Collim1

    Gas ring problem?

    I find the SS guns to be quite ugly, but they are practical work horses. My 66 is my range gun and carry around the hunting property and my 3” 64 has been a carry gun. Sometimes practicality wins.