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  1. A good reminder that the potential for evil exist both in the city and in the rural areas. Thanks for sharing
  2. BMyers

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    I carry one everyday.
  3. BMyers

    What's for breakfast?

    Atkins Milk Chocolate Delight Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday, eggs, bacon, and sometimes French Toast.
  4. Can we get a deal to split Illinois? We would love to get rid of Chicago and all those anti-gun regs they like to push downstate.
  5. I feel very blessed, my commute is 1.2 miles, takes me 4 minutes if I hit the two stoplights on green, 7 minutes if I hit them on red.
  6. BMyers

    The Orville

    Yep, I liked her there. So, is she gone for good or just taking a break to find herself?
  7. BMyers

    The Escherian Stairwell

    If it was real, it would be a challenge to get out of, but since it is fake......
  8. BMyers

    It's 67.6° in my Backyard. In January!!

    57 here in the St. Louis metro area. Normal is 39 high and 22 low.
  9. BMyers

    True Scale

    Pictures aren't showing up for me on the first post, can see the tiger and lady in the second post.
  10. BMyers

    Glitter bomb vs package thief

    That is great! Wish I had those skills to design like that.
  11. BMyers

    How's my parking

    You left your lights on.
  12. BMyers

    Road Rescue

    That was an encouraging video for a Monday morning
  13. BMyers

    Holiday Decorations

    We went from a full size tree to a small tree. The dogs thought the full size tree was a giant chew toy. So, now we have a small tree on top of the piano where it can't be reached.
  14. BMyers

    Christmas Cards...

    We send out a few. Years past, we would do the whole family photo and send that, but since the daughter has gotten older and no longer wants to participate. Although I have threatened to replace her with the Great Dane and start the tradition over.
  15. BMyers

    Veggie Tales called Racist, Dangerous

    I like Veggie Tales. When my daughter was growing up, we watched them all. I'm not sure how anyone could consider that show racist? It actually worked hard at staying non-denominational and basically trying to teach good morale practices.