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  1. Country/redneck lasagna??? Not cheap today...have you seen the price of Velveeta lately??? 🤯
  2. Heard a news story on the noon news about a rabid bobcat attacking a golfer on a course in CT: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/04/19/connecticut-golfer-fights-off-rabid-bobcat-fairway-attack/?utm_term=.f0d0b7458dd8 My golf game causes me enough pain that I don't need a rabid bobcat attack as part of the course hazards. My son and I had a coyote watch us play a hole at a local course, though.
  3. Color me shocked for the lack of a "that'll buff right out" comment from this crowd...😎
  4. Here's one for you if it should happen to tour near you: The Screwtape Letters. It's a one-man performance of the C. S. Lewis book of the same name. No singing or dancing, very thought-provoking. I just attended a performance here in Tulsa at the end of March. Here are the upcoming performances: https://fpatheatre.com/production/the-screwtape-letters/
  5. It appears you would appreciate a bit of humor from down in Mayberry when Sheriff Andy Taylor's Aunt Bee decides she's going to compete at the county fair pickle contest. Wikipedia reports: "While Aunt Bee is celebrated for her cuisine, she falls short as a pickler and marmalade maker. Andy and Barney refer to her pickles as "kerosene cucumbers" and her marmalade as "ammonia." Here's a video clip from the show in Season 2, Episode 11: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=aunt+beas+pickle+episode&view=detail&mid=0F2A0FAD5AB22C16ABBA0F2A0FAD5AB22C16ABBA&FORM=VIRE
  6. I can just imagine this incident, having been around nuclear weapons, NBC training, and Vilseck,, at an earlier time, i.e. Powell had just made his first star.
  7. Thought you were going old school here when you put "legacy" in the title. I was looking for some action photos with Bill Jordan.
  8. Amazing how few understand that...
  9. It was my experience that a few beers only made it worse.
  10. If you ever get a case of giardiasis, aka "beaver fever", you'll never drink "crick water" straight from the "crick" again. Don't ask me how I know...
  11. Saw one of those used by a company-sponsored shooter in a Massad Ayoob MAG-40 class. That lady was quite a shooter and a looker, too - placed second on the record shoot, dropped 6 points. She had that pistol and her technique totally dialed-in.
  12. blackjack

    F cancer

    Here's hoping for another success with your oncologist friend working on your SIL. I'm envious of your relationship as I've never had that with either my sister or SIL so I'm glad she's got that going for her in her corner as she faces this challenge. Definitely another lesson for all of us on the need to "do it -- NOW" when making choices about time together. I hope that new schedule works out for all.
  13. The only thing I can say about autism/Asperger's/etc. is that my wife was a long-time speech therapist in a growing suburban school, starting in 1981. Somewhere around 1990, she started coming home with new words about the kids she was working with: autism, etc. Before that, it varied between those who were developmentally disabled (i.e. formerly known as "retarded", often Down Syndrome), or speech difficulties like lisping, stuttering, etc. but in a regular classroom with regular cognitive abilities. IOW, it was like a switch had been thrown in the mix of conditions she was working on with these kids. Some could be in a regular classroom, others had such issues relating to other humans that they couldn't be around other children. They had a broad spectrum of communication issues and she had to get additional training beyond her master's degree to develop the skills and methods to work with these new challenges. From that point forward, that client load only grew in that category. I have no answers, only anecdotal observations and the questions that go along with it. Something happened and I'm about believe in that wild-haired popular meme about "it had to be aliens."
  14. Take him someplace where the phone/Starbucks/Holiday Inn aren't a factor, i.e. no such service. I recommend Boundary Waters in Minnesota/Canada with a guided trip to challenge his comfort zone. To meet some of your other criteria, I recommend getting him through high school and depositing him at the local Army recruiter - travel to strange places, meet interesting people, etc.
  15. Looks like the entire hunting party cut loose on that one...
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