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  1. Who the hell would let their dog wander the city by itself?
  2. Boy, Joe sure stuck Hunter in Trump's face just now. Mentioned him at least twice and brought him on stage too.
  3. Peng


    Huge original Borderlands fan here. It's the only game I have for my PS3 actually. So, not much of a gamer. I still am not bored with the game though, amazingly. With the 3 or 4 new areas you can download and the new and rare weapons you can find, it is very addictive. I may go nuts and get another game next year but don't want to rush into anything. I'm a gaming southpaw and some games you cannot switch the controls over so they really are impossible for me to play.
  4. It works in reverse too. If Biden leaves, the USA wins !
  5. Or a shovel to convince him to stay put.
  6. Come on man, who would put plain Ketchup on shrimp? It's not like they're hot dogs.
  7. Oh man those shrimp look good. Just need some Ketchup.
  8. Yeah, I think Ketchup is the greatest single condiment ever invented. It's sweet and sour tomatos man, come on. What could be better? It must appeal to the 25% Kraut in me. I think my 25% WOP also likes it. Not sure about the 50% Romanian, that's my mean side.
  9. We used to have the greatest chili dogs here near Detroit. Natural casings, boiled, good chili, nice steamed buns. Yum. Lately I've noticed a lower quality dog, no casing and not boiled (my favorite way to cook them, makes a good snap). There's still a Coney on every corner, just not like they used to be. As long as I put Ketchup on, it's OK.
  10. We ran into Salmon Sharks while picking beach nets in the Cook inlet in Kenai years ago. They look like little great whites (or makos). It unnerved me a little to be honest. They had this habit of poking their heads out of the water and appeared to be watching us pick our nets. We never tried to catch or eat one though. Smallish from what I remember, may 5-6 feet. Nice big teeth though. I did not see any Bravia's but believe they were there.
  11. Peng


    Keep your half empty bottle of Jack out of sight of the camera. And the bong we all know you have. Good luck!
  12. Man, my windows 10 free upgrade experience could not have been smoother. I have fiddled with it to the point where it is now just a slightly graphically different version of the XP that I upgraded from. Start bar, button, files folders, my documents. Everything is just where you would expect it on your XP system. I still use a desktop and love it. Laptops suck if all you're gonna do is plant it on a desk, right? I would drink the Jack regardless.
  13. This is a prime example of why you don't peek behind the curtain. If you don't want scary answers, stop asking scary questions. Most people don't realize the condiments on dogs (esp onions) sterilize and ensure their safety.
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