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  1. BMyers

    Hey Missouri are you Listening?

    I hope they are, she needs to go. Drain that swamp.
  2. BMyers

    Into the 30's tonight.

    36 degrees this morning, put on sweat pants and shirt to go to the gym. Frost advisory for the counties north of us.
  3. BMyers

    Stop the beeping!

    What you need to do, go to the parts store and buy you some fallopian tubing and run it from your seatbelt latch to the seatbelt catch and that should take care of the beeping.
  4. BMyers

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    I assumed it what something to do with my work computer setup, because it does NOT do it on any of my home computers, that is the reason I hadn't reported it. Yet, seeing a few others having issues makes me feel a little better. I'm using Chrome, with Ghostery enabled. Yet, I use the same thing at home and it is fine. So, not sure yet what is causing the issue.
  5. BMyers

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    I'm having the same issue in the Man Cave, keeps refreshing. Click on a link and it takes me back to the list of topics.
  6. BMyers

    Unusual Job

    I don't know which impresses me more, the pilot or the worker.
  7. BMyers

    Should a truck have 4X4?

    Well, I'm late to the party, but our truck is 4x4, my daughters SUV is all wheel drive, and our SUV is 4x4. So, my vote is 4x4.
  8. BMyers

    Considering a G26...Pros & Cons?

    I like your Olight, I have the same one and also I'm carrying the G26 Gen 4 this morning.
  9. BMyers

    TBS be slow this morning?

    Add me to the list that have noticed it for the last week or so. Just assumed it was our IT dept doing something in the morning hours, but now I know.
  10. BMyers

    Which translation

    I didn't include any Catholic Bibles on my list, I should of paid more attention. I forget at times that there are denominations that use slightly different versions. Being raised protestant (which you can tell by the list of Bibles), I forget about some of the translations. Sorry about that.
  11. BMyers

    Which translation

    I need to get some pictures of my Bibles and post, them.
  12. BMyers

    Which translation

    Just curious what most people use now days. Growing up, it was the KJV. Now days, I use the ESV.
  13. BMyers

    just purchased

    My wife got me that shirt for my birthday, I like it!