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  1. As I stated on a local 2A Facebook page, that headline is three lies at the same time: neither act is truly country music and it's not gun control, it's people control.
  2. blackjack

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    And all things old are new again...
  3. There was a time when that was considered prima facie evidence in a legal proceeding. It seems that is assuming too much these days...
  4. It would not do for me to be the father of one of the girls or the husband of the woman/mom who were killed. My one mission in life would have had a significant shift to the dark side...if you get my drift. I just served on a jury in OK where a father was charged with second-degree murder for the carbon monoxide death of his 8-year-old physically handicapped son. We found him guilty and gave him 20 years which is effectively life for the guy since he is 58. I hope the laws in WI allow for a similar charge(s) that will give the jury an opportunity to stack time on this guy.
  5. blackjack

    Care for fish and chips? Best name, or worst, ever.

    I'll admit I had a less discerning palate in my youth in the 70s and I found I liked Long John Silver's just fine then. Pretty much inedible now...
  6. blackjack

    state fairs , going today ,,

    I think it was sometime in the 1990s for me. Kids aged out and I lost interest. Then they sealed the deal by getting the legislature to pass a special law that was contrary to the earlier law on concealed carry not being able to be prohibited on fairgrounds. Now the state fairgrounds are prohibited locations when the state fair is in session.
  7. I've gotten fuel at that place a few times and glad I missed that little shindig. TPTB have put TPD in full-on "community policing/Officer Friendly" mode, including a recent announcement about revising training protocols during the academy to move away from being "militaristic" so as to develop "problem-solving skills." On the one hand, better communication skills are always an improvement in dealing with the public, along with a sense of discernment of when to be a d*ck and when not to be. I certainly hope there is no reduction in officer safety skills training and no bad outcomes from officers being made to second-guess their choice. I know for a fact there are some walking erections in TPD uniforms that like nothing better than rousting an otherwise peaceful citizen. The videos get shown on the news occasionally. A reduction there would be a good thing, IMO. In this particular case, it was plainly obvious the cops were dealing with dirtbags of the first order, both the male and the female. Five years ago, this would have been a quick "cuff and stuff" for the female while the male would have been left oozing his precious bodily fluids all over the driver's seat and the ambulance could have been "slow-rolled".
  8. Or, as another ham friend tells me: real radios glow in the dark. Never had that experience with a transmitter but I have with a receiver.
  9. I did one Heathkit - a Morse code oscillator for code practice. Never did learn the code, still on my list of things I'd like to do.
  10. blackjack

    Beto Just Secured the Black Vote

    Perhaps you might share with the rest of us the other times in history that happened to a predominantly black church being used as a prop by a democrat candidate??? Feel free to take your time...I'll wait here...
  11. blackjack

    Politics 17th birthday, Afghanistan War

    Interesting you could find an article with a quote containing your TBS screen name. Personally, once the US moved beyond what was working with the smallest on-ground force, The Horse Soldiers, it was destined to be Viet Nam all over again. Fortunately, fewer have been killed than in that war and that makes each loss more precious.
  12. People from other countries want to see/experience what they've seen in the ubiquitous US media, very similar to somebody from NYC coming to OK wants to see cowboys and Indians. I'm a volunteer at a location where the prairie and the bison on it are the main attractions. Every time I'm there I'll have an extended conversation with visitors from either US coast or overseas who are amazed at the vastness of the prairie and the size of the bison. These types of conversations are my favorite part of the volunteer experience. The nearest town is too small for a Waffle House but it does have Ree Drummond of Food Network show fame (The Pioneer Woman) with her restaurant.
  13. blackjack

    wife kills husband in walmart

    At a certain level, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Agree it's horrible that it was done in front of the kids and there's a strong likelihood of drugs involved.
  14. blackjack

    Summer Camp

    Church camp several times as a pre-teen/teenager. Boy Scout camp as a leader multiple times, including one trip to Philmont for a backpacking trek with my son.
  15. blackjack

    Coney Island Hot Dogs

    I just read this today and was all ready to head for Ike's when another ham friend informed me it's closed for renovations for a few weeks. Dang...I did get a reminder that Zaxby's has a free chicken dinner for those over 55 today only.