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  1. BMyers

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    Maybe if they did this in football it would help the ratings.
  2. Wife and I went to the range on Saturday and it seemed like every farm field had at least one tractor if not multiple ones in them as the farmers were rushing to beat the next wave storms. We only seen a handful of fields that had been planted and had new growth. Been really wet this year and the timing of the storms hasn't allowed for the farmers to get into the fields.
  3. I missed 6, 16, & 20. Since I was born in the 70s, I don't think that is to bad.
  4. BMyers

    Random Posting

    Great video, makes you proud. There is just one a little clarification and this is from the webpage of the video: My name is Brian McConnell, I work for Delta Air Lines and coordinate the Honor Guard program for the military fallen, however the information put out by most people sharing this video is incorrect. I know it has been shared with the heading “Watch what Delta does for Fallen Soldier and his K9” but that info is incorrect. The truth is, the first fallen coming off the aircraft, covered in the U.S. Flag is a soldier missing over 63 years from the Korean War who was identified and was being returned to his family, the second and smaller box was actually additional bone fragments of a soldier who was already sent home and buried, they were to go and be interned with that soldier. When the video was first posted we had a description on the video but as you are probably aware of internet “trolls” got on it and started some very vile comments and disrespectful comments. Some were very hurtful to our military so rather than have the families who have lost a loved one have to see them we shut off the comments, So when it was shared “millions” of times, somebody assumed it was a current conflict soldier and his K9 companion. I have posted in many of the video comments that this is incorrect but when my comment is 8 pages down, nobody sees it.
  5. Hopefully it is neither and they can find and underline medical cause that can be corrected. It is no fun watching a love one go through that, as you know.
  6. 20 years as a medic and sometimes people only want to see what they want to see. Obviously, you rule out the most threatening, blood sugar, CVA/TIA, renal failure, sepsis, chemical imbalance-both medication induced or biological. It appears at this point that most of the test are coming back negative. You look for a brain tumor or recent head trauma increasing the intracranial pressure. When you rule out everything else, yes, what is being described is dementia. Most families don't see the onset and some deny the signs stating it is just 'old age'. Usually we get called in when they become violent. Yes, people have periods of being more lucid and in-control than other times. Sundowning the person appears basically normal during the day, but as the afternoon/evening progresses they become more confused and exhibit more symptoms. Unfortunately, since the individual isn't sleeping, this can even compound the problem more. I watched my grandfather, who during the day was able to farm and go about his life normal, but at night had to be medicated because of the extreme confusion.
  7. No, OP stated they appeared fairly quickly, which is different than sudden. In addition, signs could of been going on for an extended time and they just become pronounced enough that others started realizing at taking them more serious.
  8. Is it worst in the afternoon/evening? https://www.webmd.com/alzheimers/guide/manage-sundowning#1 My Grandpa suffered from this.
  9. I think I would be talking to my wife and not to a bunch of strangers on the internet. My wife knows me better than anyone and knows the family needs. Yet, that is just me.
  10. BMyers

    Random Posting

    I think leaving that cat in would really make the vehicle purr.
  11. BMyers

    Long Night

    Glad to hear that he is making a good recovery.
  12. Sorry to here about the cancer. Never fun watching a pet suffer.
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