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  1. Nope. Never happened. I was fortunate to have someone show me how to do it properly.
  2. The 66 is a great gun. I’m a huge fan of the K frames.
  3. I prefer the fixed sight myself. But the 3” round butt K frame is an exceptional wheelgun for concealed carry. In cooler weather with a light cover garment it’s my go to OWB with a pair of Comp II speedloaders. I carry it more than my 2” round butt K frame snubbie because I like the full length ejector rod the 3” guns offers.
  4. It’s been a while, but I finally made it to the range. I left my reloads at home and shot 100 rounds of Speer Lawman FMJ and 100 rounds of PMC FMJ through the model 10 snubby. No problems at all. No gunk under the extractor star, no sticky cylinder. I guess my reloads with Win 231 are just dirty. Maybe this gun is tighter than all my others and won’t tolerate it. I read Win 231 doesn’t burn completely at light loads. Next batch I load will be the max standard pressure .38 loads. Hopefully it will burn cleaner at that load. I will probably find a new powder when I run out of this. 231 sticks to everything making it a pain to measure and pour anyway.
  5. I have no reservations about shooting and carrying +P ammo in that gun. I carry 135g +P Gold Dot short barrel in it. I actually carry that load in all my revolvers regardless of barrel length or if they’re chambered in .357 mag. Years ago I carried Nyclads or the old FBI load.
  6. I saw those and considered one myself. My 3” round butt model 64 is one of my favorite revolvers. It’s a great carry gun when the weather is right for a light cover garment. I love the fixed sight Smith revolvers.
  7. I discovered recently that a 1000 lumen WML will completely wash out the reticle in a red dot sight. There is such a thing as too bright
  8. Dad has a Sig P238 in .380 It’s surprisingly accurate and easy to shoot. It’s also very reliable. I’ve fired a few hundred rounds from it and never had a problem. It shoots like a much larger gun, and being a locked breach gun, it shoots much softer than your typical tiny blowback action 380
  9. I have been carrying the 135g Speer short barrel load for years, ever since the Nyclads got hard to find. No round is a sure thing out of a 2” revolver though.
  10. Using a time is very humbling. It will improve your shooting and consistency. I use this one. Nothing fancy, but it’s affordabke and reliable. It’s also easy to use, with minimal learning curve. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer Blue CEI-4700 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008KMOSAI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MSbNCb1NY1311
  11. Any luck yet? I would replace the extractor, and the extractor rod/spring, and the recoil spring. Shouldn’t be too expensive.
  12. Both eyes open. Looking slightly over the rear sight and cover the chest of the bad guy with the front sight tower. Across the room distances it’s fast and accurate enough to score COM hits. Try it at the range next time. 5-7 yards. Focus on the target. You will score adequate hits.
  13. I love my Uberti 1851. But I hate cleaning it. A Ruger in SS is tempting as a low maintenance option but the prices they are going for now is too much. I regret turning my nose up at them when they were cheaper.
  14. The vape pens are hard to deal with. We don’t really have a protocol yet. We come across them with suspected THC oil all the time and have taken them and sent them to forensic science for analysis. But I haven’t successfully charged anyone yet. . The DA in our area isn’t keen on it. To new I guess.
  15. My 3” round butt model 64 is one of my favorite revolvers. Very versatile. Low maintenance and conceals well under a light jacket or unbuttoned flannel shirt.
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