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  1. BMyers

    Christmas Cards...

    We send out a few. Years past, we would do the whole family photo and send that, but since the daughter has gotten older and no longer wants to participate. Although I have threatened to replace her with the Great Dane and start the tradition over.
  2. BMyers

    Veggie Tales called Racist, Dangerous

    I like Veggie Tales. When my daughter was growing up, we watched them all. I'm not sure how anyone could consider that show racist? It actually worked hard at staying non-denominational and basically trying to teach good morale practices.
  3. BMyers

    LWD Alpha Barrel

    Update on the barrels: We have over 1,500 rounds through these barrels. No issues. We have put 115, 124, 147gr FMJ and Federal HST 124 and 147, Speer Gold Dot 147, and Critical Duty 135gr without any issues from any of those.
  4. BMyers

    Which translation

    Looking how words are translated is interesting to me. Also understanding how meanings of words change. The common example I use is for a can of Pepsi, depending on what part of the United States in you would order a 'pop', a 'soda', or a 'Coke'. Another example is looking at old death certificates, you will see people died of 'consumption' which today it would be listed as 'tuberculous'. Then you get into context, such has 'he is cool'. Got to know the context because that could mean a person is physically cold or that he is admired. Translating from one language to the next is no easy task. It is important to understand how your version of the Bible approaches this process so you can get the most out of the translation.
  5. BMyers

    Lumens on a tactical light?

    I have an Olight PL-mini on my G19. I have a TLR-6 on my G26. I have a Streamlight TLR-1 game spotter light on the carbine. My wife has a Olight PL-2 on her G19.
  6. BMyers

    Now defunct retailers of your youth

    Venture, which my wife worked there prior to them closing. Circuit City, bought a few electronics from them over the years. Rothman's Furniture, we bought are first complete living room set from them. Waldenbooks, use to buy books from there when we went to the mall. Blockbusters, I think there is one store left open, but all the stores around here closed.
  7. BMyers

    Material things your wife wont let you have....

    From the beginning of September until December 26th, my spending is put on hold by the wife. She was tired of trying to buy me Christmas presents only to have me go out and buy it myself before hand. So, we agreed during this time frame, spending on 'toys' is greatly limited so we can have a nicer Christmas.
  8. BMyers

    Stone Art

    WOW, that is impressive.
  9. BMyers

    New Drinking Game

    You should never kill the dog.
  10. BMyers

    Lost all respect for my boss yesterday.

    When we have a situation like this, the employee has an option to call someone to pick him/her up or we take the individual home. Usually, that is his/her last day working for us. We do have a rehab program that the person can complete to become eligible to work for us again.
  11. BMyers

    Refugees or criminals?

    What a nightmare. We have to prevent that from happening here.
  12. BMyers

    Women of WWII

    Found it on a website: Unknown photographer, “Lee Miller in steel helmet specially designed for using a camera, Normandy, France 1944” (© The Penrose Collection, England 2015) https://hyperallergic.com/290282/lee-millers-photographs-frame-the-women-of-world-war-ii/
  13. BMyers

    At least 8 dead at Synagogue

    They already do
  14. BMyers

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Our great dane would be a TSA agent at the airport. Everyone that comes through the door is pinned up against the wall, sniffed from head-to-toe to make sure they have no treats that belong to her.
  15. BMyers

    Hey Missouri are you Listening?

    I hope they are, she needs to go. Drain that swamp.