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  1. I could not afford the fancy high performance Commodore 64 when it came out, but I did have it's predecessor, the VIC-20. The Scott Adams text adventure games were my favorites I think. I loved writing basic programs, did it all the way through college when I didn't have to use Fortran. We had Commodore PET computers in high school and I've often though of buying one now just to play around on. I'm sure I could find one somewhere.
  2. The judge messed up here - he should have sequestered the jury. Hard to understand why he didn't.
  3. This is hard to argue with. My biggest headache since leaving my day job has been healthcare costs. No need to rehash Obamacare and the 4x increase it did to premiums and deductibles. I guess we are stuck with it. My wish is that companies had not made the decision to absorb these increases so everyone could experience them. There would be riots in the streets. and for good reason. As it is, only people with private insurance see them, and there are not enough of us to matter. Pretty clever plan, I have to say. I just keep thinking, we should be able to do better than what we have but then I look at the quality of people we have that make the laws. They can be bought and paid for and on top of that , they are simply stupid people. It seems to me we could make Medicare our national healthcare system with some major overhaul and fixing of obvious issues, but again, no politician will attempt to fix something that they can't take credit for in their term. Temp employees should not have important responsibilities. Here's a small story of how screwed up things are. I had a rash, went to a dermo and got a Rx for allergy pills. I asked the Dr. if it was the same as the OTC stuff and he said oh no it's much better. Go to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. He takes me over to the allergy section of the store and tells me he fills these Rx with a generic OTC allergy pill because that is exactly what is on the Rx. So my options are: 1. Let him take the pills out of the box, put them in the bottle and charge me $170 2. Buy the pills in the box for $14. That's just wrong.
  4. In a similar vein, I've always thought score is a terrible metric by which to judge golfers. Mine is always bigger than anyone else and I still can't get any respect. Stupid game.
  5. I'm a southpaw so when I'm at the market I redo all the twist ties until they throw me out. You right handed people suck.
  6. Buy guns for your sister, then don't give them to her. People over complicate everything.
  7. This one is an all time favorite.
  8. That's what she said.
  9. There may be no such thing as a free dog, but you can still save on food costs by hunting and fishing, right?
  10. It's not just Florida. If I didn't know any better I would say people are getting mortgages that shouldn't have them. What could go wrong (again) ? Banks will always be bailed out by taxpayers, so no real downside for them. This is a large, unsustainable bubble just waiting to burst and no one knows when. Sleep well tonight.
  11. One look at H and his testicles run and hide behind his kidneys. It always makes me wonder what type of women could be with a guy like Bill ? Obviously scheming for her own ends but just imagine the life crushing unhappiness every day. Her miserable life's goal is within reach then poof, dude with orange hair kills it. That turns my frown upside down.
  12. I put Ketchup on my tomato sandwiches.
  13. Pain should be earned. Alas, our God (if you believe in that sort of thing) has a warped sense of humor.
  14. Nearly half? What are the rest - Habitat for Humanity supporters?
  15. Pre-fab is a really nice way to go (having built 2 of the damn things with Dad myself). Let's just say - not a bonding experience. Check necessary distance from property lines if a fence is not there. It goes without saying, however big you think you want - make it bigger. They are junk magnets.
  16. That's funny, mine is like a project manager. She keeps asking "Are you done yet?", "Are you done yet?", "Are you done yet?"
  17. If the last scene is Rick waking up from a dream in his hospital bed, I'm not gonna be happy. Unless Victoria Principal is there. Naked.
  18. All these posts and not one is right. The correct answer is blue cheese.
  19. Gotta admit, it's time to end it. There are now 2 other shows of the same thing, and the spin offs coming. The Zombie craze had a good run, now it's time for it to die (again). I'm losing track of who's who and what's what pretty bad. I hate the way Michonne left too. About the only story line of interest is Maggie and Negan. How long will it take until Woodbury 2.0 blows up? 2 episodes at most.
  20. This one is famous around Dearborn. The dogs are Alaskan Malamute litter mates named Cheyenne and Yukon. Everywhere Rich goes people flock to the dogs. They sit in the back of his jeep when he goes shopping and just love the attention. They even have a Facebook page from memory. I think the Jeep is a '48 Willy's.
  21. Not a bad thing. In general, internet down, IQ up.
  22. I feel your pain. There are few things more frustrating than fighting brain dead bureaucrats. They're like robots reading a script so it's hard to determine what motivates them sometimes. Maybe try one of the local news stations that can get an investigator on it and publicly humiliate them on TV. It's been a long time but I remember channel 4 and 7 both had teams that would do this. You could hire Fieger as a last resort. Sorry for your troubles.
  23. The way it usually works is, you give 2 weeks notice, and the employer escorts you out that day. No need to try to predict their response and make it easier for them. Always give notice, what's the harm?
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